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Video Game 20 Questions! Guess the game using no more than 20 questions.

I'm thinking of a game. You have to guess the title of the game using 20 yes/no questions.

I'm planning to watch this thread for the next several hours. If we can get through this game quickly, I may end up doing up to 5 rounds tonight. So FIRE AWAY THOSE QUESTIONS (but read the rules first, doh!). I want this to be a change of pace from the regular The Video "Game" thread, so let's see how this goes.

If anyone is a listener of IGN's "Game Scoop" podcast, you might be familiar with the rules I will be using:

1. Each question is a "yes/no" question. But as the host, I can (and often will) choose to reveal more information than "yes" or "no" to help you out.
2. Anyone can ask a question, even if they asked the previous question.
3. I will only answer one question at a time. If your question was ignored because I answered someone else's question, you or anyone else can ask it again.
4. The final question is always a direct guess, for example: "Q: Is the game 'Red Dead Redemption'?"
5. If you ask a direct guess and get it wrong, the game is over! So don't ask a direct guess before question 20 unless you are really sure!

GENERALLY SPEAKING, the game is more fun when consecutive questions are used in some kind of strategic way. e.g., if you want to narrow down the era then the players might coordinate their questions like so:

Q: Was the game originally released after Jan 1st, 2000?
Q: Was the game originally released after Jan 1st, 2010?
Q: Did this game come out on the PS3?
Q: Was this game originally a console exclusive?

The nature of the game means you have to start off with very general questions, but as you start feeling there are a smaller handful of viable candidates you have to choose questions that can distinguish between them.

A certain type of question is frowned up: "Does the game's title start with the letter A-M?". While this is a clever way to triangulate the game's first letter by repeatedly cutting the possible letters in half, the spirit of the game is to use such strategies on the game itself (genre, system, series, characters, gameplay features) and not on the game's title.
Nah, I'm not counting it. It's also keeping with the easy going spirit of how Game Scoop runs their 20 question game...

#10: Is it a strategy game?

To recap everything so far:
Made in this century. A 3D game with shooting that is set in the real world, not involving the US military. A land-based game. Not indie, not JRPG, not a strategy game.