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The Board Game Thread!


Threat Rhyme
I recently picked up the Beyond the Black expansion for Tiny Epic Galaxies and it really adds to the game in a good way. Love the more obviously referential meeple ships (....sheeple?) And the circular unexplored space cards are cute.

I recently ordered a copy of Betrayal at House on the Hill, waiting for that to arrive.
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Summon for hire
Played Quest for El Dorado for the first time with friends (4P) and that was a lot of fun. And I’m not just saying that because I had some excellent beginner‘s luck and won. All the different ways you can configure the map look like a great way to extend replayability of something that’s essentially a fancy “move through the board to the end” game.

We were on the Serpentine board setup. I think hitting a lot of mines early really helped me out. Managed to use the transmitter I think (that lets you get anything from the shop) twice by using a don’t-exile token from a mine, got some great cards early that way. Didn’t manage my deck very well, only managed to weed out a few of the early low power cards, but some lucky draws came my way anyway.


Threat Rhyme
I recently ordered a copy of Betrayal at House on the Hill, waiting for that to arrive.
A bit late, but this finally came, along with the Omens of the Deep expansion for Elder Sign! Feel pretty good about my collection.

Now if only I had a consistent enough circle of folks IRL to play them. Haha.


Threat Rhyme
I did manage to play a few games of Betrayal over the holidays with some of my cousins, who all enjoyed it and might look to get their own copy now. I also found a solo game ruleset on BGG, but it's for the second edition. Should work with just a couple tweaks for third I think. Might be worth trying out.

I also got a loan of an airbrush from a buddy and started on painting the minis, since the third edition figures come unpainted. For now I just have them primed in black, and I've used the airbrush to add light grey highlights (I think this is called Zenithal Priming? I'm new to all this board game/miniature painting terminology), and frankly I think they look pretty cool like this, but I'll try adding color to them too.

Games Played from 19 Jan through 19 May 2023​

My plays so far for this year. My friends were super psyched about Dune: Imperium. It's a good game, but it's definitely Ameritrash (super powerful cards randomly drawn from a face-down deck), and I am a Eurogamer through and through.

Nusfjord is a game I like a lot, maybe a lesser Uwe Rosenberg game, but still really fun. Port Royal is a masterpiece. Bloody Inn is fun but kind of unbalanced. Fantasy Realms is dead simple and fun but not too brilliant. The Crew is brilliant, but also very minimal and abstract, and it's not quite my style. Hansa Teutonica is an older style Euro. Doesn't set the world on fire, but a very balanced and well-made game, and I look forward to playing it more.


My mother in law bought us the Wingspan Asia expansion as a surprise gift! Which was extra surprising as I had no idea it existed, apparenly it just game out last November. Haven't played yet but very excited for all these new gameplay options:

Wingspan Asia is several different things: A stand-alone game for 1 player or 2 players (Duet mode that can be used with any bird/bonus cards), a card expansion to the original Wingspan (any bird/bonus cards across any Wingspan game or expansion can be combined), and a 6-7 player expansion via the new Flock mode (for which the player components from the core game are necessary).