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Fuga: Melodies of Steel and other Tail Concerto games


Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 came out on May 11th. I know everyone is playing Zelda since it came out the very next day but I loved the first game and have loved what I have played so far of the second and want to gush about them.

This is not a cheerful game, but I've noticed a lot of reviews focus on the Soul Cannon and I want to make it clear you don't need to use it in the game. During the first boss battle you use it, but then the game introduces the time rewind mechanic and everything is restored because losing a party member made everyone too depressed to fight. So then the game teaches you that if you are smart about doing upgrades and S-links during the intermissions (downtime before boss battles) you shouldn't need to use the cannon. This Let's Play starts the Soul Cannon bit about 30 minutes in, then at 41 the game shows you what a bad idea using that cannon was and how to do all the upgrades and stuff to avoid using it:

I am not a huge strategy game person (I dunno if strategy is the right genre for this but sure why not) and I was able to beat the game without losing anyone and it wasn't that hard to do so. I did have to repeat a few intermissions/boss battles but was never frustrated, it was more of a light bulb moment once I realized a more efficient way to do the battle. There was one boss that I did have to look up a guide for because I couldn't figure out their attack pattern, but once I did (I forgot I'd purchased a ton of elemental ammo types and could use them) I beat 'em in one shot.

If you're still not sure, it's currently on Gamepass and there's a demo on Steam.

You need to play the first game before you play 2. Full stop. The game does a tutorial but the story of 1 would be spoiled, what's happening won't make much sense, and I have a feeling you may not have as many characters available to you.

The second game is great so far, with adding just enough new mechanics and plot elements to be exciting without making things complicated or confusing. I got some bonus stuff for importing my save, and it looks like this game is going to lean more heavily into the fact that this is in the same world of Solatorobo which is interesting.

Finally this is still true in the second game and I still love it:
A random thing that made me laugh though was how the tank picks up healing items. You just run them over. Like the tank treads show the change in elevation from going over the crates, then boom, they explode and you're healed! Why not?
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it looks like this game is going to lean more heavily into the fact that this is in the same world of Solatorobo which is interesting.
As a followup, I want to note that this DS game is an utter delight. Fun to control, interesting world, unexpected twist, and I never forgot how cool fishing for skyships was:

I never played the first Tail Concerto game (Playstation) but sounds like all four of these are in the same world although that one may be the most separate in tone and story.


Sabe, Inattentive Type
(he "Sabe" / she "Kali")
Holy shit I did not know that thing about the Soul Cannon and I had indeed avoided the game because of my misapprehension


Yeah the whole tutorial section on using it is to reinforce that you absolutely should not.
Also later in the first game there's a plot point that the pilot AI is going crazy/being hacked and starts really pushing you to use the Cannon and it's a creepy well-done bit.

The first few chapters of the second game are rescuing people from the Cannon chamber after the tank has been taken over by ???. I'm not far enough to know exactly what's happening yet though.

Overall the game has some really good discussions of war and responsibility. It's very much "we found this horrible weapon and we hate that it exists, no one should ever have to use it".


Sabe, Inattentive Type
(he "Sabe" / she "Kali")
Welp, that one's going on my Steam wishlist asap now.

I have played Solatorobo, of the games mentioned here. Rosewood got it for me knowing my love of furry characters, and it didn't disappoint! It does have a couple eye-roll moments of regressive sexual politics, and I wasn't real sold on the, ah, Super Saiyan plotline toward the end, but overall it is a delightful game with a lovely cast.


Ell eye ell why, ee ee ell why
Solatorobo was great except for the eels but of course I'd say that because I'm me. I can't believe I haven't played this yet as it feels like the obvious conclusion of stuff that's awesome like that, Of Mice and Sand, and Valkyria Chronicles.


I'm coming up on the final boss of Fuga 2 and have really enjoyed this game. It's a really good direct sequel that improves and expands on the first game really well. I could see people finding the first few boss fights in this game repetitive since you're chasing and catching up to the same bad guy just with an upgraded tank each time, but I thought it worked with the story. I also liked that on the third or fourth one of these you can talk to the boss robot and convince them you come in peace and they let you pass even though you haven't beaten them yet.

The only complaint I have is saving the game. Save points are spread out a bit too far. You can do temporary saves at various intervals, but I forgot and shut my Xbox down twice because I assumed the game had autosaved more recently than it had and lost 20-30 minutes of progress. If I was playing on Switch I could just play and stop whenever, but on Xbox it means that playing this game is time I have to plan out a bit.


Beat it and am delighted by the ending message of You have reached a better and more wonderful, true ending in which all the children survive!. Looks like there are five endings which is interesting, and the ending is definitely intriguing.

Same as the first game, never used the cannon, and I also never used the Managram. I did have to restart a couple boss fights after figuring out the pattern, or in a couple cases just not looking at my HP bar like a dummy.

Great game. I don't know if I'll do another full runthrough with NG+ but plan to play at least a little of it.

Also I was curious and looking up other endings and discovered there's a goofy little skit series from the publisher: