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snk corp

  1. Becksworth

    Can’t make this shit up! SNK to be acquired by Saudi Crown Prince...

    News story here. I think of all the awful things the game industry has done, being bought out by a brutal, murderous monarch is definitely up there. But hey, look forward to SNK vs. WWE being a possibility I guess...
  2. Kishi


    I have condensed the introduction from the old thread, if you need bringing up to speed: First of all: As always, play Gals Fighters. Sara ni! Today SNK producer Oda revealed that the latest addition to the series is The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny: Beyond the Destiny is a...
  3. Peklo

    The Queen of Fighters 2000 - you could be playing SNK Gals Fighters right now

    As has been known for a while now, Code Mystics have started and continued the unearthing and reintroduction of various Neo Geo Pocket Color games on the Switch, starting with the surprise pack-in bonus release of Samurai Shodown! 2 late last year--since released individually--that seemingly...