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nintendo 3ds

  1. Octopus Prime

    Help me fill 3840 blocks on my 3DS

    Well, that’s how many blocks are left on my memory card. So what should I fill them with? There are no wrong answers! Just answers I may not accept for any arbitrary reason!
  2. Lady

    what do I need on 3DS?

    I realized recently that the 3DS is a pretty unique piece of hardware and I should probably have one around. I am working on compiling a list of games to obtain once the one I ordered off ebay arrives and proves to be functional. My list so far is * Rhythm Heaven * Theaterhythm Final...
  3. Kazin

    The Nintendo 3DS is dead. Long live the 3DS!

    Nintendo is apparently discontinuing the 3DS line, which brings to an end the dual screen era, one of my favorite eras of games. Let's talk about it here. I put the most hours into Animal Crossing, but Theatrhythm Curtain Call is one of the best games ever made and is also way up there. The RPG...