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  1. SpoonyBard

    Disenchantment - That other (other) Groening series

    So season 3 (or part three, which is actually the first part of season 2 since each season is divided into two parts and this is dumb so I'm calling it season 3) dropped on Netflix a little bit ago and I recently finished it and Ennnhhhh? Probably the weakest bunch of episodes thus far...
  2. SpoonyBard

    Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts - Let's talk about the most fun post-apocalypse!

    Season 3 is coming October 12th! And it's going to be the last season too! That's a bummer, but hopefully the creators are ending it the way they want. If you haven't checked this show out yet then I highly recommend it.
  3. SpoonyBard

    Netflix: Flicks? On the Internet? That's just crazy talk!

    Might as well get the general Netflix thread going, eh? This is where to talk about overall Netflix news, as well as Netflix series that never seem to get their own thread. Like Aggretsuko! Season 3 dropped today. The show is still cute and likeable, though it takes to Episode 3 to finally...
  4. Daikaiju

    Netflix and- *gunshot*

    Enola Holmes comes out 9/23. Interesting tidbit about the production, via Polygon;