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  1. Kazin

    The Wario Land Appreciation Society

    tl;dr play all three of these games, they are all excellent Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 – Fifteen Golden Coins Treasures As a fan of the first two Mario Land games (especially the second), I must admit that the third game is a vast improvement over the first two. Not that they’re bad! It’s...
  2. Daikaiju

    It's Meme'o'Clock. Must be time for the McRib to come back.

    A minor thread to notify the return of this foodstuff. It's back. woo.
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Iaboo, Youaboo, Weallaboo for Anime!

    There, I made the dumbest anime thread title. I feel proud. A weird mix of shows getting delayed actually turned this into a pretty tight season. Millionaire Detective - Balance: Unlimited is definitely the show I wanted it to be so far. The characters and stories are fun and while they keep...