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  1. Pajaro Pete

    the scott pilgrim game is coming back

    remember scott pilgrim, or at least the game that was released as a promo for the movie that came out a decade ago, and then was believed to be lost to the sands of time? well it's back, baby.
  2. Kishi

    Streets of Rage 4

    After two decades' worth of false starts and declined pitches, it's still amazing that this game finally gets to exist. Perhaps it's even for the best that it took this long, as the developers it landed with seem to understand and care about what makes a success in the now-niche field of...
  3. Octopus Prime

    Oh My Car! A Thread for Beat-em-Ups

    Oh hello! Didn’t see you come in! I don’t think any genre of video game is quite as quintessentially Video Game as the humble beat-em-up. One of the hardest genres to do well, and one of the easiest to do poorly, there’s still nothing in the medium quite as immediately accessible or understood...