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action adventure

  1. Juno

    Like A Dragon: Talking about the Yakuza series

    A few weeks ago the entire Yakuza series was on sale on PSN so I bought Yakuza 2-6 and plan to go through them all over the next couple months. I already played Kiwami 1 and Zero, and while Kiwami was good, I was especially into Zero- one of the best games of the previous decade. I just started...
  2. Yimothy

    La-Mulana: Still the world’s best fake MSX game

    La-Mulana is an exploratory platformer first released back in 2005, in which the archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi enters the La-Mulana ruins in pursuit of his missing father. The original freeware version imitates games from 80s MSX computers, running in 16 colours and 256x192 resolution with...
  3. Daikaiju

    The Legend Of Zelda Mega-Thread: A Collection of Links

    So as noted elsewhere, BotW 2 is in active development. Anyone got some juicy details?