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Originally Posted by locit View Post
This show is... super disjointed and strangely paced, right? It's not just me?
When I was watching it, I kinda felt like it was somehow cheating and just skipping to all the bits you'd mention to someone as high points of a show without actually first making that show.

Don't know if that's a compliment or an insult or what, but it's definitely what it is.
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In the ongoing tale of ďAmazon Prime Canadaís selections are frickiní weirdĒ, The DC Universe miniseries, Amethyst Of Gemworld (no relation to Steven Universe) is available. And that is seemingly 100% of the DC content on the series. Itís loosely based on the original 80s run of the comic, just as a Legend of Zelda/She-Ra analog instead of a proto-Sailor Moon.

Additionally, the entire series is 7 minutes long. All killer, no filler.

So if you want to watch a jarringly paced magical girl fantasy series and donít have ten minutes to spare, and also donít mind a How to Draw Manga art style, then this is great! Please proceed!
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