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Default The Second Apocalypse

Anyone else reading these?

They are (so far) 2 trilogies, the 2nd of which is only 2 books in:

The Prince Of Nothing Trilogy
1 - The Darkness That Comes Before
2 - The Warrior Prophet
3 - The Thousandfold Thought

The Aspect Emperor Trilogy
1 - The Judging Eye
2 - The White Luck Warrior
3 - ?????

These are fantasy books focusing on politics, religion and philosophy. They take heavy influences from Dune, LOTR and A Song of Ice and Fire.

Its the story of a mysterious monk from the north who is on a pilgrimage to meet / assassinate his father who had left 30 years prior. The Dunyain monks possess powers of persuasion, and can read the feelings and thoughts of men and use this to their advantage, to accomplish their mysterious goals.

In the meantime the Shriah (pope of the Thousand Temples, the church of Inthrism) has declared a war on Fanimism, followers of the prophet Fane who had conquered Shimeh, the birth place of Inri Sejenus (prophet of Inthrism) some centuries before. While all the various factions bicker and squabble to gain advantage over one another, a mysterious force known as The Consult lurks in their ranks, secretly guiding events with their spies.

I just finished the first trilogy and have started The Judging Eye.

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