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Old 08-18-2017, 03:54 PM
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I think you're right in that the NES-style entries are unquestionably the best. The only real argument might be over the first one, which has enough rough spots that I maybe could put MM7/8/M&B above it... but it's close.

MM9 is a masterpiece, it's up there with MM2.

For my money, the best of the MMX games are the first and fourth.
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Old 08-21-2017, 08:48 AM
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Hey, I finally finished my run of Mega Man 8! On the Anniversary Collection. Which I played on a PS3 emulating a PS2. Technical silliness aside, I stand by my statement that this game isn't all bad. It's painfully slow, my god is it ever slow, but it has some of the fun attention to detail that makes Mega Man X so great (and that you also get, surprisingly, in Mega Man 7). Attacking bosses with their weakness almost always leads to a special animation, levels are filled with secrets to find, it's ridiculously good looking and the music isn't all bad. JUMP JUMP SLIDE SLIDE can be a real pain, but honestly it isn't that hard and usually I clear it by my 3rd or 4th try. As somebody said earlier in the thread, it isn't a patch on the goddamn Wily saucer fight from 7.

Now I have to decide whether it's worth picking up the Legacy Collection on PC to make finishing MM7 and 9 easier. I play these games while my son watches and he gets impatient if I don't make progress, so the Wily castles tend to be a bit much for a single session. Being able to save between levels would make all the difference, but I'd also have to replay all of 7 and 9 to get back to where I am now. Although I guess I could just plug my MM7 password into the Legacy Collection and skip that replay...

EDIT: Mega Man 8 also gets way easier once you figure out that there's a dedicated Mega Buster button you can use even when you have a boss weapon equipped. Not only does that make you more versatile, but you can also rock your thumb across both shoot buttons, which allows you to shoot really, really quickly.
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Old 08-21-2017, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by four-so View Post
The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to say MM8 gets a lot of MM wrong. The entire run-and-gun feeling, the rhythm of movement and attack, is almost entirely lost in most stages. Compare this with something like MM9, where you can easily slip into a rhythm where you basically just run through the stages.
Hmm, I have to disagree on that. For all its faults, I feel like MM8 has the feel down; it's not the same as the classic series (it is slower, definitely), but it's pleasant to move around in, and the buster is a good strength. MM7, I could never tolerate; beyond the speed, Mega Man's movement felt clunky and imprecise, and his pea shooter way too weak.
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Old 08-28-2017, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by four-so View Post
I finished off all eight bosses in MM9 in about 45 minutes of play time while grabbing enough screws for the Energy Balancer and a few E-Tanks in the process. I haven't played MM9 since it was released originally.

The difficulty of MM9 is probably overstated.
Originally Posted by madhair60 View Post
There's a lot of instant death in it, combined with some relatively finicky mechanics (swinging momentum platforms, spinning platforms in Tornado Man's stage) and some "gotchas" for long-time fans. The impeccable design on display goes some way to mitigating this! But it's harder than average for the series in my opinion.
Madhair basically said what I was going to. I feel MM10 is better in this regard.

Originally Posted by Ludendorkk View Post
It's really hard to exaggerate how bad Wily is.

I've beaten the game before and I'm not sure how
Freeze Cracker can aim at an upward angle, and chip away at Wily when he's not in reach.

Wild Coil is his weakness.

Thunder Bolt is the countermeasure to Wily's attacks.

Lots of E-tanks is good. Personally, when I got there, I just wound up using the special password (it's the one used for the versus mode, but without holding L + R) to be maxed out and start at Wily Machine 1.

Generally speaking, you want to hit Wily with Wild Coil when he's in range, then immediately (via the pause menu, since shoulder buttons will probably take too long and runs a risk of overshooting) switch to Thunder Bolt and hit him with that to prevent him from launching his four-pronged attack. He'll still do the thing where he drops the energy shots that run along the floor, so be ready to dodge.

If he does get off the four-shot attack, aim for the electric one. Fire eats away your energy, while being frozen will leave you vulnerable to the drop shots.

Keep on him, don't give him an inch if possible, and with a bit of good fortune (i.e. not appearing out of range too much), he'll go down before too long.

Originally Posted by Ludendorkk View Post
Mega Man 8 is better than any X game that isn't the first one
I think X4 is pretty damn good for the series, best since the first one. At the very least, I feel that one should tie with MM8, but I prefer it, honestly.

Really I think 8 is some decent Megamanning with some rough patches (some really rough). That fact that you still can't save between castle stages even with memory cards is bullshit but I guess that's a "design choice" at this point
It tried to do something different with the series, which was arguably its biggest crime. I think it did alright, looking back -- it's the most unique among all the numbered games.

Saving works for me, though. I wish I'd had that when 9 came out, because a solid stretch of Wily Castle in one go was more time than I really had back then, and I just never got around to it.

Originally Posted by four-so View Post
Finished Mega Man 8, a relatively painless experience after Wily Stage 1. Seriously, Jump Jump Slide Slide is hands down the worst thing I've had to play through in a classic Mega Man game. Not even MM7's Wily took as many attempts.
You should check out... I think it was Izzy Glow's stage in Mega Man X5. The Ride Chaser segment there makes this look easy. In fact, getting good at that really helped improve my game here!
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