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Originally Posted by JBear
(Just a cool skeleton trapped in pinball. I always liked this one as a kid.)
It's a reflection of you! YOU'RE the cool skeleton!!!
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Girly Block! MSX and MSX2 boxes have so much incredible stuff in them; by far one of the highlights of my research. Great choices, Loki.
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Also I included the blurbs I sent to Wildcat for my top 10 lol.


25 - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

24 - Turok Dinosaur Hunter

23 - Kirby Mass Attack

22 - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

21 - Saints Row IV

20 - Streets of Rage 2

19 - BANGAI-O.

18 - Final Fantasy 7

17 - Katamari Damacy

16 - Tetris U.S. Gameboy Cover

15 - Mega Man U.S. NES Cover

14 - Sonic Adventure

13 - Gungrave Overdose

12 - Super Mario Bros U.S. NES Cover

11 - DOOM

10 - Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops the line is one of the all-time-greats for games as satire. It sets itself up as another AMERICA FUCK YEAH call of duty clone, an then spends its entire duration systematically raging against the very idea of video games about the US Military "saving the day". It's a brutal, gut-punch of an experience that openly hates its genre, it's protagonist, and it's player. It's a mean, angry, disturbing experience with very little "fun" to be found. I fucking love it.

In keeping with the attempt to fool you into thinking it's just another AMERICA FUCK YEAH game, it's box is very similar to the various Call of Duty games, with the whole "Monocrhome soldier faces viewer" thing going on. But while the COD boxes are all more or less just straight up pictures, Spec Ops The Line is much more abstract, with Captain Walker's silhouette serving as a window, showing him and his men on the outskirts of the ruined City, which is the moment in the game where he makes his first truly terrible mistake. Also worth noting are his eyes, which stare right at you, while in both the linked CoD boxes, the soldiers eyes are obscured or covered. Its' a brilliant nod to the game's core thesis: that everything terrible that happens within it is not just Walker's fault, but also the player's fault for encouraging him to do it. He sees you clearly, and he hates you for what you did to him.

09 - Gungrave

BEYOND THE GRAVE has the most ridiculously over the top anime"Badass" character design ever, and it's just WONDERFUL. How can he move with that enormous coffin strapped to his arms? Why is the explosion that's got his giant coat billowing in the wind not affecting his stupid cowboy hat? Is he SITTING on that giant coffin that is again, chained to his arms? What's with the giant Chaps/greaves he's wearing over his pants? Who knows! Who cares! It's AWESOME and that's all that matters.

Also yes, his name actually BEYOND THE GRAVE. He's a dead mob hitman brought back to life by mad science who runs on Blood and RIGHTEOUS FURY and no seriously he literally runs on blood like a car runs on gas you have to fill him with the correct blood type or he'll just be a normal dead person and his coffin is full of machine guns and rocket launchers and cannons and he fights mobsters and zombies and aliens.

Gungrave is the motherfucking bomb, you guys.

08 - Ico

While I have no doubt many WEAK COWARDS will attempt to argue that the Japanese box is superior, I feel the US box is a much better representation of the game. The windmill is, of course, a reference to Miguel de Cervantes masterpiece Don Quixote, a nod to the Quixotic nature of Hornboy's quest. Watched over by the pale lass, his gloriously 3D rendered face shows courage tinged with confusion. What am I even doing with this extremely pale lady, he wonders. Why is any of this?

We're right there with you, hornboy. We're right there with you.

07 - Jet Set/Grind Radio

I just really love Beat's grinning excitement and Gum's I'm-too-cool-for-this shit disdain. Jet set radio has such cool characters, and this is a great introduction to them.

06 - Sonic & Knuckles U.S. Cover

A stylish, flat logo showcasing the game's two competing protagonists that does so much with so little. Sonic seems uncertain and unsure of this new fellow who's intruding on his side, just as Knuckles constantly intrudes on Sonic's path through the game. Knuckles half is entirely his own, overshadowing Sonic in his own game. It's simple and Iconic and PERFECT.

05 - Phalanx

It's the PHALANX BANJO MAN I mean come on what do I even need to say here?!?!?!

04 - Mega Man 10

Mega Man's incredibly inaccurate american Box arts are a fucking treasure, and I'm thrilled to the core that Capcom recognized this fact when they decided to make some more 8-bit games 20 years after the NES stopped being sold in stores. Mega Man 1 and MM9 are serious contenders sure, but my favorite will always be 10, for it's incredible 70's Sci-Fi takes on Mega Man, Protoman and Bass as gruff, middle-aged cyborgs on a mission to save Robot city from the forces of evil!

03 - Sonic 3D Flickies' Island U.K./PAL regions cover

From my Let's play:

There's a reason that Sonic's face is usually drawn for 3/4ths perspective. Its' because some people are weak cowards who wish to hide from what they cannot hope to understand. But the brave souls of the UK boxart division refused to be ruled by fear! And so, they took the demons of the world head-on and faced down their corporate overlords with a resounding NO MORE! And so they made their render of sonic look straight into the camera, saying "Here I am, Unafraid!"

Then they made him really shiny and messed around with his spikes so he'd look like some kinda demon. And then they stuck his mouth on the side of his face anyways, presumably while laughing their asses off.

02 - Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

The cover depicts Beard in his very last moment: the instant before he was vaporized in the nuclear bombing of San Francisco. In the flames behind him you can find abstract depictions of other characters in the series, such as the fans and Richter.

It's the perfect spoiler cover. You have no idea what you're looking at until you actually see it happen in game, at which point it suddenly becomes all too clear. His weird, tired and enigmatic expression is suddenly obviously the face of a man in his last hopeless second. He see it, and he knows what it means, and there's nothing he can do.

It is beautiful, bright, colorful, trippy, and bleak as hell.

01 - Tobal No. 1 U.S. Cover

Tobal is a man with purpose and intent, steadfast in the knowledge that he is second to no man. He is not Tobal no. 2, NO! he is Tobal no. 1!

The world around Tobal blurs and distorts, but Tobal no. 1 is unfazed. Tobal no. 1 trusts not the blurry and uncertain world over which he has no control. Tobal no. 1 only trust Tobal no. 1! His glimmering shiny muscles are chiseled to perfection, an outward signifier of Tobal no. 1's values.

Tobal no. 1 reaches out for his goal: the fabled Final Fantasy VII sampler CD! As no man is second to Tobal no. 1, no game demo shall be denied him.

Godspeed Tobal no. 1, you glimmering adonis.

Godspeed Tobal no. 1, king of a world you never made.





Not bad given the number of long shots I threw on my list just because they made me laugh.
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Katamari was a good pick. Thanks for running the list, Wildcat.

Here's my full list. I have no regrets* for any of the ones I picked. Boldeds did not rank.

*note: some actual regrets.

1 Pacman - Atari 400/800

I unironically love how the artist interpreted this game, and everything else about it. The perspective, the expressions on all the character's faces...but especially pacman having a shirt with a design of himself on it.

2 Mega Man 1 (EU) NES

It's like the live-action Mega Man movie 12-year old Nerd would have imagined as a youngster

3 Eggerland (JP) Famicom Disc System good. Really love this diorama-esuqe look.

4 Super Metroid (JP) Super Famicom

5 Rainbow Islands (JP) Famicom
Just looking at this box just fills me with joy.

6 Tomba (PAL/JP) PSX

It's cute. Anything that had a clay-look automatically got considered for my list.

7 Metal Max Returns (JP) Super Famicom

It looks like the coolest 90's era manga that doesn't exist.

8 Demon's Crest (JP) Super Famicom

Red Arremer is a badass. Look at all those demons he killed!!

9 Star Fox (JP) Super Famicom

The best cover with puppets??

10 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - 3DS

11 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Nintendo DS

An ehhhh okay game with some nice art. I think stylistically, the M&L series is my favorite interpretation of the Mario universe.

12 Wario Land - GB

I love the composition on this one, and the fact that the focus is on the duckman lazily watching Wario loot this island.

13 Alone in The Dark (1992) PC

Spooky! I wouldn't get in to that place.

14 Gitaroo Man - PS2

15 Prince of Persia (JP) Super Famicom

16 Zombie Nation NES.
(If I redid my list I'd remove this one, honestly. I never actually played it, and the localization had um, a history I was not aware of when submitting my list.)

17 Ghouls & Ghosts (JP) Mega Drive

18 Guardian Legend (JP) Famicom

19 Phalanx (US) Super Nintendo

20 Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe - Mega Drive

21 The Third World War (JP) Mega CD

Yeah I went all-in on the bizarre covers for this one.

22 Ninja Golf Atari - 7800

Stupid memes. Sorry. It made me laugh in the aughts, ok??

23 Mr Bones - Sega Saturn

A skeleton playing a guitar yesss. This reminds me of the fake Sega CD cover twitter, but it's 100% real.

24 Wizball - Commodore 64

These deserves to be spray-painted on a van.

25 Donkey Kong (MX) Atari

We had to wait until Mario Odyssey before Clown Mario was canon.
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BEAT you liar, of course Bangai-O is #1.
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Originally Posted by Mightyblue View Post
BEAT you liar, of course Bangai-O is #1.
Of course it is.

Itís Number 1 nineteen times.
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This would have been my list, had I remembered to submit and, also, to rank them. (All U.S. releases)

Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Secret of Mana
Mega Man 2
The Legend of Zelda
Journey to Silius
Soul Blazer
Star Voyager
3D World Runner
Wizards & Warriors
Double Dragon 2
Life Force
Adventures of Bayou Billy
Final Fantasy
The Battle of Olympus
Contra 3
Dino City
Saga Frontier
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy 12: ZA (Limited Steelbook)
Final Fantasy 11: Treasures of Aht Urhgan
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I'm glad I did those THE OTHER BOXES posts. I think they added a lot of valuable context to the ones on the main list, and for the most part I enjoyed dunking on and assigning meaningless letter grades to British Budget PC releases and homemade arcade side panels.

Would I do it again? Well let me think about it for a momen- HELL NO I WOULD NOT DO IT AGAIN.

Frankly doing this little forum project was kind of a giant pain in the ass. Any attempt at simply google image searching was quickly thwarted by the thousands of false positive results churned out by the well-meaning but terribly misguided nerds of This meant relying on Giantbomb, Mobygames and Gamefaqs, which were pretty good about not showcasing fakes and extremely bad in terms of the way they structure their various image galleries. It wasn't uncommon to have some 30 tabs open for all the various systems and releases while I tried to figure out which site had the best scan of the obscure European union HIT SQUAD release. And then Imgur would break when I tried to upload it. Again.

Also, fuck the games that had a million releases all featuring the same art in general, and FUCK Prince of Persia in particular. That game had like eleven million releases, and 90% of used packaging that was overtly racist. I don't think Jordan Mechner's a white supremacist or anything, but I I'd bet my life's savings that at least some of his box artists were. I stand by every pissed off word I said in that post, but writing it was an absolutely miserable chore, one I'm in no hurry to repeat.


Now that it's over, I am happy with the end result and I'm happy that at least half of you seemed to enjoy at least half at least half of what I wrote. That's good enough for me.
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Reading people's personal top 25s fills me with immense shame and regret, because I know I could have gotten a few unranked ones onto the list. I apologize to everyone.

But! These personal lists fill me with love and happiness all the same because hohboy there's so much good shit here! Thank you everyone, EVERYONE in this thread for EVERYTHING

I don't recall my personal list, since I deleted it. But I'm fairly certain most of these anime power hour titles would have been on it:

Legit Amazing Tier:
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Top3 FF game; best FF cover. Choice of colors here is what puts it over the top. Plus the art of FFTA is top-tier.

Front Mission Gun Hazard: Amanoooo!!

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: Specifically the reversible jacket. It's kinda hilarious to me that games would have art this good, and choose instead to go with a bland logo/cover. But the trend of reversable jackets is greatly appreciated/welcome.

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma: I like all of the covers for this franchise, but this one is the most evocative and demonstrative of how fucked these games can be. And while this is not the NA box, this key art is what sold me on the game.

Suikoden II: CONVENE THE 108 STARS OF DESTINY. Tough decision between this, III, and V. All of them fantastic covers highlighting the broad cast and epic nature of the games' tales. Just pretend I posted all of them b/c they're all good.

Grandia II: I can't really describe why I love this. Maybe it's Ryudo's big muscles. Maybe it's Mareg being FIERCE in the bg. Maybe it's the color palate (good choice in colors always wins me over). Maybe it's Tio and Millenia looking like they're going to fuckin' murder somebody. Maybe it's as simple as 90s anime aesthetics? I dunno.

MGS2 Sons of Liberty: I just love the Japanese box here because 1) palate, and 2) I love how ostentatious it is putting Raiden out there on the front.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban: I would do unkind things to get this one localized. Also, the mix of pinks and purples here is just choice.

Breath of Fire: This is the Japanese GBA box. But honestly, I could put literally any version of any BoF game here. BoFI-V have FIRE box art in JPN.

Radiata Stories: I just like the imagery. This game is stupid-pretty too.

Not Actually A Box Cover Tier:
SaGa Frontier II: This might be on the inside jacket of the box, and it's definitely the cover of the OST. But it's worth posting because this is how I remember the game. The game's regular box is pretty good too. But the main point is to highlight the art here in SaGa Frontier II which is this incredibly compelling mix of classical and impressionist water coloring that really makes the setting.

Parasite Eve: Definitely the game manual cover here. Again, this is how I remember the game. It does a great job of establishing setting and tone.

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4+: I love these games, it's honestly a disgrace that they don't get localized. I think these games are interesting, informative, and compelling. But this one hasn't come out yet.

Lethal Weapon: I like this game and its box a lot.

Not Anime Tier:

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker: It's like Star Trek and MJ had a baby, and I'm ALL about that.

Assassin's Creed III: I'm a weirdo who both loves AC games, and thinks III was the best one. And this was the best AC cover too. Look at Connor go ham!

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja: This is like some PAL Mega Man 1 levels of oh so wrong yet oh so right. Everything about this image is just amazing!

Ironic Tier:

Disaster Report: I actually find this cover offensive on so many levels. #1: Nowhere in the game are you doing something like this. #2: The localized title and font are affronts to good taste. #3: WAOW thanks, Agetec for white-washing this amazing game! #4: What is even the point of the male gaze here. The cover for the sequel is visually even uglier (it looks like someone's bad Dr. Who fan art) but this one is more offensive.

Uncharted 2: The Japanese box is just funny to look at. It's like an 80s movie poster, but slightly anime. And that look on Drake's face kills it.

Suikoden 1: This was going to be my #1. I'm extremely disappointed to see it nowhere on anybody's lists. It's been 20+ years and I still don't understand this box.

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The Sharp X68000 cover of Phalanx bugged me a lot because I was certain I recognized the artist, and sure enough, I was right to trust that nagging instinct. It's by the illustrious and incomparable Yoshiyuki Takani, the artist responsible for an untold number of visual art across decades and decades of pop culture. Anything but generic!

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Originally Posted by WisteriaHysteria View Post
Reading people's personal top 25s fills me with immense shame and regret, because I know I could have gotten a few unranked ones onto the list. I apologize to everyone.
Don't worry about it. Stuff is always going to get forgotten (that's half of fun when you are like "OH YEAH!" Plus, as you said, these other lists are loaded with great art. Man, lots of great ones with clay. Like they used to do with Vertigo comics. Shit, whatever happened to Tom Taggart.

EDIT: Can someone make a clay art thread? SHOULD I?
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Thereís been discussion about sweet claymation cover art semi recently, but I donít remember where. I want to say over in the Video Game NWioT?
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BEAT, I have no regrets with you coming on and joining me in this adventure. I enjoyed your posts immensely, and it was a nice contrast to my own contributions. It may have been brutal at times, but know I do appreciate your volunteering for this.

Half of the fun of this was the disparate lists and how many different approaches people had with the topic. Seeing the lists again with images has only made it super clear how diverse this particular subject is, and that there isn't a "right" answer to this prompt. Box art contains multitudes, and it was my pleasure to attempt some sort of curation of its scope.

All that being said, we do have a "spin-off" thread going in the Gaming subforum furthering the intent of this thread, which I think is super cool and look forward to partaking in.

EDIT - Two more things:
1) I want to thank you all for your patience while I ran into long work hours and some fatigue over the summer, which made updates a little slow. I appreciate the kind words, which allowed me to maintain a level of quality for this I wanted without feeling pressured into posting just to post SOMETHING. It meant a lot then and it still does now.
2) I did have every intention of utilizing any quotes sent in, and that is my regret in this exercise. Next time I get to do one of these, I'll either make a stronger point in using them or forego it all together.
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Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier, so thanks to Wildcat for running the thread! These are always a lot of effort to do, and I appreciate how much time and effort you put into it, between the mini-comics and thoughtful blurbs. Well done.
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Shit, I canít believe I forgot to look at Suikoden and Breath of Fire covers when making my list. Thereís always something. Also that Moonwalker cover is aces.

I guess since everyone else is doing it maybe Iíll try to post my other covers here if I can find time. Though the auxiliary thread is definitely good for going more in-depth.
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4. Phoenix, Atari 2600 [#42/50]
5. The Legend of Zelda, NES (Note: The version that shows the cartridge.) [18/50]
10. Ninja Gaiden, NES [#45/50]
11. Yars' Revenge, Atari 2600 [#40/50]
13. Kirby's Adventure, NES [#13/50]
14. Gaia Gensōki, Japan, Super Famicom [#43/50]

Honorable Mentions:
1. Daimakaimura, Japan, Mega Drive [#55/50]
Why I like: To be honest I don't care much for the gameplay of this series (sorry) but I do appreciate the aesthetics of it. This cover conveys that in a poweful and dramatic fashion. If this was an anime I would imagine the music swelling in an epic fashion during this scene as the hero unleashes his ultimate power to defeat the mighty foe.
22. Wild Guns, Super NES [#60/50]

25. Thunder Spirits, Super NES
24 on : Check here over the next few days and weeks.

Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
Anyway here's my list.
I wonder what my favorite console might be...
Uh... Nokia N-Gage?

Originally Posted by Peklo View Post
19. KiKi KaiKai: Nazo no Kuro Manto / JP / Super Famicom

One of the hardest things in compiling a list like this was to cut it down to just one KiKi KaiKai cover...
I remember that cover catching my eye while I was doing my research. It is quite nice but didn't make it through some of my initial cuts. (Also, isn't this the series that was localized in the US as Pocky and Rocky?)

Originally Posted by Peklo View Post
By the end of it, my preliminary folder of reference material had 1300+ game covers
Damn! That's a lot of covers...

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
20. Panic Restaurant / NES / Taito/ 1992

The japanese game started a cute anime kid. For the US release they turned him into a cute chef Boy'r'dee. Then the box artist took that concept and actualized it. They made it REAL and I salute them.
I found this cover to be less cute and more frightening and demented looking.

Originally Posted by Johnny Unusual View Post
15. Borderlands (Various)

Not a fan of the game (it was fun at first, then got crazy monotonous) but I do like this striking box art.
This is another cover that caught my eye while researching and considered putting on my list but ultimately I chose to exclude it. I think this is an image that really would work better if it was presented in a landscape orientation.

Last edited by Torzelbaum; 09-06-2018 at 10:02 PM.
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I'm glad I didn't add votes to this, because there's so much wonderful box art that I'm barely familiar with or probably wouldn't have been able to think of at the time I wrote it.

A particularly compelling box art. Who could turn a release like this down?

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Originally Posted by WildcatJF View Post
BEAT, I have no regrets with you coming on and joining me in this adventure. I enjoyed your posts immensely, and it was a nice contrast to my own contributions. It may have been brutal at times, but know I do appreciate your volunteering for this.
Yeah, here to second this. Your posts were fun and also informative, allowing me to discover some true hidden gems (both ironic and honest) of the Video Game Cover world.

Thanks for your effort!
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Daw shucks you guuuuuyyyyss
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So this has been all wrapped up for a bit, and I appreciate all the kind words! This was a highlight of my summer, even if it took longer than I would have liked (god damn you 10 hour days). Still, I really want to thank you all for your patience while I hit energetic snags along the way.

If you want to know more about the four brave fools who dared volunteer for this endeavor, as well as the comic universe they actually spawn from, you can check out my comic hub here if you'd like.

In case you weren't aware, Octo has his Dinosaur Top 50 running right now! It's got dinos of all sizes, shapes and possibly non-species! RAWR

The Valdez Museum valued your patronage. Until next time, as our exhibit has closed for the season.
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Thanks again for all the work you put into this. To reiterate, there's Torzelbaum's thread where box art discussion and presentation can and does continue even after this thread's conclusion, for those interested.
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Originally Posted by Peklo View Post
Thanks again for all the work you put into this. To reiterate, there's Torzelbaum's thread where box art discussion and presentation can and does continue even after this thread's conclusion, for those interested.
Damn, I knew I was forgetting something. I literally just posted there! XD
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are game covers art? , box-rating simulator , don't copy that floppy , full bleed , keyboard vomit from beat , top 50 countdown

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