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Originally Posted by four-so View Post
Alucard was the lightweight boxing champion of Transylvania in 1797. Got it.
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edit: didn't read carefully
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Continuing on with the Naked Alucard challenge I made my way back to the library and remembered that you you actually have to buy from the librarian the item that lets you open blue doors whereas every other significant item in the game is just found by exploring. Darn you librarian, holding out on me like that! You probably didn't process my inter-library loan requests, either, you sneak!

Made my way on down to the watery underground caverns. I thought the Scylla worm would be pretty tough since it moves around so much that it would be hard to get in and punch it. But a few castings of soul steal combined with the slowdown from the watch turned it into a fairly modest challenge. Whereas the venus weeds which are already pretty annoying in a regular run become dire threats when Alucard is without any of his gear. It's usually better just to turn into a bat and use wing smash to plow past them with great haste.

Going on down deeper into the abandoned mines gremlins start to litter the way. They're another annoying enemy in a normal run with their propensity to litter the screen with fireballs that hang in place. But the amount of damage they do while naked stacks up very quickly so it's best to do a soul steal in order to wipe out the threat before the number of fireballs become overwhelming. While the gremlins are quite tough some of the more intimidating enemies in this area like the discus knight are actually pretty easy to just get in close and punch them in their shins till they die.

But then there's the boss down here, Granfaloon, who was quite the challenge. The number of lumbering cadavers he drops down on you can overwhelm you pretty quickly and actually getting any damage on the boss is hard to do since he floats in the air and thereby confounds Naked Alucard's standard procedure of standing right next to the boss and punching him in the leg. I had to throw myself at this boss a few times. I had to backtrack and get the axe subweapon and combine that attack with the wing smash bat attack to eventually take him down.

Next, I went back up to the royal chapel. To get to the second castle you need the item from Maria at the end of the long spiked hallway. I had the spikebreaker armor in my inventory at this point but in the spirit of maintaining the Naked Alucard challenge I utilized one of the glitches to get through the hallway by using the bat form to fly over the spikes to the door. Then at the door quickly use a potion, and while in the invincibility frames from the potion sneak through the door. On the return journey you'll eat a couple hits but it's nothing Alucard can't survive at this point int the game. I then got the holy glasses from Maria at the bottom of the clock room.

When I get back to this it'll be on to the clock tower, which I have assiduously avoided to this point, and then to the Richter and the inverted castle where I suspect I will start to die an awful lot.
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