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Weighting the dais causes the sound to play and the exclamation to appear, but nothing changes on this screen. What has it done? There was a clue nearby that said I'd get the medicine of life for defeating the invisible enemy, maybe it's done something to give me access to that.

I run around pretty much the whole Field (watching the video, I realised that I missed -3/-1, the room with the door to the Inferno Cavern), but don't find anything different. Maybe I should check this Field's obverse, the Inferno Cavern? If I don't figure it out soon, I'll probably never be able to nail it down - if it's something in a place I haven't been yet I won't know the difference, and if it's somewhere I have been, how will I know whether it was this or something else that caused the change?

Since I'm in the area, I head to the Confusion Gate. I've got a few things left to do there and I thought the dais I just found might have a activated one of them. I'm expecting the block at the upper right of this room to be cleared at some point, since I get struck by lightning when I hit it, but if I'm right I haven't yet found the mechanism.

I did take a hit while I was there, which I've contrasted here with an earlier hit in the Tower. I think I've figured out what the Athletic Land/Cabbage Patch Kids combination does: in the Tower, without the combo, Lemeza blinks for 48 frames after being hit. In the Gate, with the combo, it's 72. That could come in handy now and then, particularly for bosses, but Lemeza flashing sometimes makes getting the screenshot I want harder so I'll probably be sticking with the Metal Gear combination as my default.

This is the other screen I thought might have changed. Something is going to drop that barrier eventually, but what?

I warp back to the Village and talk to Xelpud, who notices the Talisman I picked up and tells Lemeza about his father. Just who did he hear about Shorn's progress from, I wonder?

I save and return to the Tower of the Goddess, taking the shortcut I opened up to start climbing the biggest tower. Last time I was here I made a brief attempt to take out the gun platforms with the katana, which didn't work.

The Shuriken works, though it takes quite a few of them. I don't get anything for taking them out other than a much easier climb to the next screen.

I head up to the next screen and repeat my assault. I'm pretty low on Shuriken by the time I've finished the enemies off, but the chest has opened and I score the Plane Model.

Originally Posted by User's Manual
Plane Model: This mysterious model also is pretty out-of-place.
What does it do? Who knows! Perhaps this is the "flying iron bird" or "flying iron lump" that will cause the goddesses to leave the land in sorrow? There are goddess statues blocking paths to other Fields just a few screens up from here. Let's head up and investigate:

Or not. Oh, La-Mulana! Don't ever change!

The goddess statue at the base of the tower is still there, but when I head left and down the middle tower there's one missing. Behind where it was is a door to another Field that I hadn't noticed before. I head through and find myself in what looks like the Tower of Ruin.

Yep, I'm in the upper right section. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to get out of the room. The pillars on the left attract divine wrath when struck. Maybe next time I should try jumping up through the hole in the roof? Generally that doesn't work, but there was that room in the Twin Labyrinths where it did.

I'm pretty sure there must be a way to interact with the woman in the background over the platform, but I don't find it. I head back to the other Tower and look around some more. The goddess statues by the entrance have not fled in sorrow, and the area in the fourth image here where Lemeza is standing does not reveal anything on scanning, contrary to my speculation last time.

The goddess at the top of the leftmost tower is gone, allowing me to reach a new Field. I don't find anything this update that definitively identifies it, but the stele in the room I enter it from (the one in the first screenshot here) says "Challenge the Chamber of Birth", so I think that's probably what this place is called. Its layout also resembles that of the Chamber of Extinction, so it's probably that Field's reverse. It looks like I'm stuck in this little area at the bottom left of the screen, kind of like how the entrance to the Tower of Ruin from the Goddess Tower just let me in to one room.

Or not! Looks like I can walk through at least some of the walls here.

I carry on to the right and down, where there's another earthen doll/golden key clue. As for praising life, I'm guessing that's to do with the Dance of Life. "Dance" isn't really one of my verbs, but I guess I'll figure it out. There's a lot going on in the background of this area - elephant and hand images, rotating panels that attack when they're facing out, and what look like sephirot images (the groups of ten holes over a human (?) figure).

The next screen at first appears to be a dead end, but it turns out there's a gap in the ceiling that lets me jump up to the next level. I can tell this Field is going to be a pain to navigate.

I haven't seen a clue about the woman in a while. "The man risks his life" isn't much of a clue, given how much risk Lemeza's been taking through the whole game, but the thing about many corpses is interesting. Maybe it's a reference to the as yet unobtained Death Seal? I continue on the winding path through this Field and reach the first enemy to be found in an accessible location: an elephant.

It seems to function like the shield guys I've seen elsewhere: invincible from the front, vulnerable from behind.
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I carry on behind more walls to another clue, which once again features the sephirot image, then continue to another apparent dead end. The room has lots to do in it, including a bigger version of the sephirot image than elsewhere in the Field which I'm guessing is the place where I need to cause the large earthen doll to be born, and a path to another Field behind a presumably impassable elephant pillar.

As I mentioned, it's only an apparent dead end - the red pillar is false. This GIF also lets you see the rotating panels in action.

I try to attack the panel with the katana, but don't seem to be able to do anything to it. I'm not sure if that's because it's invincible or if I just wasn't reaching its hitbox. Then I head down to the first room of this Field that I can actually access all of at once. I head up the left side and smash the pot to reveal:

A stele. Its message doesn't make a lot of sense, but I do know from earlier clues that "The left eye sees Kindness" and "The right eye sees Charity", which would translate this clue to: RLRRLRLL, the endless sound of the waves. I haven't figured out that last bit yet, or where to do this. I have seen a few eyes in the background of this Field, on hands and on the faces of elephants. The hands are all the same so far (left hands), but there have been elephants facing both left and right. Maybe it's to do with them?

These guys are kind of odd - skulls with hats and capes that throw scythes at Lemeza.

I head right, where there's an image in the background I find hard to make out but which could be Ganesha? The stele has a clue about the use of the Crystal Skull. Tiamat I assume is the Guardian of the Endless Corridor. I've seen the Guardians of everywhere else except the Chamber of Extinction, and I expect to find Palenque there. According to an earlier clue, the Endless Corridor is the one Field where the Guardian is in the reverse rather than the front. Maybe the Skull gives access to the reverse?

The next screen has another mural. Lakshmi? I'll confess to being pretty ignorant regarding Hinduism. There's also a new type of eye, this one in a pyramid. The clue tells me to dance, which I think relates to this clue. Putting various clues together, it seems if I praise life by dancing, I'll awaken the large earthen doll. From the doll I can get the golden key, which will allow me to summon the riddle in the large mural from the small mural, which I think will somehow allow me to summon Palenque, the Guardian of the Chamber of Extinction, this Field's front side equivalent. The clue about the dance seems to depict facing left three times, then right three times, then jumping while facing left. Let's give it a go!

I tap left three times, then right three times, then jump and take a hit. Nothing happens. Is it because I took a hit, or am I doing this wrong? The figures in the clue kind of look like they're holding something up - maybe I'm supposed to be raising and lowering the shield instead of moving?

I head over to check out the bottom right corner and this happens. Yes, it's another teleport maze. Hooray.

The platform below has another warp, back to the room I just came from.

I attempt to perform the Dance of Life by jumping three times in front of the left eye, then three in front of the right, and then again in the middle. It doesn't work.

So I head back into the teleport maze. There's also a maze of passable walls, so it's a double maze. Great. I'm noticing as I write this a crack in the wall that I don't think I've seen much of in the Field. It's above the blue elephant column at the lower right of the second screenshot above. Maybe I should try scanning there. I'll add it to the list.

Not being able to see enemies doesn't help when fighting them. At least the low part of the katana strike is visible in front of the platform below so I can tell where Lemeza is.

I find a gap in the floor above and use it to reach a teleport to the upper part of the first screen of the Field. Nice! Unfortunately, Lemeza is immediately dropped through the ground to the entrance. Back to square one. I wonder if jumping to this warp point would allow me to steer Lemeza after the warp and so avoid falling through?

I return to the first teleport and this time head left immediately after it. This takes me to the spot in the fourth shot. This is about halfway through the hike from the Field entrance to the first teleport, so it's a setback.

I return to the first teleport and this time head right twice from where it takes me.

As I break this pot, the "ping" of a breakable wall sounds.

The only other weapon I can hit it with is the spear - it seems the bricks directly below Lemeza in the first shot here can be broken, but not from here. I find the next teleport in the upper right area of the room.

I head down from where I've wound up and find myself in the space above where the first teleport takes me. Don't worry, I'm lost too. There'll be a map at the end of the update. Regarding the clue, I think Lemeza is probably the strong one. I just need to find that flute to prove it.

I head through a few walls and a door to the right. It occurs to me now that I didn't try going through the wall above and to the right of Lemeza in the last screenshot. Next time. For now, what could the wall to Lemeza's left hold?
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Another teleport, of course. You can't really tell because of the wall, but I didn't try to jump to the left side of the wall Lemeza walks behind right after teleporting. I should probably give that a go next time.

I go left. Looking at the video, I didn't walk to the left side of the middle level (one above where Lemeza is) in the second shot here. Another one to try later.

This is a little confusing. There's a teleport behind the wall that drops me behind another wall, from which I am hit by a skeleton's projectile, which knocks me to another teleport that puts me below where I started.

Heading to the lower right of the screen warps me to the top, allowing me to take the ladder up.

Going left from there gets me back to the upper part of the entrance room, but another thing I noticed in the video in this room is the shadow behind the pot I'm breaking in the second image. There's probably something there and I should have scanned it.

I realise it wasn't that long ago in the LP that I last fell through this trap, but in playtime it was several minutes of teleport mazing ago. I feel no shame falling for this again.

It is quite a hike to get back to where I was, though. Along the way I try this alternate path through the wall, which allows me to skip a couple of other teleports.

This time I stay well away from the hole in the ground and make it to the stele. The Tree of Life I think relates to the sephirot images that are all over the place here.

The ladder leads to yet another teleport point.

It very nearly gets me to this chest, but there's another teleport to get past it.

I reach the breakable wall I identified earlier. I try out all my weapons against it except for the flare and spear (which don't shoot forwards and so can't hit it), but nothing works.

The trip back features the same teleport as before, in reverse.

Returning to where I entered this corridor drops me back in the path before the first teleport.

Having had enough, I warp out and save. Whew!


Tower of the Goddess:

Tower of Ruin:

Chamber of Birth:

As with my map of the Confusion Gate, I've put in the teleports. A capital letter is a starting point, lower case indicates a landing point. For example, teleport "A" will take Lemeza from 6/-3 to 2/-2, and "B" will do the reverse. I think I've covered almost all of the map, the obvious exception being the main part of 5/-2. I reckon there'll be a teleport landing point in the little corridor that runs from it to 4/-2 which will be reachable either from 0/0 (in the upper middle section), 1/-1 (above "G"), or 2/-2 (between "d" and "f"). Or I'll be entering 5/-2 through the door from another Field, in which case there might be a teleport starting point in the small corridor.
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"Have you found all the ROMS? Something good will happen if you do."

"The traps and tricks in the ruins are said to have been set by the Four Sages. They wait for you to come."

"The twin ruins are two and yet one. They look a lot alike but are really different. You'll have to figure out the difference."

"That tower moves by the power of water. Is it converted to hydrogen maybe? That's what the spring's for."

"That talisman... it belonged to your father. Your father went into the ruins and never came back, though I hear he got pretty deep into them. You should look for his diary. He should have had it with him. Maybe he wrote what he found in it. What? You saw someone that looked like your father in the ruins? Don't be ridiculous. Do you have any idea how many days it's been since he went in there?"

Guidance Gate:

"Eight souls rest in this land. The souls are those of the Guardians that protect these lands."

"The sad tale of the giants. Their history is recorded therein."

"In the temple of the Sun, a new trap fills a hole and conceals a trigger."

""Twin Guards" "Silent and alone" "Deliver a stone on high""

Confusion Gate:

"Ye who has life. There is still time. Turn back. The confusion continues."

"11 children guard Tiamat's chamber. The Grail is powerless therein."

"You have done well in making it this far, wise one. Break through the final confusion."

"This is the Confusion Gate. The path will open to the wise."

"Is the one reading this tablet wise or a fool? I pray it is one that has wisdom."

Mausoleum of Giants:

"So these ruins are those from a race of giants... I was just about to decipher their legend too..."

"We are the second race born of the Great Mother. We were born to return her to the skies. This is the sad story of our race. Nine brothers led our race: Zeb, Bud, Migera, Led, Fut, Abt, Zi, Riv, and Sakit."

"In order to hold up the Earth, Zeb stopped moving, and the remaining brothers split into two factions and fought amongst themselves."

"Abt, Zi, Riv, and Sakit wanted the Mother to remain here on Earth."

"The eldest, Zeb, could not move, as he had to hold up the Earth."

"We could not grant the Great Mother's wish. I am the only one to remain, and here I go to my long, final rest. Abt"

"Zi started praying to the Earth on a moonlight night."

"On a day when the sun was bright, Led fell in battle. A large hole torn in his chest, he went into his long, final rest."

"Bud went into a long, final rest on a night when the sky was full of stars."

"To launch the tower, water was indispensable. Migera carried a lake to this land and expired in the effort."

"Grieving for his elder brothers, Riv dug a tunnel from the lake to the tower to bring water to it. He collapsed in the effort and went into a long rest."

"The youngest, Sakit, followed his own path. He locked Led's body, left power in his hand, and went into a long rest."

"1 Sword, 2 Bodies, 3 Wishes, 4 Disasters. 5 Stars, 6 Moons, 7 Lights, 8 Paths. 9 Cups, and 0 which is Life."

Graveyard of the Giants:

"Only thy own strength can get thee through this frozen land."

"Art thou the chosen one or not? Proceed ahead. We wait for thee beyond."

"The rogue that releases many lights. He who does not hold the silver shine is doomed."

Temple of the Sun:

"Challenge the cavern of the inferno. It will be a long road. He who follows it should be prepared to die."

"If there is a man, there is also a woman. You must not use weapons inside the woman. If you wish to solve the riddle of the temple, proceed into the next room."

"Summon the power of the twins. The twins are two and yet one. The twins are very much alike."

"Chant the correct Mantras, and seal off Tiamat, Baphomet, Palenque, Viy, Bahamut, Ellmac, Sakit, and Amphisbaena."

"The first Mantra is in a corridor. The entrance to the corridor that continues forever."

"The second Mantra is by the feet of the twins. The place where their feet connect."

"The third Mantra is a green beast. By the side of the guardian of Hell."

"The fourth Mantra is by a serpent. The path connecting to the pyramid Nu Wa guards."

"The fifth Mantra is below the goddess. By the feet of the goddess who gazes at the crumbling tower."

"The seventh Mantra is by many spikes. Spikes that protude from seven floors."

"The final Mantra is eight stars."

"Sahete's understanding/clarity
was born from The Mother"

Temple of Moonlight:

"This is the Temple of Moonlight. The lovely, female temple."

"Changing water to power, the Tower flies up into the sky."

"The sound of the flute is given to the pregnant woman."

Spring of the Sky:

"The water that operates the tower. It flows here and is converted to energy."

Tower of the Goddess:

"This is a forbidden land that no one may enter. The place concealed beyond here hides a secret. Fly on golden wings."

"The model of the flying iron lump is a symbol of the desire for the skies. Attain it and the goddesses will leave this land in sorrow."

"This is the Tower of the Goddess. A place to grant the wish of the Mother."

"The mischievous Rusali. Yaksi, who beguiles men. Dakini, dancing enticingly. Only one of them has a pure heart."

"Ye who desires power, prove thy wisdom. Show thy ability to balance the souls and the power will be thine."

"Strike the one who blocks the Golden Wings."

"The right eye sees Charity."

"Challenge the Chamber of Birth. Take the Golden Key. Proceed to where we were born."

"To the left is the secret of life, to the right is the power of destruction." (at 2/5)

"Ye who leaves this land, take this to heart. We can not grant the Mother's wish. Which child of the Mother art thou? We, her second children, wish that you can grant her desire."

Inferno Cavern:

"Discover where the truth of this land lies."

"This is the Inferno Cavern. A place that was once a source of power."

"If you can't find something important where it should be, check the back."

"What is here is not everything. This is the critical location. Take another path and return to this land again."

Tower of Ruin:

"The kind, mischievous fairy. The kind, lonely fairy. Her mischief is innocent. Innocent mischief will do thee no harm."

"The large earthen doll, It carries the flying golden key."

"The flying iron bird. Distressed at its travel, the goddesses depart."

"That which moves too fast to see. Even stopping time cannot stop its movement."

"The people who created Nu Wa, those who imitate the power of the Great Mother. The power to create life. The power to create us. That wish goes unfulfilled."

"The left eye sees Kindness."

"To ye who hast made it this far, undertake the final trial. The Mother's wish can no longer be granted."

Chamber of Extinction:

"If thou cannot go left, go right."

"A joyful soul is milky hued, an eloquent soul is black, an honest soul is purple, a happy soul is green, a pure soul is white, a passionate soul is red, and a kind soul is blue. Souls have colors."

"The Guardians lurk in the front. Places without them are the rear. This is the law of the ruins. Only the Infinite Corridor is an exception."

"Spriggan, the giant statue. Show hostility and he will awaken. Fight him more and he will return to sleep."

"There is a riddle Hidden between two murals. Concealed within the large one, it is summoned by the small. Challenge the riddle with golden key in hand."

Chamber of Birth:

"This is the land where life was born. When life is praised, the large earthen doll will be born, the earthen doll that holds the golden key."

"Charity, Kindness, Charity, Charity, Kindness, Charity, Kindness, Kindness, the endless sound of the waves."

"The Crystal Skull suppresses Tiamat's power and summons forth the dimension in which she dwells."

"Dance here. Praise life." (6/-3)

"The four Sages silently wait for the time when the strong one arrives."

"The Tree of Life is the source of all life. The mud dolls become people."

"As they become people, this land prospers. Gathering power, they leave this place on a journey. And they continue to prosper, aiming for the skies in other lands."

Twin Labyrinths (Front):

"Cast a spell on the spirits that have the elixir. The Elixir gives shape to souls."

"The word of the black Onyx is "Eloquence." The word of the purple Amethyst is "Honesty." Gems have words attributed to them. Gather these words from the spider's web that connects the whole world."

"The King of Hell, Beelzebub. He guards the eight souls in front of the Mother."

Twin Labyrinths (Reverse)

"The priests lived in the ruins and guarded them. As they started to die, four of them turned themselves into stone, gained eternal life, and became Sages."

"The power to stop time. Time flows only for thee. That which travels too fast to be seen will also become visible."

"This was once a prosperous place. Many secret treasures are hidden within."

The Shrine of the Mother:

"Proceed from the correct path."

"Endlessness and dimensions. With her great power, Tiamat bent the laws of both."

"A land guarded by 8 souls."

"The Sages will only show the path to the chosen one. At its end lies a great soul."

"We were born of this earth. We were the seventh to be born. And we forgot our Mother..."

"Through a ceremony passed down through the ages, the four Sages attained undying bodies."


-Find Shorn Kosugi
-Figure out what the blue crosses do
-Find the Four Sages and talk to them
--Get the flute
-Clear each screen of enemies at least once
-Complete the software use and software combinations lists in the manual
-Figure out what the key fairy does
-Get all the ROMs
--Have something good happen
-Push the wall on a moonlit night
-Use the golden key on the small mural
--Solve the riddle in the large mural
-Figure out what a Mantra is and find them all
-Find Shorn's diary
-Undertake the final trial

-Return to hidden door at 4/2 with all the ROMs

Guidance Gate:
-Get the Jewel in the star at 0/-4
-Do something with the angels at 1/-3

Confusion Gate:
-Open chest -4/1 (x3)
-Enter door -4/1 (upside down)
-Get past barrier at -5/3
-Push block to obstruct light at -5/3
-Summon Key Fairy at -6/3 and look for something to unlock
-Reach the left side of Shu's blood shower head at -3/2

Mausoleum of Giants:
-Decipher the legend of the giants
-Do something with holy wall at 1/-1

Graveyard of the Giants:
-Get something from chest at 1/-3
-Break the wall at 2/-1
-Scan stele: 2/-1 (x2)
-Weight dais: 2/-1
-Open barrier: 2/-1
-Do something with fake spikes at -1/-2

Temple of the Sun:
-Scan steles: 1/-2 (several)
--Do something at gap in top row of steles at 1/-2
-Solve all the puzzles
-Do something with the wall that goes "ping" at the upper left of 3/-3
-Do something with the statue at 4/-2
-Do something with squiggles at 3/-3
--Bring the Woman Statue

Temple of Moonlight:
-Open chest at 0/-1
--Try the dais again
-Open chest at 1/2
-Do something with the reproductive system image at 1/2
--Go to sleep inside the woman
---Get into the chamber at the lower right of 1/3 and drop from there to 1/2
-Get the statue in the room at 2/2 to say or do something
--Go to it after getting the flute

Spring of the Sky:
-Get the statue in the room at 0/1 to say or do something
--Go to it after getting the flute
-Reach the two circular objects in 2/0
-Break wall at 1/-2

Tower of the Goddess:
-Read stele: 1/2
-Enter door: 1/-1 (behind water)
-Open chest: 2/4
-Talk to statue at 0/1 after getting flute
-Scan lowest level of -1/3
-Take path to other field at -1/4, 1/5, 3/5
--Clear goddess statues
-Summon key fairy at 2/5
-Destroy flying guns at 2/3, 2/4
-Clear holy block at 1/2
--Balance the scales
---Lemeza weighs 62 units

Inferno Cavern:
-Reach the two rooms at the top left of the map

Tower of Ruin:
-Defeat the invisible enemy (probably at -4/1)
--Get the medicine of life
-Figure out what weighting the dais at -4/1 did
--Check -3/-1
--Check Inferno Cavern
-Do something with the blue cross at -3/2
-Reach the fairies at -3/3
-Get to rest of Field from 0/3
--Try jumping through the roof
--Clear pillar
-Interact with background woman at 0/3

Chamber of Extinction:
-Weight dais: 6/0
-Summon Palenque probably at 6/0
--Get the golden key

Chamber of Birth
-Praise life so large earthen doll is born
--Dance to praise life at 6/-3
---Try the shield
--Get the golden key from the earthen doll
-Open chest: 3/-2, 5/-2
-Read stele: 2/-2, 5/-2
-Take door to other field: 5/-2
-Do something with large sephirot image at 5/-2
-Scan cracked wall: 1/0, 2/-2, 4/-2
-Break wall: 4/-2 (lowest)
-Check the space over the gap to the left of teleport landing point "j" at 2/-1
-Check the left side of the middle level of 1/-1
-Scan behind pot at 1/0

Twin Labyrinths (Front):
-Solve block puzzle at 3/-2
--Find way to push leftmost block to the right
---Break pinging wall above block
-Defeat Baphomet at 3/-1
-Break pinging wall at 2/-3

Twin Labyrinths (Reverse)
-Look at the 24K map
-Go up to another Field from 0/0 (or come down from another Field into 0/0)

Endless Corridor:
-Reveal and climb the missing ladder at 1/-1

The Shrine of the Mother:
-Do something past falling pillar at 0/4
-Remove eye blocks: -2/1, -1/3, 0/4
-Open chest: -2/4, room reached from Twin Labyrinths
-Get Crystal Skull at -3/4
--Try the Lamp of Time
-Weight dais: -3/4
-Do something at the platform at -1/2
-Do something at the box platform at -3/0
-Defeat Beelzebub at -1/1
--Open the core of La Mulana
-Chant the correct Mantras to seal off each Guardian at their images (?)

Death Locks:
-Temple of the Sun 0/-4
-Shrine of the Mother -2/4

Fairy Locations:
-Confusion Gate -6/3
-Temple of Moonlight 0/-1
-Spring of the Sky 3/1
-Tower of the Goddess 2/5
-Chamber of Extinction 8/-3
-Endless Corridor 0/-2


-Athletic Land
-Cabbage Patch Kids
-Circus Charlie
-Comic Bakery
-Diviner Sensation
-F1 Spirit
-F1 Spirit 3D Special
-Game Collection 1
-Game Collection 2
-Game Collection 3
-Game Collection 4
-Game Master
-Game Master 2
-Glyph Reader
-Hyper Olympic 2
-Hyper Olympic 3
-Hyper Rally
-Hyper Sports 1
-Hyper Sports 2
-Konami Baseball
-Konami Boxing
-Konami Golf
-Konami Pinball
-Konami Ping-pong
-Konami Tennis
-Magical Tree
-Mahjong Dojo
-Mahjong Wizard
-Metal Gear
-Metal Gear 2
-Pennant Race
-Pennant Race 2
-Road Fighter
-Ruins RAM 8K
-Ruins RAM 16K
-Seal of El Giza
-Shin Synthesizer
-Sky Jaguar
-Super Cobra
-Video Hustler
-Yie Ar Kung Fu
-Yie Ar Kung Fu 2

Glyph Key:

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Sheesh, that scale puzzle was beyond unfair. At least you finally got it.

I'm very glad you're playing this, I would've thrown the keyboard away in frustration I don't know how many times by now.
I bow before your patience and methodicalness. m(_ _)m
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