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Old 10-19-2017, 07:25 PM
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I kind of read through Starship Troopers? Usually the rules are my favorite parts of these things, but this was the D20-est thing to come out of D&D 3's open gaming license. What I did find interesting was the game's efforts to combine the lore (such as it is) of both the book and the movies. An admirable idea, and practically necessary for a project like this.

And it largely succeeds, actually! Well, kind of. It does a decent job of explaining why the Mobile Infantry has both dudes in huge power armor and lightly-armored guys who die in droves, but it gets wishy-washy on which is the main force of the MI. It has the whole thing that comes up once or twice in the books about soldier and worker arachnids looking exactly the same, but goes with the movie's tyranid/zerg specialized monsters instead of the book's gun-wielding bugs. We know the Arachnids are on Pluto, but we just found out about them, but we know about the brain bugs, but we haven't tried diplomatic contact with them yet, but we've been at war with them for years, but Rio hasn't been destroyed yet, but we know they have the technology to move asteroids, but we're surprised at the idea they came from outside our solar system....

Weirdly, I'm pretty sure this book also has way more info on the Skinnies than either of its source materials. Did the CG cartoon have Skinnies? Did it make them out to be weird space-bronze age pacifist raiders who like kidnapping people? With their bone guns? I really don't remember that from either Heinlein or Verhoeven.

The book itself is a little disappointing. They didn't include any art, which kind of makes everything more boring than I expected. I know they didn't make that decision in order to save pages though, because it duplicates pages like mad.

All in all, it's exactly what I wanted out of an insane $3 impulse buy. Now to put it away before I have any more vivid Starship Troopers-themed nightmares like last night's shootout with Arachnids in King Tut's tomb.
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Old 10-21-2017, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Peach View Post
My copy of Ryuutama finally arrived, and it is a very handsome book. Nice compact hardback with a lovely matte finish. And I'm increasingly convinced that single-column is the superior page layout for RPG books. Feels more welcoming.

I also like the doodles and marginalia. The manga style probably helps pull that off, but honestly, wouldn't the Player's Handbook be so much better if it had little Sergio Aragones guys running around the pages?
Recently heard of this one myself, how's it handle?
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Old 10-23-2017, 06:57 PM
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I haven't had a chance to get a game off the ground, on account of life, though I've found I've been tilting towards it recently. I'll definitely report on it if/when it happens.

There's no red flags in the book, though. It's a good, breezy, but not overly abstract system that spends its wordcount in specific and effective ways. The only thing I can't grasp from just a reading is the combat, since even though it's modest system and emphatically not the focus of the game, the rules interactions are still complex enough that I can't be sure there aren't any gremlins lurking in the math. From the play-reports I've read, I haven't seen any real issues, but I also haven't read anything about high-level play, or stress-testing the system.

The only thing I'd add to the game before running it is rationalizing a proper Skill Challenge system. The game already essentially has a very robust one baked-in, in the form of the its systemic prime-mover: travelling. But I'm thinking of things like extreme weather and terrain events, like tornadoes and landslides, or the complex but non-belligerent interactions that the game seems to push Travellers towards, like, say, raising a barn, or negotiating a peace between two feuding farmsteads. It'd be nice to get a solid framework of difficulty levels and XP rewards in place, instead of winging them as they come up.
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Old 10-23-2017, 11:50 PM
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From the latest KS update there's a chance we might actually get an English supplement next year too which is exciting!
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