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Originally Posted by JBear View Post
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Genuinely floored that this didn't make it. Only one other vote, even? I guess the silver lining is that I wasn't spoiling when I mentioned it in my FFL3 post up-thread?
Hmm, I actually considered it because I remembered liking the final boss theme (and I guess the normal battle them too) and I actually listened to the whole OST in preparation to the voting. I put it into my list of possible candidates, but it didn't make it to the list of games I definitely have to mention for the OST.

Phantasy Star (SMS) - I never expected this to make it, and I'm actually pleased that I miraculously wasn't the only vote for it! Huzzah!
The reason why I wouldn't vote for that one is that the three tracks I love from the OST all reappear in Phantasy Star IV and sound better there IMO. And Phantasy Star IV also adds a lot of amazing tracks on top.

I voted for Phantasy Star II, which is quite a different music genre, but just sounds as beautiful.

7th Saga - As I've mentioned on more than one occasion, I've been known to listen to the 2-second long victory jingle for this on loop. I love the music in this game, which does a lot to... sand off the rough edges when I play it.
I knew you would vote for it. I didn't, but it would have been one of those "unpopular games with good OSTs" titles I'd wish to have seen more on the top 50.

Yeah, that one has a great OST too. But I will always sees this game as a copy of Shining in the Darkness of which I also like the OST a lot, so I couldn't vote for it without voting for Shining in the Darkness first and even that didn't make the cut.
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