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Default I'm suddenly rather into Starkid Productions' Musicals

So a while ago, an Outer Heaven stream featured something called Holy Musical B@man, which left a really positive impression on me, and seemed like something other people would enjoy, so I went looking for it on youtube to show to some other people. And then I noticed that oh hey, the same group of people have done a good dozen of these weird high concept musicals mostly parodying pop culture in bizarre Deep Lore reimaginings, and have them all up on their official youtube channel, so, I have been binging a bit.

Attempts to encapsulate what I've gone through so far:

Holy Musical B@man! - Batman is basically a giant 5 year old and everything is canon at once. Highlights include Robin's origin story and kind of an amazing amalgamation of spot-on impressions of everyone who has ever played The Joker in a character that's technically someone else. Also Green Lantern creating beers, but only brands with green bottles.

Twisted - Doing the whole Wicked thing with Disney's Aladdin (I think before Disney seriously got into the habit of doing that themselves?) which works in a lot of allegorical inside baseball stuff and gets an impressive amount of mileage out of this guy:

The Trail to Oregon! - Exactly what it sounds like. Starts with the audience getting to name all the characters. Not nearly as much death from horrible diseases as you'd expect (but they have a lot of fun with what they do have there).

Ani - Being a more realistic take of what a middle-aged version of Anakin Skywalker progressed from the prequels would be like, Darth Vader is a Rodney Dangerfield-like fat over the hill loser puttering around on the Death Star until someone convinces him to ditch his "lame government job" and return to his true passion, pod-racing. Eventually has a decidedly show-stealing drunk Obi-Wan summing up what happened in the prequels.

Firebringer -

... which is kind of a hard premise to pad out to 2 hours so it kinda falls really flat next to the rest of these, but does score points for having an almost all-female cast, everyone being canonically bi, and having a pretty rad giant sabertoothed tiger puppet.

The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals - Very much of a bodysnatchers/zombie outbreak/Colour out of Space/pod people sort of thing where the horrible contagion is being-in-a-musical so, very meta and 4th wall breaking as a small group of survivors consistently break the 4th wall and struggle against the urge to sing about their personal motivations.

So, good stuff. Funny. Catchy songs. Deep cuts.
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