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Default Strike! RPG: Like 4th edition D&D but good.


You probably noticed, but I can't shut up about this game, so here is a thread for it. Here is a link for it. And here is a synopsis for it.

Setting agnostic, gradient successes on dicerolls (only uses 1d6 but it has rules for 2d6 if that's a dealbreaker for some reason YES I HAVE ENCOUNTERED THIS), and it uses 4e D&D style combat, which I honestly really liked the look of, but with minimal mathy nonsense tied to it.

Currently I'm running a game of it set in the FTL setting, and I'm about to join a friend's game based on Innistrad. It's p. fun. Helpful Diagrams has proven to be one of the strongest skills in our game. We have psychic space slug Bob Ross.
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dragons , dungeons , non-d&d d&d substitute , strike rpg

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