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Default I would like to describe for you people, in immense detail, the events in question.

NSFW: Some of the names and places in this fictional story have been changed to protect the completely innocent victim, me.

Hello, it's an honor to be posting again from my beautiful couch in my corner office here in the top floor of our main office here at Conglomorate Incorporated, I'm very proud of the beautiful view I have here of some trees and the hard working people I have on staff working hard down below me. They're very hard.

Well, you know, I've been posting here for years under this web name, and I do it because, you know, I'm really big on Dead or Alive youtube videos which by the way I'm starting a thread about.

Anyway, I was at the airport getting my tickets to visit the Golf Park... no, sorry, we had just gotten off the plane at the Golf Park and there were these girls there. And they were looking at the suits and cars and money of course.

Ok. Ok I know, I know what you're thinking, right? High class champagne servers, of course they're in the lobby, of course they're there to sweeten the deal, right? Ok, hell, I know how to play that game. I've been in this game for longer than Michael T. Tobasco.

I took those girls up to the suite that, I shit you not, my arch rival and FORMER CEO of the company I'm taking over, GARY JONES and his wife stayed in last summer.

Anyway, well you know, there's this thing I like to do where I, uh... *blush* I like to make the girls, you know, pour champagne on pictures of low income housing. I made those poor girls pour so much champagne they all wound up light headed and had to go home for the night.

It's embarrassing but I really love making girls pour champagne on pictures of low income housing. Anyway it was huge fun but now Tobasco keeps threatening to tell everyone I was defiling Gary Johnson's suite if I don't play ball with him, so I thought I'd just scoop the bastard and let y'all know. Why's he so worried? Everyone knows I'm a party guy, haha. I'm a party guy.

What do you think of that? Please let me have your honest opinions. Am I wrong? The guy's a jerk, that Gary Jones. Am I wrong?
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