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Default Digital Down-Low for 03/22/2018: Higgledie Hard

Websters Dictionary describes a "Video Game" as "any of various interactive games played using a specialized electronic gaming device or a computer or mobile device and a television or other display screen, along with a means to control graphic images." And I think there's something beautiful and profound about that. Really makes me want to give my all to the thread this week.

And we're beginning this week with a Very Anime Game! We're also going to be continuing and concluding the week with those, but the first one is prominent enough to warrant naming the thread after it! And that is Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom! The sequel to a game that I inexplicably did not love! It was chock-a-block with Content I Love (Puns! Cel shading! Miyazaki-influenced art! Pokemon!) and it just did nothing for me! And it also confusingly did nothing for a lot of other people too, if The Internet is to be believed! But I guess they learned their lessons because this sequel seems to be going over well with those same people who were strangely disappointed before! Yay!

Assassins Creed: Rogue: Remastered is a spruced up port of the Assassins Creed spinoff which wasn't available on current generation consoles. And it's based on Black Flag, which is the Best AC game by far. And from what I am lead to understand, it's a much zippier, more streamlined take on that so... yeah.

Barely acknowledged, badly marketed spinoff of a 5 year old game for a series I am generally ambivalent about is my Lock of the Week!

Assault Gunners HD Edition doesn't look like anything to withhold sneezing at; it's a mech build-em-up, and while that genre is fairly underrepresented nowadays, it also looks very much like Armored Core.

By which I don't mean "it looks as though its gameplay is similar to that of the Armored Core series."

I mean, "This appears to be the 1997 PS1 title Armored Core, built with higher resolution graphics".

Next up (and also on the Switch) is Attack on Titan 2, a game about Anime Teens choppin' up big naked cenobites with the help of grappling hooks. I understand that the anime is "a big thing" as far as popularity is concerned (and an unintentional, but welcome pun" and that is all I know.

"Go chop up some large nude people, please." asks the good people at Koei-Tecmo.

And on the subject of chopping up titans, next is Titan Quest, remastered for The Next Generation! You may (may) remember Titan Quest as being one of the top-tier alternatives to Diablo 2 back in the days prior to the existence of Torchlight... And Diablo 3.

Does it still hold up?

...I don't know. I have Torchlight and Diablo 3. Don't really have room for an alternative in my heart., Diablo 3 is fun though. I kind of want to play that again now.

And finally, a game that snuck out last week, I guess, is Gal*Gunvolt Burst! Which is the sublime Mega Man-inspired Mighty Gunvolt Burst, just with some of the DLC added into it and on a new platform.

MGVB was good enough that it redeemed Mighty Number 9 (by making it Precisely Mega Man, instead of merely basically Mega Man) and now you can play as a third character.

Now GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR, PSN Store, we don't want to see your weak mess on the Switch eShop! And there, it seems, Shantae and the Pirates Curse is RET 2 GO! It's arguably the best game in the series (kind of a toss-up, really), and certainly the horniest (far less of a toss-up), and now that it's on the Switch, you can play it on a TV and handheld equally well! I do not know if it has any particular perks over other ports of the game besides that.


Manticore: Galaxy on Fire is a button-based port of the mobile games about spaceshippermans flying through the void of space and then kersploding all the BAD SPACELADS.

It's been a long time since Project Slypheed, and a looooong time since Colony Wars, so I'd be a damn liar if I said that this doesn't look at least a little appealing.

Next up is... perhaps the most inexplicable re-release I have ever seen. ANd I say that knowing full well of how friggin' many inepxlicable re-releases came out in the last six months alone. Remember Gekido: Urban Fighting on the PS1? It had art by Joe Madueria, and a soundtrack that consisted entirely of Fatboy Slim (possibly just different parts of one song?) I mean, I remember it because I didn't have many PS1 games at the time and that was one of them.

Well, did you know that it had a sequel on the GBA? You didn't? Of course not. What a foolish thing to keep record of in your memory.

Well, what if I told you that now the Switch has an updated port of that game; Gekido: Kintaros Revenge!

I mean, I'm not going to snark, because it looks like a pretty fun beat-em-up, and I love those so much, but of all the wells to return to...

We've also got a couple of emote-em-ups, kinda. One is No Thing, a game where a robot warbles at you while you walk down migraine inducing pathways full of simple polygonal elements set to trance music (this appears to be all that the game consists of), and OPUS: Rocket of Whispers which is a bit more point-and-clicky and is about launching a haunted rocket into space so the spooks will leave you alone!

And that ain't all! We've also got a smattering of arcade re-releases! Well... I'm assuming one of them is an arcade re-release, at least. It could be a 3D0 game for all I know. One of them is World Heroes 2: Jet a man-punch simulator of the Street Fighter set! This is the one where M. Bison is also Inspector Gadget! Also up is Moon Patrol which is more popular among video game historians than you might think from glancing at it. Not really sure why, though... it's a shmupper where you're in a car! On the moon! And also we have Sol Divide which is also a shmuppy sort of game, this one featuring beautifully shoddy looking visuals; all motion captured JPGs and the like.

I could completely see this sharing floor space with Bloodstorm and Revolution X in the arcades. And MAN, the description in the eShop store;

Vorg heard a rumor that the army of Satan was searching for treasures called Seirei stones which led him to think that the time for revenge has come. In addition, he also knows that one of the Seirei stones was entrusted secretly to King Silverna from Vorg's homeland, the Kingdom of Miltia.

Vorg, who was a holy knight in Miltia, was in the forest town of Neraphai working for a mission when the king of Satan, Ifter, invaded the Kingdom of Miltia with Dhatilos armies.

Upon hearing the news, Vorg immediately returned to Miltia, but the kingdom has been destroyed.

After 7 years, a dark shadow went into the royal room inside the Silverna castle. That dark shadow was Satan, Ifter.

Vorg heads to Silverna castle with his Helos. Satan owns the Sol Divide which is the pair of heilos.

The tale of magic, sword and vengeance starts now!!

And the last thing THAT WE KNOW OF this week is Castle of Heart which looks to be a platformer of the GnG mold, but more melee focused. This is my takeaway from the wordy-yet-non-descriptive product summary on the site.

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