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Old 10-31-2017, 07:41 AM
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Someone new is playing S&S! Hooray!

Originally Posted by chud_666 View Post
I have Heavy Armour Class 2, but when i equip I can barely move, can't roll or jump. But almost invincible. What stat do I need to use that properly?
Yeah, there are fat-roll break-points for encumbrance at 25%, 50%, and 75% of your max load, and it sounds like you're in excess of 100? Eundurance is the stat you want to use to increase your max load, which is why that's the stat you get for taking points in the Armour skills.

Originally Posted by chud_666 View Post
- is this game super imbalanced towards magic or dexterity? SHould I re-roll? I'm fairly early in still.
- any suggested builds? I like Souls in theory but get annoyed at the 3dness, if that makes sense? Salt is cool because it is 2d, and just feels like an especially evil Simon's Quest (that's a positive). That said: I don't want to hobble myself with a shitty class.
Judging by other people I've talked to, pretty much any focused build is viable. One common theme I noticed is that everyone felt OP by the end of the game, whether they were a caster, a bruiser, or dodgy, and whether they focused on dodge-rolling or shields for defense, or both. FWIW, I love-love-loved playing a Hunter who slowly turned into a dodgy guy with a shield and a dex sword or whip (and later a class of weapon that you haven't seen yet).

ETA: As for general speccing advice, though, I will say that more poultices are always good. You should be able to reach at least a couple pretty quickly/easily, and that's a good early goal to shoot for.

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Old 10-31-2017, 02:50 PM
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I always pick the easiest builds in any soulslike game I play, and the consensus when I was playing was that BIG SWORD BIG STRONG was the easiest way by far in this one. IIRC some people stick with big sword, some people switch over to big hammer, and I switched over to big scissors???, but as long as it's big and strong and slow then you're good.
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Old 10-31-2017, 02:54 PM
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All I'd need to like this game is a map. It's less that I get lost and note that games like this will often have branching paths upon branching paths and I really didn't bother to remember that door five hundred hours ago that I now need to go to.
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Old 12-16-2017, 12:31 AM
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Finally started playing this. I'm ~3 hours? in and liking it so far! Although I just beat the False Jester and it's that classic dilemma where I have several levels' worth of souls salt but I'm actually not sure where the closest Sanctuary is (except for a locked door I didn't get the key for in order, apparently) and I'm getting really freaked out. I already had my first stupid salt-loss deaths from a couple stupid mistakes in the treetop-jumping area.

I'm playing a paladin and might stick to shield + 1-hander, though I did just get a warhammer I might be interested in. I was thinking maybe dipping a few levels into wisdom for a bit of cleric magic since I kinda thought a paladin would have the beginning of that anyway, but I'll probably stick to armor, shields, and weapons, at least for now... Is there re-speccing? How and where? What else should I know about the leveling system, or is it as self-explanatory as it looks?

Much like Souls, they throw you in without a moment to figure anything out. Luckily, a lot of it is intuitive from having played the Dark Souls games, but a lot of it is obscure and arcane and annoyingly so. So:

What's the deal with creeds and sanctuaries? Should I be switching to each creed I visit? What are the effects?

What's the deal with the little statues to make offerings of? Should I be doing those, saving them, how should I use them? Can I waste/lose them?

What could/should I be spending my gold on? I have a lot and I'm not sure when/where/how to spend it, and I don't like paying that much to the cleric each time I die :| Also how can I sell or store gear?

I feel like I have a bunch of "regular" "items" I've been getting that I have no idea how to even see a list of, much less use them. Is there a better item menu anywhere? Are all these ears for anything but bestiary entries, for instance?
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Old 12-16-2017, 01:32 AM
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Respeccing is very limited. You use a Grey Pearl to pick one point you invested to remove, which then turns into a Black Pearl. You use that to allocate a level how you wish. Note about the skilltree: you can pump up to 5 levels into any stat increase node which is useful if you want to branch off somewhere that doesn't help your preferred weapon's damage but usually it's best to keep going along the tree to higher tier equipment. Likewise say you did pump 5 levels into a single node, a Grey Pearl will only remove 1 point from that. Otherwise it's pretty much as self-explanatory as it looks.

Grey Pearls are few and far between compared to how many levels you can gain so it's best to check out the tree and get an idea of your direction.

Creeds work like Dark Souls 1 covenants, basically. When you switch creeds your progress in the previous creed resets. When you're part of a creed and use one of those statue items to spawn and NPC or open a shop, it belongs to that creed. Each creed has its own list of items you can offer to rank up in it which will open up more inventory in their specific version of shops as long as you remain in that creed, some of which is unique or otherwise very rare. Switching creeds is a little meaner than Dark Souls though in that you get an equivalent of Sin for doing it, and you generally have to go find the NPC that can cleanse you of Sin in order to rejoin a creed you've previously left (at least I think that's how it worked, you might get one freebie to return to a creed before you have to cleanse your Sin each time). Also, there are creed-specific utility items you can unlock at higher ranks that renew themselves like your healing items do whenever you rest. When you switch creeds you lose those with your rank, and if you switch back will have to re-unlock them. One thing to note is that for almost every creed the only way to get their idol is to join them, likewise you can only ever use a specific creed's idol on an empty sanctuary if you're part of it. There are a couple limited ways to switch which creed a sanctuary belongs to also, in case you're worried about that. The item to do it the quick and easy way is similar in rarity to Grey Pearls though.

Also your healing item depends on your creed. You'll always have the same max based on how many you've unlocked in your skill tree, but like... the Iron Ones creed has one of the slower healing items while Devara's Light creed has a healing item that both heals quickly and gives you a minor protective buff.

The little statues are how you unlock NPCs and shops for creeds. You offer them up at the idol and in spawns a new thing. Each sanctuary can accommodate four such NPCs. Stone Guides in particular are basically how you fast-travel between sanctuaries, but they're a one-way trip unless you've got some Calling Horns (homeward bone equivalent). There are a finite number of each type in the game so yeah you'll eventually run out. Most types of those little statues have at least one pre-existing NPC somewhere in the world though so you generally won't ever be totally locked out of anything. General rule of thumb is if your creed already has one, don't use another. The exception being Stone Guides (try to spread those out though, unless you find a particularly long stretch between sanctuaries you don't want to deal with again) and Stone Sellswords if you're into the local multiplayer.

Storing gear unfortunately isn't a thing and the inventory is pretty bad in terms of lacking any reasonable sorting capability. Invest some gold into Calling Horns because you'll want those the deeper you get into the game, and buff items like Blessed Pages/Shockstones. Buff items like those stay more powerful than Dark Souls resins so it's good to have some handy whenever you wanna do better damage. Gold is pretty straight forward, basic items, equipment, and buying spells you find on creed NPCs as you find them/rank up.

Ears, piles of ashes, monster parts, all that are used to rank up in creeds, upgrade your equipment at Blacksmiths, and craft new weapons once you find an Alchemist.

If you want a solid creed recommendation, when you first find one called The House of Splendor go ahead and join them. You'll probably want to make sure you keep at least one Stone Guide item on you until you reach it. One of their utility items for ranking up gives an incredibly powerful buff and doubles gold drops for its duration, and as I said those items renew just like your healing item as long as you stay in that creed. Their healing item has a fun gimmick to it, too.

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