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Someone new is playing S&S! Hooray!

Originally Posted by chud_666 View Post
I have Heavy Armour Class 2, but when i equip I can barely move, can't roll or jump. But almost invincible. What stat do I need to use that properly?
Yeah, there are fat-roll break-points for encumbrance at 25%, 50%, and 75% of your max load, and it sounds like you're in excess of 100? Eundurance is the stat you want to use to increase your max load, which is why that's the stat you get for taking points in the Armour skills.

Originally Posted by chud_666 View Post
- is this game super imbalanced towards magic or dexterity? SHould I re-roll? I'm fairly early in still.
- any suggested builds? I like Souls in theory but get annoyed at the 3dness, if that makes sense? Salt is cool because it is 2d, and just feels like an especially evil Simon's Quest (that's a positive). That said: I don't want to hobble myself with a shitty class.
Judging by other people I've talked to, pretty much any focused build is viable. One common theme I noticed is that everyone felt OP by the end of the game, whether they were a caster, a bruiser, or dodgy, and whether they focused on dodge-rolling or shields for defense, or both. FWIW, I love-love-loved playing a Hunter who slowly turned into a dodgy guy with a shield and a dex sword or whip (and later a class of weapon that you haven't seen yet).

ETA: As for general speccing advice, though, I will say that more poultices are always good. You should be able to reach at least a couple pretty quickly/easily, and that's a good early goal to shoot for.

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I always pick the easiest builds in any soulslike game I play, and the consensus when I was playing was that BIG SWORD BIG STRONG was the easiest way by far in this one. IIRC some people stick with big sword, some people switch over to big hammer, and I switched over to big scissors???, but as long as it's big and strong and slow then you're good.
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Old 10-31-2017, 03:54 PM
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All I'd need to like this game is a map. It's less that I get lost and note that games like this will often have branching paths upon branching paths and I really didn't bother to remember that door five hundred hours ago that I now need to go to.
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