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Default Soft Drinks

Because we can't be drinking alcohol all the time.

Lemme tell you a little bit about a drink named Moxie.

(I don't think Teddy Roosevelt ever officially endorsed it)

Moxie, like Coca-Cola and other currently popular sodas, initially started out as a medicinal nerve tonic, something intended to cure-what-ails-ya from the heebie-jeebies to "softening of the brain" (seriously). The name was supposedly taken from a Native American term, and due to the drink's, uhm, uniquely bracing taste the word's become a synonym for boldness, at least among people who like to talk all old-timey.

It was president Calvin Coolidge's favorite drink. The drink was once a serious competitor to Coca-Cola but over time it became more and more marginalized and regional. It can still be found in stores around northern New England, though it recently changed logos to include merely the text and avoids including the man pointing towards you, demanding you to drink it.

It's somewhat hard to describe the flavor, as it seems to taste different to everybody; often times I've heard it called medicinal, sometimes like a cream soda, others "I'm not taking another sip of that". I tend to go through phases where I hate it and I love it.

So, if you ever get the chance, give it a try. Or the androgynous Moxie mascot will come and find you. It's up to you.
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