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Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
The Rat Creatures (collectively)
Especially the two stupid ones!
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Originally Posted by Zef View Post
Speaking of which, is Super Dickery safe to visit now? I haven't gone there in about a year and a half since it infected me with a malicious worm (so much for Norton's security.) It was even confirmed on its forums.
I'm one of those unpopular OS people, but I recall having seen this-is-so-totally-a-virus pop-ups in the past but not for a while now. Still hate the redesign with a passion though.

Oh, and you know what else you have to love about Lex Luthor? Superman, contractually really, has more/better powers than anyone else in the setting, but consistently has trouble dealing with a totally mundane middle-aged bald guy.
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marvel cinematic universe

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