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Default Live-blogging my first trip through Undertale

Hey there, everyone! So let's just get this out of the way first: yes, I've never played Undertale. The reasons why are complicated. I ended up talking about this with someone else recently at length, so I'm just going to cobble together an explanation from that conversation:
I'm mostly just mad that the game had been impossibly spoiled for me almost before it came out. Because, again, the internet would not shut up about it. TT was 50% Undertale avatar by volume. I don't enjoy playing game that I already know too much about, and it is impossible to both be a member of TT and not learn too much about this game. I have never even so much as seen Undertale, but I can tell you it has different endings, how to get them, and name and draw several major characters. This despite making specific efforts to avoid talk about it.

Like, I suspect strongly that I'd have loved Undertale if I'd had the opportunity to experience it in the same way that most of TT did, but because I didn't jump on it immediately, I was denied that experience. And now can never have it.

I don't even know how to engage with the game now when I do finally play it. Do I kill everything? Nothing? Some things? I can't just pretend that I don't know what I know. And no matter what I choose, I'm going to worry that I've ruined my experiencing by "doing it wrong", which is obviously not the intended play experience.

Yes, I know I can play Undertale more than once, and am furthermore intended to. It's like if the internet had spoiled Nier for me (the first one that no one played, not the sequel that everyone played). I loved that game dearly, but core to that experience was playing the game once, and then re-playing it with added context colouring the first play-through. If I went into that game knowing the spoiler, I honestly don't think it would be worth bothering with. It would turn one of my favourite games into a miserable slog.

I value novelty very highly, and surprise is the ultimate expression of novelty. If I have had a thing spoiled for me, then, instead of enjoying the experience I am having, I instead spend that time obsessing over the experience that I was denied. Like, it's bad that my brain does this, but it does it 100% of the time. Doesn't matter what medium, doesn't matter how major or minor the spoiler. I can't enjoy a thing without feeling that the experience has been somehow lessened and obsessing over how much better it could have been, and thus ruining even the remaining baseline experience.

So yes, I'm sure Undertale would still be enjoyable as this novel, cute, funny labour of love, but I worry that I'll just be sitting there with my arms folded thinking about how much more fun I could be having instead. Which is why my "strategy" has just been to keep sitting on it, in hopes that my memory will slowly lose what I know and that I'll get less bitter over time. This recent surge of interest has probably ruined that, though. Undertale 2 spoilers have already started showing up in random TT threads, as have the avatars. It's the exact same thing all over again.

I'm bummed about it. It had finally been almost long enough that I was considering playing it without being predisposed against it, and now there's going to be a whole new wave.
TLDR: I hate spoilers, and was waiting until I could enjoy Undertale to the fullest, but whatever this new thing is likely to ruin that, so I guess it's now or never, and, to my surprise, I opted to go with "now". I'm not looking to debate any of that, so please, for the love of Bertolli, if you want to have the same tedious argument about spoilers again then go do it elsewhere. I provide it only as context and to forestall questions.

One other important thing before we start. It's probably obvious, given all of what I've just said, but one can't be too careful. *AHEM*.


Mechanics spoilers are spoilers. Joke spoilers are spoilers. Things that seem "obvious" or that I've already speculated are spoilers. Not sure what constitutes a spoiler? Assume it's a spoiler. Want to talk about something that is a spoiler? Then I have good news: we already have an Undertale thread for that! Go use it! If I open this thread and see a bunch of spoiler tags then I'm going to be bummed. I'd like to be able to read my own thread!

One final thing: I am not looking for help. I am not looking for advice. If I ask a question, assume that it is rhetorical. I am just live-blogging my play experience, and that will include a lot of questions that I am posing aloud to myself. I appreciate that ya'll really like this game and want to help, but I just want to experience it for myself. Thanks!

Phew. That was a lot crap! I apologize for starting off this thread on a sour note, because this is a fun game and I want this to be a fun thread! But it had to be said. I am making this thread because I thought folks might appreciate experiencing a beloved game vicariously through someone playing it for the first time. I know that, personally, blind Let's Play are some of my favourites, and I get super bummed when the audience insists on spoiling things for the player and ruins them! (That said, this isn't a Let's Play, because I don't feel like putting in that level of effort.) So, with all that said, I'm going to start preparing the notes from my first play session! Please enjoy!
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Im sort of curious why when you want no interaction at all, you just don't post all of this on a blog?

EDIT: I am glad you decided to play it! I had the same experience you did when it first came out with not being able to play knowing nothing, and I know we have dif feelings on being spoilered, but I still enjoyed the game despite knowing things.

I hope you do too!
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Default These tiles are weeping

  • Flowey was a good surprise. Game seems good so far.
  • Ahaha, she just showed up and glared at the frog and it slinked away.
  • Dungeon mom is best mom.
  • This game is a balm for a tedious argument I'm avoiding elsewhere.
  • First reaction: "Why would I want to flirt with dungeon mom!?" And yet, the menu option is so tempting...
  • It's still unclear to me how these threaten/compliment/mercy mechanics work. Very muddy, presumably by design. I assume some monsters are more "vulnerable" to one versus the other.
  • Free candy! "Monster candy". As in, made of, or intended for...?
  • I took more candy and the game said mean things. quits
  • All of these vines look like they should be hiding doors.
  • I wonder if the encounter rate is lower on the paths...
  • Ah, a frog jumped at me instead of flies!
  • Also, I just ate my candy by mistake in trying to feed it to an enemy. >_<
  • So I guess the question at this point is if there will be some alternative way to earn EXP or if I've consigned myself to remaining at level 1 forever if I don't kill things.
  • I'm also curious if there's a cost to attempting Mercy too early. Probably just a lost turn, I'd guess.
  • Cracked floor tiles, eh? This doesn't look suspicious at all.
  • Yeah, that's what I thought. I wasn't expecting... some kind of upwards chute, though?
  • "This monster is too sensitive to fight." Aww. Maybe I would have gone full pacifist by default after all.
  • Gah, now I'm dodging lines of moths!
  • Okay, so clearly this combat engine is going to keep me on my toes.
  • "Console" instead of "Compliment", lol. Nice. I mean, I'm doing that, obv.
  • It cried and ran away! Awwww....
  • I wonder if that suggests I can end the fights without the Mercy command in all cases.
  • Is... is dungeon mom baking me a cake?
  • And now I'm fighting a gross jello mould.
  • I guess I'll Imitate it? Sure, why not?
  • Well that was fun, but I'm not clear if it accomplished anything.
  • I got to Spare it, so I guess so!
  • I almost just hit this frog by mistake. Calling it now: this pacifism thing ends when I fat-finger the controller.
  • Two enemies at once! I was unprepared for this. For whatever reason, I assumed this engine only supported one opponent at a time.
  • It is clearly time to Flirt with these slimes.
  • Ah, but I interact with both at once. Interesting.
  • And now we have a talking rock.
  • Update: a talking troll rock.
  • It looks like rewards don't scale with multiple opponents? That or it's just rounded out of existence at these low numbers.
  • It also looks like attacks might scale up in complexity with multiple opponents, but that maybe have been a coincidence?
  • A save point, and cheese!
  • The cheese is part of the save point. Huh.
  • I just noticed that my armour is currently "Bandage". That doesn't seem ideal!
  • And now there's a floor ghost. Is... is this a boss fight?
  • Cool music, either way!
  • Is my combat box bigger now? I'm not sure. I might be imagining it.
  • Ahaha, he didn't feel like attacking me that turn.
  • Alright, I guess that was my first Spare failure, and I did indeed just lose a turn.
  • Guess I'd better try a different tack. It's still unclear to me if the engine ever rewards doing the same thing more than once. So far, the answer seems to be no.
  • Ah, yep, repeated cheering seems to be working.
  • He just made himself a dapper hat out of tears... Guys, this game might be good.
  • I think I won?

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Originally Posted by Falselogic View Post
Im sort of curious why when you want no interaction at all, you just don't post all of this on a blog?
My blog is old and bad and full of shitty opinions and the only reason I don't delete it is that I use it as an image host. That said, I didn't say no interaction. I said no spoilers. Is your contention that people aren't capable of interacting without spoilers? I mean, you might be right! That would square with my prior experiences, but I like to keep hope alive.
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I'm looking forward to reading this... once I finally get around to playing the game myself.
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This is wonderful. I love this thread already.
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Default I just want to go Home

  • I just got a donut from some spiders... Nevermind, I changed my mind, game is bad. Gross bugs, 0/10.
  • The spider donut is made by spiders, and out of spiders. Thanks, I hate it. throws away the donut
  • And now a hallway full of tutorial frogs.
  • ! Spareable monsters have yellow names! That's a good tip! Thanks, frog friend!
  • Now I wonder if that means they start yellow, or change yellow to indicate that I've done enough to "win".
  • ANd now I'm fighting a talking vegetable. Is... is eating this thing an aggressive act? We'll try talking first, just to be safe.
  • Well, that didn't work, but picking "Dinner" spawned a green thing in my box along with the white. I wonder if touching that might heal me?
  • Alright, I guess it's time to put this gross boy in my mouth.
  • "Not weak enough." Huh. Fascinating. So I presume I need to hit it and then eat it?
  • Oh my god I just picked Fight for the first time and I was so panicked by what I saw that I didn't touch anything and missed. I assume I need to stop the line in the middle of... whatever I was looking at?
  • Okay, that went better. Still not weak enough to eat, though!
  • Looks like the green veggie does indeed heal me. Not super important now, but something good to keep in mind going forward.
  • Ah, and now it's name is yellow. So... do I eat it, or spare it. HRM. I'd better not chance it, I guess?
  • Man, that was way more involved than previous fights, but gave 0 gold.
  • So, it looks like this new enemy can only be spared when he's alone? Neat! They're really doing a lot with this.
  • I got a ribbon! "If you're cuter, monsters won't hit you as hard." Makes sense to me!
  • Oh, crazy, and the Bandage that I replaced can be used as a consumable.
  • GAH, eyeball monster! He says not to pick on him, and so does the game, so I guess I won't...?
  • Oh wow, 5 gold. It pays to be nice!
  • I have enough money for whatever else they were selling at the gross spider room, so I guess I'll go back.
  • And now I have a jug of liquefied spiders. uninstalls game
  • Two vegetoids. Uh oh. Guess it's time to find out how the Flee command works.
  • Pretty well, as it turns out!
  • Hrm, so it looks like not all actions operate on the entire enemy party.
  • This seems to be some kind of... stage? With a knife on it.
  • And apparently the monsters are afraid of dungeon mom. Uh oh. Please be good, dungeon mom! My heart couldn't take it if you go all Flowey on me!
  • "Its bark is worse than its bite." lol

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Default I Guess We Live Here Now

  • I guess I was wrong: it was a pie, not a cake.
  • Aw, dungeon mom held my hand and patted my head.
  • My new room is very... red. Thanks, mom?
  • The music responds to my shutting the lamp on and off!
  • Toriel apparently spends her spare time recording dad jokes. Dungeon mom confirmed best mom.
  • Ahaha, safety tools.
  • ...I don't have it in my heart to ask her when I can go home. Hopefully the game won't make me do it to advance.
  • Hrm, she doesn't want me to go in the basement. Probably too many sharp edges down there.
  • I went into the basement too many times and now dungeon mom looks cross. :-(
  • GAH, mom wants to blow up the only way out!
  • Gah, I don't know who or what ASGORE is, but that red text is certainly striking.
  • No, I don't want to fight dungeon mom! uninstalls game
  • GAH! I think I just killed dungeon mom!!! She was still at like, over one-third health but then I got, like, a super crit or something! I tried to talk but it wasn't working, so I figured I had to beat her up some like the Vegatoids!
  • Her heart broke. :_(
  • And now I'm level 5. 5 levels of BAD SON.
  • I don't think I like Flowey.
  • Aaaand... title splash.
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Default A Puppy Approaches. Command?

  • These woods are creepy and I don't like it here. I miss dungeon mom.
  • A shadow just jumped out of the trees and disappeared. This seems fine.
  • It wants me to shake its hand. What could go wrong?
  • I'm currently at 3HP, so I assume I'm about to die. Killing dungeon mom quite thoroughly exhausted my resources. It was really hard!
  • This... this is not what I was expecting. Hello meme skeleman #1.
  • Sans seems bad. Now his brother, on the on other hand, is rocking a rad cape. I like the cut of this guy's jib. It's a good jib.
  • That said, Sans is my spirit animal.
  • Finally, a save point. Now my crimes are permanently recorded for all eternity.
  • Hey, a storage box! This would have been useful back before I used every item I had to commit MURDER.
  • I guess I may as well stuff my stick in here in case there's some use for it later. Oh, and hey, there's already something in here! YOINK
  • Gah, snow dragon!
  • "See, Dad was wrong!" lol. You've got a promising future in comedy, kid.
  • I can sort of see an RP reason to go full murder-hobo after the emotional trauma of killing dungeon mom, but nah.
  • I just found a monster's phone # attached to a fishing pole. My character doesn't want to call it, but I do! Otherwise this phone is just a miserable reminder of what a bad son I am!
  • I am 100% stealing this kid's dumb hat.
  • I guess I have to hit it first. Just.. just like I thought I had to hit mom! cries
  • Oh, but hey, the attacking interface has a second step now? I wonder if that's because I equipped this new glove weapon.
  • Ahaha, now he's just an ice cube.
  • lol, "Doggo". Oh, shit, I wonder...
  • Yes, of course I can pet the Doggo. GOTY.
  • Hah, and, predictably, I win by just not moving.
  • Fuck, I'm an idiot. Why did I sit on this game for so long? This is delightful.
  • I just got a piece of snowman. This thing is going to melt later and depress me, isn't it? I'm on to you, game!
  • And now I'm playing mini-golf.
  • lol, they let me walk right past the next "puzzle".
  • lol, that word search, though. I 100% solved it, of course, because I'm a pro.
  • So this next save point looks to be another mouse hole, a plate of food, and... a microwave? I look forward to seeing how this fills me with determination.
  • "Warning: Dog Marriage" Fuck
  • This random dog battle has 6 options, and 5 of them are "Pet". Fuck this is a good game.
  • Now I'm fighting two dog executioners? Awww, they're the married couple!
  • Apparently I convinced these dogs that I'm a weird smelly puppy that pets other dogs. That's... that's a thing that just happened.
  • Learning to dodge their axe attack was fun. I really like the attack patterns in this game.
  • Also, I typo-ed "dodge" as "doge" there at first and how appropriate is that?
  • lol, "Jerry" is here and he makes attacks last longer. (We ditched him.)
  • Oh hey, some kind of checkerboard.
  • This is... quite a lot of rules. I'm guessing this puzzle won't actually be happening, will it?
  • Ha, I asked him for an explanation twice and he got frustrated and left without turning it on. Bullet: dodged.
  • Sass and Papyrus built snow-men. Yes, good.
  • Ah, and here's the ice physics puzzle I've been expecting since they first introduced the ice.
  • Snow problem! (Do you... do you see what I did there?)
  • Ahaha, I come out from behind the trees with a snow doggo on my head. This game is just relentlessly fucking charming, isn't it?
  • And as if it the game heard me, this cliff face looks like it's full of giant snow-spiders peeking out from the walls and I hate it.
  • This deer monster is horrifying, but I like how the sprite updates as I "Undecorate" it.
  • And now I'm going into that same cliff-face. What could go wrong?
  • Hrm, apparently nothing, actually. There's some mushrooms I can "turn off" and a locked door. Oh well.
  • Each snowball on this screen has a unique message? You better believe that I'm checking them all!
  • I don't actually know how much money I had to know if I actually just found 30G or not.
  • And hey, a pupper in this one!
  • O_o Revised: A PUPPER.
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Default This date gets a little *blue*

  • Man, that was tough. Didn't really get the knack of dodging his spear attack.
  • Revised: that was ruff.
  • Ahaha, they're dangling another pupper from a rope. He's slowly rotating back and forth!
  • Hey, I'm in Snowdin! So this is where he's been hiding! Unless this is actually Russia? I do see a lot of snow.
  • Oh hey, an actual shop.
  • Ha, I tried to sell the starting Branch and the game had my number.
  • "Bisicle" Fuck, that's a good joke.
  • This bandanna has abs on it, so you know it's good!
  • Holy shit, 80G? That's a pricey hotel. No thanks.
  • "We don't have a mayor, but if there's ever a problem them some skeletons will tell a fish lady about it. That's Politics." This seems like an improvement over most municipal systems that I've encountered.
  • Holy shit, this tavern though. There's more personality on this one screen than some entire games.
  • 4 dogs playing cards around a table but no references to the painting. I don't know if I'm disappointed or impressed by the restraint.
  • And there's some kind of werewolf forever tossing ice cubes into a river.
  • The snow is getting too thick to see. This is going to get worse before it gets better, isn't it?
  • And suddenly boss fight.
  • That first attack was suspiciously easy to dodge...
  • "I can make spaghetti" or "I have zero redeeming qualities". HRM
  • "Oh no! You're meeting all my standards!" Ow, my ribs.
  • THe game just explicitly told me that I ACT-ing won't solve this battle, but after... sniff ...dungeon mom I don't trust it anymore.
  • I'm blue now! Touche, game.
  • Ooo, and the music just kicked it up a notch.
  • Suddenly all of those ineffective attacks from earlier make sense.
  • Still no luck with ACT-ing. I guess it's time for punch-skeleton.
  • Ahaha, that mo-fo snuck in one last sneaky bone at the end. Nyeh heh heh indeed.
  • Man, this battle is kicking my ass.
  • Oh, holy shit, a DISCOVERY: I can hit a bunch by just spamming the attack button. I thought I had to do timed hits!
  • I feel like I must be doing something wrong or missing something. Even when I hold up as long as possible, I'm not getting enough height to clear some of these attacks.
  • slaps forehead I didn't realize I could still move left and right! This changes everything!
  • Ahaha, the "Bisicle" changes to a "Unisicle" after you use it once. Of course it does.
  • Ahaha, and suddenly surprise pupper.
  • Hahaha, that last special attack was chefkiss. Breaking all of its own rules rapid-fire.
  • Oh thank god, the fight is over. I was at 3HP and my only healing left was the snowman.
  • Of course I'm making friends with him. Who do you take me for, game?
  • Taking me home on a first date? Too fast, my dude!
  • "Stop plaguing my life with incidental music!" Every moment of this date is incredible.
  • "That's the internet! I'm quite popular there!" Papyrus, you have no idea.
  • Holy shit, this dating HUD tho.
  • He just formally asked me out in the middle of the date. Urge to say "No": high.
  • Oh wow, look at that happy face. I'm glad I resisted that urge.
  • And now he looks like an extra from Barkley: Shut up and Jam: Gaiden.
  • I think I just won this date...
  • Aw, rejected. But PHONE NUMBER GET.
  • Holy shit, does he have unique dialogue for every screen in the game?
  • Guess I better stock up on more healing items before I leave town, since I blew all the ones I purchased earlier on a doomed love.
  • Hrm, I'm quite confident there's a kid missing from the centre of town that. I bet that's important!
  • ...or she'll show right back up two screens to the right.
  • And now a date with Sans. At least he had the good sense to take me out somewhere.
  • "Want some ketchup?" Who does he think he's talking to?
  • Hrm, and suddenly serious time.
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Originally Posted by JBear View Post
Guys, this game might be good.
Originally Posted by JBear View Post
Why did I sit on this game for so long? This is delightful.
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I have had the same issue with Undertale that's in the spoiler popped portion of your first post, JBear. I had kinda-sorta gotten over that and was determined (drumroll) to at least get all the way through the thing, when I had to have my computer reimaged. Save gone. And when I'd restarted for the third time, I found that the reimaging hadn't fixed my issue, so I got a new computer. Save gone. At this point I should probably just watch a couple of video walkthroughs because I am cursed to see only the first 2/3 of the game and never actually finish it.
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Next playthrough, pet Lesser Dog a bunch. Just keep petting.
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This is good and very good. A good thread to read.

Keep going! Donít stop because this good game disrespected your dumb eatting habbits
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Made with the whole spider, not just the juice.
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Originally Posted by R^2 View Post
Made with the whole spider, not just the juice.
I don't understand why the fur-free drinkers even bother.

Originally Posted by JBear
I wonder if the encounter rate is lower on the paths...
This is a thing some games do that tickles me the right way. The idea that a road actually serves a mechanical purpose and the practicality of reduced encounter rates; it's just a magical combination for such a small detail.

I enjoyed your enjoyment of doggos. A+ would read again.
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Contrary to movie trailers, the internet often manages to spoil everything but the best parts
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I will always enjoy vicariously re-experiencing Undertale.

The blue blue attack was the moment when I realized this game was just as brilliantly designed as it was written.
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just remember

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Default I flexed too high, and too fast

  • So I just found a camera. I didn't mention any of the previous ones, but I think that makes three? That's entirely too many for my liking. Who's watching me?
  • And a plant just told me about a secret waterfall passage!
  • More bioluminescent mushrooms in here.
  • ..and now I'm wearing a tutu.
  • Ooo, now my face is in shadow... it's creepy.
  • Secret meeting!
  • OH SHIT, it heard me. Eeep.
  • Hey, I recognize that sprite! I didn't even know that one was an Undertale avatar.
  • Well! Those were some eventful bushes.
  • Cute, that girl just face-planted.
  • "bridge seeds", eh? HRM.
  • That is one sexy... seahorse? He's rocking a 12-pack of abs.
  • Oh hey, an actual gameplay tip on inspection! Apparently he'll be easier to dodge near the top of the bounding box.
  • ...and now I'm in a flexing contest. This game never ceases to surprise and delight.
  • That's... not how I thought that fight was going to end.
  • A sign on an island? Ah, more bridge seeds.
  • I still have no idea what these mushrooms do, but you better believe I'm clicking on every one that I find.
  • lol, a troll sign. I love it.
  • Oh, and a reset bell! That's convenient!
  • That was a clever puzzle. I liked that one!
  • And Papyrus just called to flirt? I'm getting mixed signals here, man.
  • He's totally ID-ing me for that knight, isn't he?
  • ...I have no idea what I'm looking at. It seems to be some kind of bird bath inside an animatronic creature?
  • OW. It hits hard, I know that much.
  • I was able to ask it to clean me for some healing, but I'm so bad at dodging that attack that I still came out behind. Good thing that ended the fight too!
  • A telescope! I guess I'll look through it?
  • Ha, clever. But which wall does it want me to check?
  • Now I'm on some kind of dock, it looks like?
  • And another shadowy room. That knight again, maybe?
  • YUP
  • Aaaand my first death. I guess that'll teach me to run around with 9HP. I couldn't access my item menu.
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Default There and duck again

  • Oh hey, it just dumped my back to the previous screen. Nice!
  • And now I'm hiding in the grass.
  • Ahaha, nice fake-out.
  • Okay, so that is Undyne. I thought so.
  • And now crystallized cheese. These mice have their work cut out for them.
  • And another telescope. This one mostly sees just... red?
  • I can definitely make out a line (Edit: I realized later this was just screen burn from the UI), but I assume I'm missing something for now.
  • Hey, a free Nice Cream with every 3rd purchase! We're doing that!
  • Ooo, pretty pools of azure.
  • ...and a duck. Hi duck!
  • I just found some ballet shoes in the bushes. At least I match now? I am genuinely unclear if this means I've strapped them to my hands or it's KICK-O-CLOCK.
  • It's dark in here... and... something just came out of the water.
  • Gah, and another one! This one is chasing me!
  • It... seems to be some kind of shy squid?
  • No, it's apparently an onion.
  • ...A very persistent, chatty onion.
  • Awww, I just encountered a Siren that ashamed of her voice.
  • Ooo, I can try to Conduct her!
  • "You are now vulnerable to electric attacks." LOL. Well played, game.
  • Yay, she sang!
  • "The northern room hides a great treasure." The player is dubious.
  • Oh no, a music puzzle. My kryptonite.
  • There doesn't seem to be any ambient music around here, so I guess it must be the Shyren's song?
  • The low encounter rate in this game means it takes a long time to get in a fight if you're actually looking for one, huh?
  • I can't seem to trigger the Shyren fight again.
  • Going back to an earlier room has music again, but I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of reproducing that music on the piano, if that's even what it wants.
  • Ah well, I guess I'm giving up for now.
  • Some kind of busted statue. Ominous.
  • I bet it might benefit from one of these umbrellas, though!
  • a-HA. These must be the music it wants.
  • ...I"m still not going to be able to reproduce this music on a piano.
  • Oh shit, glowing runes! Thank you, game!
  • Success!
  • I can't pick it up? I'm carrying too many... dogs?
  • ...My inventory now has a dog in it.
  • hahaha, fuck, I can't even. lol
  • The dog just stole the treasure. Sure, okay, why not? This game is amazing.
  • I still have some Dog Residue?
  • Update: multiplying dog residue. I... genuinely don't know if this is good or bad.
  • I guess I'll take another umbrella before I go? Can't have too many umbrellas.
  • This next screen is raining, so that probably actually mattered.
  • Ooo, nice reflection. So many puddles. The Spider-Man 2018 fans will be furious.
  • Looks like I'm playing escort now. Presumably she'd have asked me to go fetch and umbrella if I was without?
  • And suddenly cut-scene? Some kind of castle in the distance?
  • Hrm, nothing seems to be happening... oh, it's just a background, lol. It's a pretty one, though!
  • Guess I have to return the umbrella if I want to continue. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  • And a save point. Showdown with Undyne in 5, 4...
  • Yup, and there's the shadow. It's showtime!
  • This is entirely too many spears!
  • And this area is gigantic, and I don't know where I'm trying to go!
  • And I'm pretty sure these spears are getting faster.
  • Oh, good, a dead end...
  • Hey, no fair! That's cheating!
  • And now I'm in a garbage pit.
  • I just hit the training dummy. No time for that now, I guess, lol.
  • lol, or not! Haha, time to fight the vengeful soul of a target dummy!
  • "DEF: YES" lol
  • Ahaha, he just hit himself with his own attacks.
  • Ha, and now he's started dodging.
  • I love how readily this game breaks its own implicit rules.
  • lol, and now he's replaced his ghost dummies with robot dummies.
  • Ahaha, and now knives are happening.
  • Sorry: knife
  • This guy is a riot.
  • It's floor ghost friend!
  • I found the duck! It wants to give me a short-cut back? I wonder if this is one way?
  • That was an excessive amount of fanfare. (I approve.)
  • It looks like this is probably just here so I can access the storage box and buy more ice cream?
  • This seems like a large new area with lots of options. Probably a good time to break for the day. Until next time!
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Old 11-09-2018, 05:02 AM
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This is amazing, and I'm sad that I don't remember many of the things you mention... maybe I should do a replay (lol no, unending backlog).

It's VERY hard to read this without getting urges to tell you to do this or not do that... or, as Undyne would put it: NGAHHH! >_<
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Old 11-09-2018, 05:18 AM
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Forgot about the dog popping up in your inventory. Too many little touches in this game to remember them all. We couldnít ruin your fun if we wanted to.
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Old 11-09-2018, 06:05 AM
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That soaring fanfare for the duck? It's appropriately named "Bird That Carries You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap".

The dog stealing the ancient artifact has one of my favorite little touches in a game made almost entirely out of little touches, but I feel like the setup for the joke is more elaborate than JB really wants anything described.
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Old 11-09-2018, 06:10 AM
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The music for that dummy fight is fantastic.
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Old 11-09-2018, 09:03 AM
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Oh hey I remember doing a blind LP of this Game.

It's alright.
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I will say this though, it's not a spoiler for mechanics or plot or any sort of secret:
Remember to Double Tap: characters normally have two unique lines to say, so speak to everyone twice - most of the times it's just a recap of what they already said, but there are also some good extra jokes here and there.

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I stayed away from Undertale for months in part thanks to TT hype.

But itís good, actually.
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Old 11-09-2018, 10:38 AM
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I spoiled myself on Undertale long before I could actually play it, but that just got me more interested in playing it.

Glad you're having fun!
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The sudden transition from Top-down RPG to Side-scrolling Action Platformer in the vein of Mega Man is more than a little jarring. I'm also not a huge fan of the reveal that the final boss is Balrog from Street Fighter. Like I get that Toby Fox couldn't just IGNORE that big money deal to cross-promote with Capcom, but there had to be a better way to work it in than that.

My favorite area in the game is the one you're coming up to next: The Bar with a thousand Basements. Descending into that pit of madness, encountering bigger and bigger dire rats was such a great experience! I also love that the background music for the area is 16- bit versions of every song on Pennywise's 2003 Album "From the Ashes". The Chiptune version of Look who you are is a serious banger.

Could have done without the fishing minigame, especially since Captain Salty refuses to take the boat back to land until he "Lands a Whopper". Took me at least two hours, but I hear the time can vary from playthrough to playthrough. Drives the speedrunners nuts.

On the whole 8/10 Would tell EXTREMELY REAL & TRUE SPOILERS about again.

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