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  • Reliable Damage: Yes (base power, Lance-Flammes)
  • Ongoing/Environment Destruction: Yes (The Usual Solution)
  • Team Support Abilities: Yes (Planquez-Vous!)
  • Big-Ass Attack Option: Yes (Hidden Mine, L'embuscade, Steal the Scene)
  • Deck Control: No

The theme for the new heroes in the OblivAeon set is that villains from the entire set before this point are turning heroic, because that's how big the stakes are for the fight ahead! Up first is Ambuscade, now showing his pretty-boy face as much as his horrific facial scarring will allow. The design principle of Stuntman's deck is that they wanted it to feel like an action movie in hero deck form, and apparently the main way that happens is by being able to do things out of turn.

  • Out-of-Turn Actions: The bread and butter of Stuntman's deck is being able to do things outside of his own turn. Moreover, all of his powers get stronger when used on another player's turn, and much like K.N.Y.F.E. he has a plethora of items that do something when they are destroyed, which can stonewall a lot of stuff as it happens if done right. You'll basically never be left wholly helpless even in the face of disruption.
  • Beefy: The main thing Stuntman will do with his turns and those of everyone else? Shoot and punch villains and take beatings in turn. He might not look like it, but he's a reliable brawler comparable to Mr. Fixer or Haka. His assorted weapons can deal decent amounts of damage, and he's got a pretty solid set of options for mitigating damage, and even capitalizing on that via Moving Target.

  • Self-Damaging: Stuntman can take a hit for sure, but sometimes he'll do that a little more than you'll be comfortable with due to the effects of cards like Coute Que Coute or some of his one-shots. His deck won't hurt him too badly, but just be careful that all the other targets don't hit him too hard (especially if you're trying to milk Moving Target for all its worth).
  • Awkward Setup: Like Ra, Stuntman has a lot of very powerful cards to have out, but which he might not all want out at the same time. And unlike other characters with fluid builds like Mr. Fixer or The Naturalist, Stuntman isn't fast enough at his setup to make switching between defense and offense all that easy. Rather than switching midfight, I instead advocate looking at what everyone else on your team can do and building Stuntman for the role required.

Notable Cards
  • In Medias Res: It's a one-shot that Stuntman has only a single copy of and it removes itself from the game as you play it, but holy hell is it ever worth it to have. This lets you break the game clean in two by skipping straight over to Stuntman's start of turn, which makes him REALLY good at just ignoring an entire villain turn or sustaining strong hero effects that would crash on their turns. For best results, play off of the effect of Dramatic Cliffhanger, or to interrupt a vicious destructive effect via Stylish Armour or Pistolet-Mitrailleur.
  • Moving Target: This card is very hard to sustain, since it self-destructs as soon as Stuntman takes a hit from a villain target. But if you're able to block attacks consistently, a feat which Stuntman's deck makes a little easier? Suddenly you can consistently fire both of your weapons and use your base power each villain turn. And if you can somehow bait attacks on other turns over to Stuntman and then negate them? Hoo boy.
  • No Time To Bleed: This card is a fairly weak auto-counter, albeit one that lacks friendly fire potential as they so often do. However, it also lets you counter spike damage with a power use, which don't forget, Pistolet-Mitrailleur can chain into a card play. Again, if you have a good option for interrupting something that would've instigated that huge damage, that would be a good time to use it. Just bear in mind that you still take that 5 damage attack whether you like it or not.

Variant Strategies:
Action Hero Stuntman
As always, hero variants have to take into account the lack of their own base power, which in Stuntman's case means no more irreducible damage. That said, being able to self-buff damage and having two ways to play cards through powers means that stockpiling one-shots and ramping up your damage with each successive turn becomes a lot more viable. As with any hero with a card play as a base power, you'll want to accelerate your card draw to keep up with this, but uh... probably wait until it's your turn again for a Training Montage. That damage doesn't need buffing.

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