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Default Family Reunion

You may recall that the last remaining sidequest is reuniting Kaleb with his son. Said son is in Flog, so here we are.

These are Ronan's oft-mentioned Minions. Despite Rian referring to them as "Blue Meanies," they're actually two distinct monsters. That being said, Ronan Minions are a bit unusual. They scream when killed, like humans, but unlike humans, you get experience for killing them. In fact, they have the third-highest experience value of all monsters, at 110. However, these ones aren't attacking, and we'll have to come back here later, so no point in provoking them...yet.

There are a lot of people in this town, and most of them are willing to talk. However, I'm going to save that for later. For now, priority one is finding Jay.

When day breaks, the Ronan Minions start patrolling the town. Fortunately, they're basically just like the other town guards, so they aren't too much of a risk.

There aren't any other kids in this town, so this must be Jay.

He's pretty quick. I followed him all the way here, only to find that he's sleeping. Looks like I'll have to wait a while. The next day...

name: "Jay. My Mommie and Daddy tell me that my full name is Jay-sun. Have you seen them?"
job: "Mommie and Daddie always said that I was lucky I was too young to work and that one day I would be sore all the time like they are because some guy works them too hard and that wouldn't it be nice if we could get away from this town and stuff. Have you seen my Mommie and Daddy?"
mommie: "Have you seen them? Some people call them Kaleb and Rebecca but I call them Mommie and Daddie. I last saw my Mommie and Daddie a couple of a while ago. 'We're going to Exin' was the last thing I remember Daddie said. Mommie told me to hurry after them. But I couldn't. I tripped up and fell. Mommie came back to help me but then I don't remember what happened to her oh it was scary. But then they were both gone and I couldn't find them at all. Have you seen them?"

As you can see, every response ends with Jay asking Katrielle if she's seen his parents. Answering yes...

Yes, it's an escort mission. Were you expecting anything else? Thankfully, it's the last one. However, like escorting Eric way back on Un, there is a twist.

If you try to leave by the front gate, the Ronan Minions will become hostile, and since you have a kid to watch, that's not a good thing. Fortunately, there is a secret exit.

Pull this lever...

...and a segment of the east wall opens up, granting an alternate exit.

Once you're on the overworld, escorting Jay back to Exin should be a piece of cake.

And we're in! Now to head to the farm and wait for Kaleb.

Let's see what Kaleb has to say now that we've reunited him with his son.

The item in question is a Glowing Rock, an inexhaustible and slotless light source. The only problem is how late in the game you get it, but it is definitely worth it.

Next time, we explore Flog more thoroughly and find out about the situation there.

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