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Default Let's Play La-Mulana, part 08: The Giant Awakes

Hello again! When I first entered the Mausoleum, I assumed I'd be gaining entrance to the lower passage in the latter two shots here from the left. Putting together the map for the last update, it seemed pretty unlikely I was going to find a path there, so I thought I'd take another look at getting into it from above, and sure enough:

La-Mulana rewards thorough exploration.

The skeleton in the passage doesn't scan, but the stele tells the sad tale of Migera, builder of the Waterworks. The picture has a cute little tower rocket launching. Has the Mother left the planet?

I whip the wall to check for hidden stuff and get a shock for my efforts. Is there something in the wall?

I head left to a new room with a new contender for best scanner message so far. This might be the room referred to in this clue:

Originally Posted by Broken Stele
Where the ghosts ... two Knights. ... disappear then one will gain power.

When I beat the last enemy, the holy block disappears and I gain power. Well, the Throwing Knife. Once again I've gained a self-contained single use weapon while somehow not having obtained any of them.

Originally Posted by User's Manual
Throwing Knife: A thrown knife that travels along the ground.
I'll give it a try later.

The stele on the left gives an intriguing bit of info about the giants. Riv was one of the ones who wanted the Mother to stay, meaning he was opposed to the construction of the tower. With at least some of his brothers gone, it seems he switched sides.

The skeleton on the right drops Hyper Olympic 2, the second game in the Track & Field series. I also stop by the red door a few screens to the right and confirm that it cannot be opened from the right side.

Having achieved something, and having almost no health, I head back to town to save. Then I return to the contraption intending to align the suns or the moons.

I still haven't got this figured out, but it seems like each pillar goes through a cycle. This one, for example:

Sun Moon Moon
Star Moon Sun
Sun Star Moon
Moon Moon Sun
Star Moon Moon
Moon Star Sun

And then it starts over. But what's the pattern, here? How do I combine that with three other pillars doing their own thing to predict a whipping pattern that will give the result I want? I could assign each symbol a number, convert the above list of changes to +1s, +0s, and -1s, make similar lists for the other pillars, and do some maths. Or:

I have always been a firm believer in the power of luck. I switch pillars and after a few swings of the whip things go my way. The suns have aligned.

Originally Posted by Stele
On a day when the sun was bright, Led fell in battle. A large hole torn in his chest, he went into his long, final rest.
Time to go see Led. But first:

What was I just saying about luck? I have the Grail, which allows me to warp out and save whenever I want. Immediately after solving a puzzle through luck seems like a good time to do just that. This is a lesson I suspect I'll be failing repeatedly to learn through this LP.

I reload and return to the contraption, which is back to the stars it was showing before I changed it. Getting the suns back is probably going to be a real hassle.

But when you're lucky, you're lucky. I get the suns back after just six whip strikes.

This time I save, then I make my way to Led. Sure enough, something has changed: There's now a dais on Led's right hand.

Originally Posted by Stele
The youngest, Sakit, followed his own path. He locked Led's body, left power in his hand, and went into a long rest.
I guess Sakit put it there? Before I put a weight on it, though, one of the ghosts in the room drops a throwing knife. Time to try out my new toy!

I jump and press M, expecting it to go out in front of me and hit the ghost. Instead, it goes straight down and then travels along the floor before bouncing off a knight's shield. Which is more or less what the manual said it would do.

I place a weight and the Shell Horn sounds, but nothing obvious happens on screen.

I try whipping the hand, since that's where the power is supposed to be, but it doesn't work. So I head left a few screens to check out Fut's feet:

Originally Posted by Skeleton
"There is power by the feet of Fut." Which one is Fut......?

I try whipping them to no effect, and also walk past furiously pressing down. Lemeza drops a weight and the treasure chest opens, giving a Life Jewel. I was pretty low on VIT, so the heal alone is welcome, but I'll never turn down a higher maximum health.

I spend a little while wandering around the Mausoleum trying to figure out what's been changed by weighting the dais on Led's hand, but don't figure it out. I thought it might have opened the chest in the third image here, but no go. I also stop back at the village to save, and eventually head back to the contraption to attempt to align the moons.

I spend about three minutes whipping at random and getting nowhere, then I remember the advice of the skeleton in this room:

Originally Posted by Skeleton
It looks like you can only assemble two of the symbols. To do the third you have to leave the room first. Proof? I'm your proof-I used up all my energy trying to assemble the third-now look at me!
If I'm right about each pillar going through a cycle of repeating changes, it should always be possible to return to the default state without leaving the room, making this a nonsense, but I'm not gonna claim to understand how this works. Instead, I leave the room and return. On my return, the pillars have reverted to their default position: star/moon/sun.

Again, luck is on my side. Two strikes and the moons align.

I head up the ladder and go left. The relevant clue for moons is:

Originally Posted by Stele
Zi started praying to the Earth on a moonlight night.
I don't know which statue is Zi, but I've identified all the ones on the right side of the map and Zeb up top, so he's gotta be down here on the left somewhere.
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