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Originally Posted by JBear View Post
So, perhaps I missed this, but what was the intended way for you to gain access to this tunnel? I somehow doubt it was "drop shit in the doorway".
I'm not sure, myself. I think you were supposed to take Thomas' Niacian clothing and use it to access Niac, then access it from the Niacian end, an unguarded three-tile-wide shaft being much easier to notice and access than a ladder in a locked bedroom. Speaking of Thomas, you may recall that he mentioned a bard in Niac. Split Siskin mentions that he usually plays in the southwest corner of town. However, he actually meant "southeast," so let's go there.

I certainly do. Clifford's responses to the standard questions:

name: "My name is Clifford, but friends just call me Cliff."
job: "I play music, that's about it. But people around here seem to like it and they give me a coin here, a jewel there; their money keeps me going."
music: "As you can see I play music... some of the people around here even like it. I get so depressed sometimes, I can't stand the hatred that thrives around here, in Niac. The music is what keeps me going."
Niac: [I]"The people around here are full of hate, but I don't know. They're really good people too. The hatred they have for the Elbans seems so out of place somehow. And they really do hate the Elbans. If it wasn't for the monsters outside, the whole town would probably go and just slaughter Elba. It really bothers me, the hatred around here. I play my music to forget.
Elba: "I've never been to Elba. Everybody around here says it's a horrible place: that they're all degenerates up there, but I don't know. I gues I'm the kind of guy who needs to see for himself. But hey, that's crazy, right? Nobody in their right mind would go to Elba. Do you think that's right?"

Responding in the negative to his question about Elba yields the following.

And if we agree...

Yes, it's another escort quest. However, this one is easier simply because the guards don't stop Clifford from leaving like they did Eric.

And, as I mentioned earlier, the Elban guards only have a problem with Niacian clothing when Katrielle is wearing it.

Near the gate of Elba, a crowd gathers around Clifford, including Thomas. You may recall that he's the one who sent us on this quest. If Katrielle talks to him after this event...

As promised, in his back room, we find another Quartz Key and a book that reads as follows:

Originally Posted by Old Book
A Study of the People of Un by Calder Notingham Assisted by Fred Sparks and Joe Sepia
Abstract: This text is a study on the somewhat unique culture of the island Un in the lower Tasselian Sea. Our party of 3 researchers spent nearly six months on the island, studying the fascinating interaction between the two towns on the island, Niac and Elba. These towns act in a uniquely amicable way, a special mutually beneficial arrangement which is almost bizarre in its perfection. It is the hope of our team that this study will help reveal to us some of the aspects of isolated island life, and how it has contributed to such a utopian way of life, for the most part unobserved in the rest of the world.
Un is a bit of sociological rarity in that, if anything, trade between the peoples of Niac and Elba has brought them closer together. Instead of destroying the two unique cultures, if anything it has strengthened them. It is interesting to note that the arrangement is so successful since the two towns both lack what the other has. Niac is proficient in the military sciences, though hardly useful when the towns get along so well, and in the arts. (As a side note, this indicates an interesting correlation between militant culture and artist ones.) Elba, nearly opposite, lacks these things, but has a terrific medical system as well as superb cuisine. Th>is complementary nature, no doubt, part of the great success of the peaceful trade.
Without the trade, the two towns would remain mostly separate, as they had before the merchants realized the financial profitability of equitable exchange. It is here that trade acts as a sociological force, drawing the two cultures together. Remarkably, the people exist in a dynamic coexistence, interacting with each other in a uniquely friendly manor. Perhaps something can be said for the innocence of this island, for the kind way the people treat each other. Despite the mostly capitalist system, the peoples remain friendly and civil to each other, despite what we have seen in other capitalist systems around the world. They understand each other's deficiencies, and genuinely want to help them out.
[The rest of this book is a fantastically detailed sociological study, all of which seems a little over your head].
This presumably predates the Very old, moldy book, and does confirm that Elba and Niac were once friendly with each other. What could have happened between them? We'll have to ponder that as we go to put these Quartz Keys to use. As you may recall, the Very old, moldy book mentioned a quartz key in conjunction with an unexplained locked door in the tunnel. So let's head back there.

First, though, there's a path in the tunnel that I missed, containing 20 Arrows and an Amethyst. Not really worth it, I know, but that blank spot on the map was just bugging me..

You may remember this door from Katrielle's first sojourn through the tunnel. You may also notice that it looks different from other doors. Doors that look like this automatically shut on the turn after they were opened, unless there's something blocking them. This will be relevant later.

As soon as Katrielle passes through the door, there's a strange buzzing noise, and a note materializes on the ground. It reads as follows:

Originally Posted by Note
I never thought it would occur, stranger. When you washed up on Un, your precious staff by your side, I never dreamed that you would survive more than a few minutes. Nor did I foresee that you might possibly find some way through the door which I had carefully placed in the Elba-Niac tunnel, to prevent inquisitive persons, such as yourself, from leaving the western-most island. I suppose that somehow a few of the keys I gave to Red - he claimed to have lost them - must have been found by others. But no matter. You are not one of my subjects, so you cannot spoil the experiment in your journeys. You interest me, as a fly does a scholar of bugs. Go on then. See what you can see. I do not, in all honesty, think you shall live much longer. - N.
So, apparently N. knew that it was Katrielle who would find this, and not one of the island residents. Intriguing. But since he seems to be encouraging her to explore the islands, let's take him up on that, and start with that ladder at the end of this passage.

Music: Labyrinthine Tunnels
This music is used in all the connecting tunnels between islands. If I recall correctly, this one is pretty straightforward, so there shouldn't be too much to screenshot.

I stand corrected. On one of the side paths, I find The Warning, a useless psionic that warns you of the presence of monsters and other NPCs. However, it reacts to friendlies the same as enemies, which isn't very helpful. And yes, it does say "the The Warning" there. The same passages also contains 20 more Arrows, which I didn't bother to screenshot.

Another side path leads to this room containing a Diamond. Guess this tunnel isn't as straightforward as I though.

After fighting past some skeletons, I find a little alcove containing a Pearl and a copy of the psionic Flame Javelin. Now that I have a pretty diverse array of psionics, I think I should start using them soon, say after I gain my next weapon level. It shouldn't be too long now.

And Melee Weapon level up! Now, psionics work like this. They're grouped into disciplines - the ones we currently have are Automancy, Cryomancy, Electromancy, Orgomancy, and Pyromancy, but there are more. Cryomancy, Electromancy, and Pyromancy are theoretically ice, lightning, and fire-elemental, respectively, but I don't think elemental attributes matter in this game. The disciplines just matter for purposes of experience. For every psionic discipline you level up in, you gain 5 max PP, similar to the HP boost for weapon levels Katrielle's currently equipped psionic is Touch of Frost, a close-range cryomancy psionic. When used, it creates a flash of blue energy, which occurs too quickly for me to screenshot. All elemental psionics have their own distinct graphic, but I probably won't be able to screenshot most of them. Sorry.

Another crossroads...I came from the west, and I'm going east, so I'll see what's to the north and south first. All I find to the north are a couple of Gremlins and that it links back to the east, so I head south, psionically pulverizing Gremlins and skeletons until I reach a long winding tunnel leading to...

A dead end. So, I go back and take the other route from the same room, which leads to a pair of tunnels. One has a Thermal Field psionic, which is a defense booster similar to Electric Habergeon, and the other has Infinite Dreams, which increases the efficiency of HP/PP recovery while resting and is named after an Iron Maiden song.

South of the two tunnels is a nondescript side path leading to a ladder.

Music: Parishioner "Living" Quarters

At the top of a ladder is a tunnel, which leads to this sign. Obviously, we've come out of a place where "his Holiest" doen't want us to be. Let's see what the rest of this place is like.

As implied by the fact that it's called "the Home," this cave is rather well-lit and even furnished. Unfortunately, the only inhabitants are numerous peaceful, but non-talkative, workers. Maybe we'll find some friendlier people on the surface... but I'm getting pretty close to the image limit, so that will have to wait for next time, as will further exploration of the Home. By the way, I know this update has been a long time coming, but there is a reason for that. I've created a TV Tropes page for this game! Check it out, and if you have any contributions, feel free to make them - the page could use some love. There are spoilers, though, so be careful.
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The proofreader was off when they were making this game.

Either that or "his Holliest" is a guy draped in garlands.
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Or maybe he's the most like Buddy Holly.
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'Tis the season. I thought Santa lived somewhere colder, though.
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You know, I had never noticed this typo until you pointed it out. However, there are a lot of typos in this game. Anyway, on with the LP.

Exploring the Home isn't easy because it's composed almost entirely of narrow tunnels, and the workers will often get in your way. To make matters worse, they'll sometimes completely fence you in so you can't move at all. They eventually move, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating when it happens.

Near the entrance to the tunnel to Un is a series of dark passages which don't contain any loot. At least, I don't think they do - I don't really want to waste any of my light sources on an area with no hostile activity.

Part of why I don't think there's any loot in the dark passages is because there isn't much loot in the Home in general - just these little underground dormitories. I remember there being a few crappy melee weapons lying around, but I could be mistaking it with another area. In my defense, though, the two areas are very similar.

These stairs lead to the surface, but I want to finish exploring the Home before going there.

This is the Food Distribution Center. Does't sound very impressive, right? Well, a door that noticeable must lead to something good, right?

Wrong. That door behind the tables looks intriguing, but there's no way to get to it, as far as I know, like the chest in that one church in Niac.

Sheesh. This is what I was talking about earlier - the workers can sometimes just block you in. Hopefully one of them will let me move soon, because if they don't, I may just have to kill one of them, especially since there aren't any guards around.

Like the sign outside the tunnel to Un, this sign states that the area of the Home beyond it is condemned by his "Holliest". Naturally, that means it's probably where the good stuff is. If nothing else, it's certainly well-lit, at least initially.

At the end of the passage is this nice little home. It'll be important later, but we'll get to that when the time comes. Just tuck it away in the back of your minds for now. That's it for the Home, which I was correct in guessing was utterly loot-free, so let's take a look at the island's surface now.

Music: The Community

That's certainly some ominous music. But how bad could a place called the Community be?

I don't know how to extract sounds or the like from games, so you'll have to take my word for it, but when I moved into this space, the game played the sound for a male human dying. Looks like there's something going on here, so let's investigate.

That is one big fire. Like most humans, Katrielle will die if she touches it, so she probably won't be doing that. Also, there are a lot of workers around here.

This appears to be some sort of church. As we probably all know, organized religion in RPGs is never evil, so it probably has nothing to do with the death scream earlier.

See that cloaked figure? We do NOT want to get close to him, because he is hostile and will use psionics to devastate us. In fact, they're among the few enemies to actually use psionics. Nearby are a locked building and another cave. Again, they'll be covered when the time comes.

This kid seems pretty out of place in a town of reticent workers and spooky priests, so let's see what's up with him.


His responses are as follows:

name: "My name is Alonzo."
job: "I'm just a kid, I don't have to work or nothin'. My mom does a lot of work."
mom: "My mom doesn't live here any more 'cause she hates it. She lives down away from The Community, near the shore there. It's nice, but there aren't any other people there, so I stay here. Her name's Barbara. Um... should I trust you?"

I don't see why not.

That sounds like a quest hook to me. And, just for completeness' sake, here are his other responses:

community: "I like it here, in The Community. There are lots of people to watch, though I'm extra careful never to talk to anybody. If the priests ever caught me... I don't know what would happen."

I'm not touching that one.

priest: "The priests... they run everything around here. My mom hates 'em. I don't know what to think, but they sure seem evil. I have to keep running so they don't catch me. If they did I don't know what'd happen to me. I'll tell you a secret, though... none of them can see good, and they can't see very far. Just stay out of a small distance of them, and you'll be fine. Otherwise, they'll probably kill you."

This is good advice. The priests' psionics can do about 40 damage a shot, and considering that Katrielle's current max is 50...yeah. anyway, that's all I can think of, so let's get the Metal Key he drops, then leave this creepy place.

Music: Culn, the Second Island

And here we are on the surface of Culn. This seems like a good place to end the update, so join me next time as Katrielle either visits Alonzo's mom or attempts the second Vex Chamber. Which do you pick?

By the way, the YouTube channel I've been using for the music doesn't have anything after this island, and I don't know how to rip the songs myself, so there won't be any more music links for the foreseeable future. Sorry.

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Vex Chamber 2 : Vexlectric Boogaloo
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