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Originally Posted by Vaeran View Post
My concern for this movie is the believability of how they end up beating Thanos. Realism is crucial in stories about giant purple space warlords and their collection of magic jewels, and he's omnipotent as of the end of Infinity War.
Yes, but he's still only half as powerful as Fred Hembeck.
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Thereís a bunch of reviews out now. They sound pretty positive overall but Iíve heard that there are a bunch with big spoilers so Iím avoiding them. Iím seeing the movie already anyway.
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Honest Trailer for Spider-verse. Beware of spoilers.

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I'm actually taking off from work tomorrow for this movie, for two reasons:

1) I was absolutely incapable of thinking about anything else the day Infinity War came out last year, making me useless at work anyway; and more importantly

2) I don't want even a 0.0001% chance of something keeping me at the office late and missing my showtime.

Hey good news only 29 hours and 17 minutes left!!!!
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A good summary of the previous movie for people who need a refresher:

(What will be the first movie to have the courage to let Demi Adejuyigbe do the song for their actual end credits? Venom was basically like one step away from this. Someone needs to pull the trigger and actually do it. I will even watch a Deadpool movie if they do this.)
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me dealing with my biggest anxiety about Endgame
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