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Via Polygon

Warhammer 40k's 8th edition gives Space Marines a new look

The centerpiece of this new starter set are the Primaris Space Marine, literally a new breed of the Emperor’s finest that’s been painstakingly manufactured over the last 10,000 years. In addition to their enhanced physique, Primaris Space Marines also come with new gear.

“Mk X Tacticus armour,” Games Workshop wrote on its community page, “is a suit that combines the most effective elements of ancestral Horus Heresy patterns of plate with more recent developments in power armour technology. He carries into battle a bolt rifle: the archetypal firearm of Space Marines, re-engineered, re-crafted and perfected.”

These new Space Marines are more slender than their forbears, and also stand taller on the table. In addition to reworked weapons and backpacks, they also seem to have more room around the helmet and face thanks to an enlarged gorget. That should make them a bit easier to paint. The weapons have also been scaled up, but not so much that they appear cartoonishly big.

Hm. Cue butthurt fans?
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