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The third part of Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter is out today, and it has a pretty satisfying conclusion, moreso than Blindspot did at least. The impetus of the arc was resolved rather quickly (Dani is fine, her purple-ness wears off) and I'm still a bit puzzled about Benji's plan, was it REALLY to get Jess and Luke to be the parents he never got to have? Or was he up to something more that was just kept unsaid?

This arc once again resets the status of Kilgrave, who is for real alive, but re-captured. I mean, we assume. We never can know for sure with this guy.

Also I'm pretty sure Jess liked through her teeth to Carol at the end there to spare her the pain of never knowing for sure.

The bad news here is that according to the writer there's no third arc planned. I was all set to expect a third story arc starting in July, but so far there's no plans.
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Newspaper Spider-Man has ended. The identity of the ghost-writer has been revealed: since 2001, it was Roy Thomas.
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Man, was his run on the strip like his way of getting back at Stan Lee?
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Remembering Roy Thomas’ FF run as I do, he was just proceeding as he always has.
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Originally Posted by ghosttaster View Post
Man, was his run on the strip like his way of getting back at Stan Lee?
It doesn't sound like it

It all began, says Thomas, when "around the turn of 2000 or thereabouts, I dropped Stan a line saying I'd love to do some work for the if he could ever use me. He said that I'd have had to [have been] around L.A. to do that, but that, by coincidence, he really needed a writer to work with him on the Spider-Man comic strip."

Despite the fact that Thomas says he'd "never really liked writing Spidey compared to the FF [Fantastic Four], Avengers, Conan etc," he said yes, with Lee cautioning him to wait til he heard the pay rate: just $300 a week. "I laughed," says Thomas, "and told him that he had no idea how little it cost me to live on my 40-acre place in the middle of South Carolina." (A convincing argument for not living in L.A. if there ever was one.)

It worked out well for Thomas. "As it turned out," he says, "although I never got a raise in the 18 years I basically ghost wrote the strip (until recent years with his [Lee's] hands-on editing), it was a great gig. I spent maybe two days a month writing four weeks' worth of strips, and another day two or three times a year submitting outlines for upcoming storylines."

And working under Lee's watchful eye proved pretty easy for Thomas. "We got along fine," he says. "He liked what I did, accepted most (not all) of my ideas for stories... and until a few years ago often 'suggested' (or insisted upon) alterations in them. For some years he would rewrite a panel or balloon here and there, or [do] even more... while other dailies or Sundays would sail through without a single word change."
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