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Default It's Good to Read the King: The Jack Kirby Thread

Mostly I started this thread since I want to do a deep dive into OMAC but while I guess I could have a thread dedicated to OMAC alone, I feel the 8-issue series might not have the draw of, say, The Fourth World books. I mean, OMAC was definitely influential and there's a lot to discuss but 1) I found out we somehow don't have a Jack Kirby thread already and 2) there are a lot of shorter pieces and oddities that might be worth discussing here, effort post or otherwise.

Or we can even talk about non-Kirby work that Kirby had influenced (if you are a Kirby fan and somehow missed out, read the work of Tom Scioli. Lots of artists do great Kirby pastiches, but Scioli really feels like he goes further an also does more than pay homage and uses the style to further comics story-telling in his own way.

Anyway, I'll be doing an effort post on OMAC #1, which I just finished reading, but feel free to post any Jack "The King" Kirby stuff you want.
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