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Lategame weapons can completely overshadow Gong's raw strength with his fists, meaning he's a warrior/healer who can't keep up with the healing of a dedicated white mage or the damage output of a wizard hitting with a stick, to say nothing of guys with swords or javelins*.

So yeah, dump the guy as soon as you have space to replace him with pretty much anyone else.

* - I usually kepts my knights with javelins because I always found the extra space of range to be worth more than the extra damage
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Normal difficulty for both SF 1 and 2 doesn't assume you promote anyone at any level other than 10 (20 for 2)...and it's still pretty easy regardless.
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Yeah, this is an important point for a first time playthrough. The difficulty curve of SF1 (on the Genesis version, not sure about GBA) works out much better if you promote at level 10 than 20. Promoting at 20 can feel like you've robbed yourself of much of the difficulty if you aren't doing it intentionally (which is admittedly its own kind of fun) but I'm not sure if promoting at 10 on the nose is better than, say, promoting your characters at a random scattering of levels between 10 and 15. I replay the game all the time, but the last time I strictly promoted everyone at level 10 I felt I had to take many causalities in the last 2 fights even without "bad luck".

Gong is a character I peg as being pretty bad unless you are seriously giving everyone extra levels, and even then you'd probably toss him if you are min-max'ing. His healing capacity is always terrible but one advantage over Lowe is that he eventually learns level 1 Aura (AOE healing!). The other two healers (Khris and Torasu) though both learn Aura (and higher levels of it) while still having the good healing capacity of Lowe. I always use those two as my healers unless I'm intentionally trying to use fresh faces.

Gong's other saving grace is that once promoted he starts to gain a high critical hit rate, up to 25% with max levels (a standard character would get 1-13%, depending on which character it is). And at max levels, I think his base bare handed attack is better than other fighters using penultimate weapons, and probably 10-20 damage behind the ultimate weapons. He can wreck fools for sure with enough levels, and it's fun to use a critical hitting monk. That's basically the reason you'd use him in that situation.
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