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I'll vote proving grounds too. Might as well showcase it!
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Default Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

Originally Posted by WallyHackenslacker View Post
In all honesty, I built an account just to participate in this thread. I love this game dearly and have examined it thoroughly. I can even add a few tiny things you missed. May I contribute? I won't undermine what you've done here here without your permission. I love it!!

Thank you for putting this all together!
You're welcome, and thank you for the encouragement! Of course you can contribute - the more the merrier.

It looks like it's unanimous - we're heading to the Proving Grounds.

As I said earlier, the first time I played this, I didn't know there was anything outside Castle Rochelle. It turns out that there is. Mostly, it's just a bunch of sand.

However, in the northwest corner, there's a small mountain range containing a cave.

It's pretty straightforward for the most part, with the only obstacles being a few Gremlins, Insecteri, and Morcs, plus a single Skanky Skeleton towards the end.

However, about a quarter of the way through is a small secret nook containing the psionic Zelig Power. As the name implies, it enables Katrielle to take on the form of a targeted monster, similar to the Chameleon Staff. It's also the only spell in the Transmancy category other than the Morph family.

There are two more secret walls at the end, but all they contain are a bunch of Insecteri. Like all monsters, they have a chance of dropping money, but since there aren't any shops past this point, there's no point to visiting them.

Instead, we'll just head up to the Proving Grounds. This is actually the third-largest island (only Un and Emas are bigger), but has no towns or other inhabited areas. Instead, it just has a metric cred-tonne of monsters.

Despite what Red said, it doesn't have every type, but it comes pretty close. I've encountered Green Flesh-Threshers, Slime Mauls, Morcs, SpOrcs, Botanical Nightmares, Double Noggins, Three Mile Beasties, Insect Swarms, and Hoppers here.

There's also a single Monster from the Id.

So, as you can imagine, it's a great place for last-minute grinding. By the way, I can't help wondering who those two graves are. Any theories?

There's also another reason to come here. See that brown thing west of Katrielle? It's a cache of 5 Deaths Head Bolts - one of only two in the game. Not really especially useful, but nice to have.

As far as I know, that's everything of interest on the Proving Grounds, so next time we'll head back to Rochelle proper and explore the upper levels of the castle. Until then!
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Default Fun things to try

More where this came from, but I'll start you off with these. Talk to the old man on Un after doing either (Or both. Same result in any case) escort quest. After using the quartz key to open the door on Un, and getting the note from N, go back and pay the old man in the hut a visit. (Save first. You'll crash the game if you make a certain obvious decision)

Deliver the IR helm to Octavius, then extinguish the perpetual, then visit him again. Curious no? I assume the perpetual was the direct source of their power, and destroying it destabilize their bodies. If he doesn't have the helm he continues as normal if I recall.

Equip the warm boots and warm helm, independently or together. Watch your stat bar.

Ask Rose (The nameless prisoner on Emas who answers to "by any other" I call her such for reasons I assume are apparent) about individuality or soul. (Her presumed most prized possession) note her reply. Foreshadowing??

Open the door for the elderly prisoner begging to be let out. Talk to him again. It's all contingent upon the door.

Take Pitor's jewels. (You can snag them right before bringing him to Fort Agrasse and he'll never miss them). Note that they add 30 to your gold total. Save. Spend all your treasure. Pitors jewels will count toward your total, but never disappear from your treasure list. You may spend them perpetually, long as you're okay with limiting yourself to the 30 gp value they offer. (If I knew resedit well enough i'd try adjusting their value and having some fun.

Almost every locked door in the game with several minor exceptions is accessible if you're persistent and clever. Explaining how can come in another installment. It's not simple.

More to come!

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Odyssey combat: an overview

Odyssey combat is nothing to marvel at. It's clunky, unsophisticated, not especially balanced, but it's just one component of this beautiful game. There is still depth and detail to explore.

Basic Play-styles:

Single handes weapon+utility. this is the basic approach. A weapon in one hand, and a light or shield in the other. Ideal for dungeon crawls where want to save power points on light or psionic defense. Very viable

Two handed weapon. These tend to be far more effective than one handed weapons. Most of the best weapons in the game are 2 handed. Such tends to demand more power points invested in utility psionics. Very viable

Dual welding: two one handed weapons, one in each hand. Not very practical for fighting, useful for levelling up disciplines. If your main hand attack weakens a target considerably, you can finish them off with a weaker offhand attack of a different discipline for some easy experience in it. Somewhat viable.

Psionic juggernaut: you may equip 2 offhand items as long as they aren't the exact same item. Large shield and moood shield are possible. 2 moood shields is not. If you simply have no intebtion of hitting things and want to engage psionically, this is quite effective, but best purely for levelling. A dedicated dungeon crawl should be done with a weapon because psionic combat is very draining in odyssey. It's designed to be done with sparing discernment. Not very viable.
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Default Keys to the Castle

Thanks for the contributions, WallyHackenslacker! I'll be sure to show the fun things off in a bonus update, and you will receive full credit. The insights into the combat system are quite interesting, too. To add one of my own, two-handed weapons become even more viable once you've gotten the Glowing Rock, since you no longer need to spend PP on Glow psionics.

Having explored the Proving Grounds, it's time to head back to Rochelle proper and storm the castle. We've already explored the first floor, so we'll start off with the second floor.

Directly south of the landing is the room where Ronan's mirror leads. We've seen it before, but Katrielle hasn't visited it in this timeline, so I might as well show it off again, and gain a bit of experience off the Minions within.

The two doors north of the mirror room lead to this room, which contains a Healing Herb, some Blue Clothing, and an empty trunk. You can never have too many Healing Herbs, so I take this one.

At the end of the west corridor from the landing is a set of double doors leading to a small room containing a Moood Plate, an Axe of Obfuscation, and a Silver Key.

The Silver Key unlocks the cell doors on the south end of the room, which lead into the beastiary mentioned in Rian's book.

By the way, the book isn't entirely accurate - it doesn't have specimens of every monster. Specifically, there's no Skeletant, Tentaclops, Rolling Zapmonger, Oozasaurous, Ephemeral One, or Monster From the Id. The last four are understandable, since they're implied to be Nemesis' direct underlings, but why the first two? Anyway, this place can be used to gain some experience, but I prefer to just observe the monsters.

With the second floor explored, it's time to move on to the third floor.

First of all, the west corridor, since that's where most of the stuff on this level is. These doors require the Glowing Key to access, so it's a good thing that Katrielle already has it.

The southern door leads to an interestingly-shaped room with one of the power runes from the Vex Chambers. I don't think that there's anything to do here, but maybe someone has discovered something. The northern double doors, though...

...lead to my favorite room in the game. Individual screenshots couldn't do it justice, so I patched a complete map together. As you can see, it contains elements of almost every puzzle and Vex Chamber so far, as well as some Industrial Strength Poison, two Healing Herbs, an Herb of Immenant Health, a Glass Key, a Wicked Mace, and 887 GP worth of assorted valuables. My one disappointment is that you can't really do anything with any of the puzzle elements, other than extinguish the flames. It would be nice if you could create a tunnel to some secret area using the jems, or put something into the machine input, but that's just the way it is.

This small passage is as far as you can get without the Glowing Key.

Once you have it, though, you can open the southern door...

...and climb up to the fourth and penultimate floor of Castle Rochelle.

This floor is much more complex than the previous ones. Might as well go straight ahead first.

This is probably the second-most awesome room in the castle. It's a floor map/scale model of the Archipelago, and the only place where Katrielle can move onto water tiles.

As a side note, Solitude is shown on the map, but Rochelle is too small to even be seen. Just an interesting little thing I've noticed.

Adjacent to the map room is a small storage room containing a Pearl, a Dagger, and a Glowing Key. Kind of strange, seeing as you need the Glowing Key to even reach this floor.

Across the hall is a larger storage room containing the following items (clockwise from the door):
  • Book: The Billsville Citizen (the conformist version)
  • Red Clothing
  • Blue Clothing
  • Green Dye
  • Green Clothing
  • Red Dye and Blue Dye
  • Pearl
  • Sour Blue Potion
  • Tuning Fork
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Walking Stick
  • Blood Stained Ruler
  • Woodsman's Axe
  • Pick Axe
  • Industrial Strength Poison
  • Horrific Halberd
  • Niacian clothing
  • Elban clothing (2 sets)
  • Scale Mail
  • Beast Hide Armor
  • Lantern
  • Torch

There's also a door at the northwest end.

It leads to a mirror, which does 50 damage to Katrielle if she steps into it. That's everything on the east side of this floor, so let's check out the west side.

As you can probably tell, this is a prison. The trunk contains two Healing Herbs and a Sour Blue Potion. The Bastitch Sword on the southeast table isn't especially interesting, but the book on the northwest table is.

Originally Posted by Thick Notebook
[This notebook has had the first section of pages ripped out of it. Only the last several, along with many blank pages, remain.]
10364: I cannot decide whether Red has brought me the most insipid, useless subjects possible, or if these are truly the average on the islands. In the process of the trials each has been placed through on their respective islands, they have only grown more and more hostile, unfriendly, petty, self-centered and anti-intellectual. Some are almost happy to be here, however, stating that this examination area is much better than what they were putting up with back on their own islands. Today I performed the examination and cognitive interview on the subject from the island of Culn. He was unable to truly articulate any thought at all, basing all his thoughts around what the priests would think of them. He has mentioned the fire I created - which the priests call perpetual - numerous times as being the center of his being, as it is for all on the island or anywhere in the world. Though his current near-brainwashed state is deplorable and pathetic, interviewing him has proved so fruitless that I have truly learned nothing about how to prevent it.
10365: Today I had hoped to interview the subject from the island Emas, but he has died in his bed, a wide grin on his face. It was such a disturbing sight, that I have decided to take the day off. Damn Red, damn him. Does he do this to me on purpose? Now, what am I to do with the body? If I were to tell Red, he would simply chuckle his insufferable head off. I hope the replacement hurries up and gets here soon.
10366: We skip the fourth island, now, since there are only three people left on it. I consulted with Red but he insisted that removing any one of them would upset a sort-of delicate balance that is found there. Is he lying to me, who can say? Next, then, we have a man who has been transformed, in appearance only, into a horrible creature, a condition with which he cannot cope well. It appears he has been transformed back and forth, between human and monster, several times. Is this the best example of the island, then? Shall I ask Red? This poor soul seems more confused than anything else, and surely is hardly the best subject one could find for our purposes. How can my work progress with such a pathetically incompetent assistant as Red? How?
The only thing left to do here is to try to talk to the prisoners. After all, they might have some insight into their captor.

I'll go north to south, starting with this one.

name: "My name is Peter."
job: "What's my job? Why, I'd say its sitting tight here in this cell and not making trouble, answering questions when I'm asked. Oh, you mean before I came here? I had been unemployed for some time... in Niac, if the military isn't the job for you, there's no job for you. Unless you're an artist, but I never showed much talent for that, really. My girlfriend did... I mean, really my job was moocher, pretty much."
him: "Yeah, he sure is a tall, weird, kinda freaky-looking guy. He keeps telling me how important I am, for the future of... I don't know what he's talking about. But he says I must answer the questions truthfully, or... or it won't work. I don't really know what 'it' is, too many questions though, I know that."
girlfriend: "Look, I haven't seen her in a long time, since I been here, it's kinda a sore spot with me, so let's not talk about it, OK? OK."

Asking him about Elba or Niac will terminate the conversation, and asking him anything else will have him ask you to get him out. Unfortunately, there's no way to do so. By the way, we have met his girlfriend - way back on Un. It's a shame that there's no way to reunite them, but at least that plot thread has some closure.
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Default Continued from previous post.

Next in line is this guy.

name: "My name is Guido."
job: "I worked in the mines before, just a simple mine worker. Then one day I go to sleep and I wake up here and I don't understand what's going on. How does it fit into what the priests know is good for us? They wouldn't let it happen if it wasn't for our own good."
mine: "Dark and hard, but good, for we worked for a good cause, for our gods. Normally people didn't ask me questions like you or the man do. It was better back them, simpler, nicer."
priest: "I haven't seen a priest in so long it seems... I'm lost, spiritually. I don't know what to believe, what to think. The man who comes here, he seems to think himself a God, I don't understand. Why don't the priests kill him for everyone's benefit. And there are others here, but they don't know of the priests, how can they not... this is all so confusing."
man: "The guy... who comes in here. Then he takes us from these cages into that other one over there. Then he asks us questions, and I try to answer, but he just keeps asking other questions. And he writes it all down. All of it... writes it down. And he won't stop asking asking asking..."

These two are the only ones who really have anything to say. The inhabitant of the third cell never leaves his bed, presumably being the Ematian prisoner who died in his sleep. The fourth cell is empty, and the fifth...

...contains a Man Spider.

Like the ones on Morage, he's still able and willing to talk. Unfortunately, this is all he has to say. However, there is something fun you can do with him.

If you use D Morph on him, he turns into a staticky square, presumably because the developers never made a sprite for his human form.

If you talk to him in this state, he'll say the same thing, but have Bertrand's portrait. That's everything on the fourth floor, so this seems like a good place to end the update. Next time, we confront Nemesis himself.
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In 1.0, the game merely crashes upon d-morphing the Man Spider.

I seem to remember you receiving the Axe of Obfusciation in the demo upon reaching the door to Culn.

This is probably the second-most awesome room in the castle. It's a floor map/scale model of the Archipelago, and the only place where Katrielle can move onto water tiles.
But only horizontally and vertically, not diagonally.
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Default Getting where you don't belong

You can get almost anywhere if you are clever enough.

The cartographer: Once you get the Chart Master psionic it becomes a fair deal easier. You can map any area, above ground, below ground or indoors, and see where to go before you get there. It's a good way to find secret areas. (At least one was missing in the walkthrough.)

The creeper: most locked doors exist for the benefit of an NPC. Most doors have nothing important behind them, but if you want to be a a flawless klepto, just follow each NPC through their day and find where they go. A fair about frequent a room to themselves for sleep or work, and a fair amount of those have something you can pillage. Wedge an item in their doorway as they emerge. Fairly basic.

The Carmen Sandiego: a more complex way to get where you don't belong. Some doors aren't part of an NPC patrol, but do have something to steal. For this you want the invisibility psionic and Asudem effect for good measure. (Luckily they are found together.) Cheese off a guard with an attack or unwelcome clothing, lure them in front of a door, and ninja poof! Save. The guard will wander aimlessly looking for a you to pummel, and will enter locked doors of any kind if they randomly enter. You can stone them even if they aren't next to you right away and wedge the door before they find you. This is possible in Niac, any Billsville, and the community (If you didn't remove the priests yet.) And Flog.

The Chessmaster: this is the hardest one. Required for Elba, because the guards somewhy forget to unlock doors when they're angry. (They'll do it on patrol) luckily, there's another way. You need Asudem Effect, Push, and Push Delux. F Wall helps too. Most Elban NPCs follow an incremental patrol pattern that stays the same until they need to change direction. Note the pattern, use Asudem effect on an NPC to freeze them when you know where their patrol will direct them, and use pushing to place them by a door they should open for you. They'll walk right in until they realize they're in the wrong place. You may have to lock them in an enclosed area to refresh psionics. It's all very draining. Take advantage of the Spamalopes. (Unless you arbitrarily denied them their lives. Serves you right. You're a stalker and thief, not a sociopath.) The Spams will remain stationary by themselves if removed from their pen via push. Place them such that you can fence in a ln NPC and refresh your psionics so you can rest before shoving them around again. Most Elban doors requiring this have nothing interesting but some do.

The Xray: pop F Wall on a door. Boom. You can see through it. You can't get to the other side, but if you just wanted to see inside, now you can. Use ethically.

I've yet to find a way to open the last unlocked door in Exin, and there's clearly a mace of some kind in there. None of these methods will make this door openable, as creative as I've been. It may not be possible. None others will avail doors fences off by tables or counters of course. The mysteries of the Elban bakers inner sanctum remain unsolved. Maybe you'll have some better results if you're creative though.

Use your evil for good adventurer!!
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Default Weapon disciplines.

The different ways to fight are one of my favorite aspects of this game. I'll summarise them here, since they do have notable distinctions.

*Bare handed*
The good:
Tgis discipline available from the start of the game, and becomes viable after a brief island track.

The N and E fighting styles are attainable quickly and by themselves are as effective weapons as you'll ever really need.

Max's style is among the best weapons of all, attainable mid to late game.

Requires no money spent, and choosing to rely on it (and sell weapons) means more money to buy armor early game.

The bad:
All fighting styles are two handed. Basic bare handed combat is not an effective weapon in the least. That means you're not carrying lanterns or shields.

Overall: if you want to be a Kung Foo master, you can expect your fighting to go fairly smoothly. Pick up Antonio's training early, and lean primarily on the style that gives you the best balance. You can swap for different monsters too. If you are more nimble than stout or the reverse, you can easily choose the style that best compensates. Max's style will effectively replace both, and is excellent for any non-psionic combat scenario
Bare handed is easy to level as a side discipline for more hp at most any point in the game. A great overall discipline.

*Long Bladed*
The good: viable from the very start of the game and easy to level.

Has a decent one handed option for early game, though the it is essentially a two handed discipline.

The operatic sword, available on the last island (no going back once you're there) is perhaps the best overall weapon in the game.

The bad:
Offers limited power for most of the game since other weapons will quickly outshine your long bladed weapon.

Overall: If you want to take up Bushido, pick up a Bastiche sword from William's shop in Niac. It will be your best long bladed option for the vast majority of the game. It's perhaps worth buying for more hp levelling too, since you won't find one by yourself until late game. It's a smooth discipline to level mid game, but not the best. The operatic sword may be better than your other weapons by late game, but it's not better enough to justify depriving yourself of nicer options I'm other disciplines mid game. A good overall discipline.

*Melee weapons* (axes, maces, knives)

The good:
A tremendously versatile discipline with an incredible array of options. Easy to pick and choose for different monsters or to compensate smoothly for your own stat imbalance if any.

Becomes extremely viable early game via the Niacan life ender.

Offers both one handed and two handed options.

The kick axe and the axe of obfuscation, available late game hit very hard. Great for armored enemies.

The dagger of doom is powerful and very reliable, available mid game.

The bad:
The Niacan life ender sells for so much that you might let it go right away to buy other things if you prefer another discipline. There are better melee options available later.

Melee weaponry loses some of its competitive luster to other weapon classes mid to late game, getting it back in the last two islands.

Overall:If you want to scrap like a berserker, this might be the easiest and smoothest discipline early game, serving as an excellent power foundation. It will remain smooth for the entire game and serve well. For one handed purposes a wicked mace and/or morning star (the former offers power, the latter, reliable hitting) will serve in early dungeon crawling. The Niacan life ender will be all you need for melee until mid game.
For up training the life ender makes it smooth and easy, but you might still sell it off and pick it up later once you find the dagger of doom. More reliable, just as strong, and one handed.

The good:
Polearms are a limited ranged weapon. You may strike enemies a space away from you. This is especially helpful in dungeons where monsters will struggle to find the best way to get to you around the instructions.

Polearm discipline has some powerful and reliable options mid to late game.

The best polearms are one handed, and used correctly, will destroy many enemies before they close their distance from you.

Reaching weaponry can be a good supplemental skill if you prefer to fight with psionics, since you can weaken enemies before they get close. Fewer spells means more power points leftover. The killing blow is what decides where the experience points go.

The bad:
This discipline offers few reliable options early game. Even with the reach, killing a tough enemy can take long enough to allow another to spawn, sometimes in a less confined position.

Overall:If you want to fight like a lancer, or even a wizard, there are 3 notable pole weapons to pick up early game. The eviscerator is one handed and hits fairly reliably. The horrific halberd offers power, and is probably the most viable option for general fighting. The buck and a quarterstaff does pathetic damage, but it hits as reliably as any weapon you'll ever find. You can use it to clear monsters that evade attacks often but aren't hardy, like insect swarms. Sometimes that's better than burning power points. Edward's trident from Morage offers an answer to all major polearms struggles. If you miss out on it, the trident of tribble from Ronan's tower is almost as good. If you intend to invest in the discipline casually, waiting for Edward's trident to do so is reasonable, at least after level 3. A fair discipline early game, a good one later.

*ranged weaponry*
The good:
Offers the best power and reliability in the game for ranged attacking aside from high cost psionics.

Over the course of the game you will have access to enough treasure that buying large quantities of the best ammunition available at any given time will not limit your capacities in other areas. Buying gear is not strictly necessary at all, and all the best items are discovered, not bought.

The best replenishable ammo is moood bolts from Morage's arms store. They are powerful and reliable with The Beast.

The Beast is a powerful and reliable weapon as ranged options go, and with good ammo, it's as effective a weapon as you could ever ask for. It's sister weapon The Green Bow is not as amazing, but it's powerful enough to justify the use of your arrows if you have any leftover by the time you get it.

The bad: early to mid game this discipline feels like a joke. You shoot, you miss, you waste your time and ammo both. Each miss is money wasted.

Shooting farther away decreases hit chance. If you have to let them get up in your grill just to hit them why use ranged at all?

Dedication to ranged demands money spent on ammo. There's more than enough to spend on it, but it may mean less spent on better armor and other kinds of weaponry.

Running out of ammo on a long expedition really bites, and you can expend it faster than you might initially assume. You should buy a lot if in doubt. 500 shots to spare between visits to town is safe. More if you're on a long trek and don't know when you'll buy more.

Offers no respectable one-handed options for general use.

Overall: if you want to be a ranger, prioritize the best bow available at any given moment. Buy the long bow from William's shop and load on arrows. Upgrade to the composite bow as soon as able, and respect the crossbow as superior to all basic bows but the green one. Crossbows are generally better, but you may as well keep a bow just to use your arrows. The one handed crossbow is useful for casual levelling since you can use it to finish off weakened monsters with dual weilding, but for general use its just a creative way to waste ammo next to The Beast. A fairly weak discipline overall, but it redeems itself late game, especially in the form of death's head bolts and slaying ammo. Nonreplenishsble, but powerful.

*short bladed weaponry*
The good:
This discipline will never force you to rely on a weak weapon. The early options are recently reliable even next to superior options in other disciplines.

All short blades are one handed.

The best short blades are available mid game, and remain reliable to the end.

It's a good discipline to rely on in general. The early struggles are tolerable and the best weapons make it very smooth.

The bad:
Weapons in other disciplines will outshine the best short blades, if only by a little bit.

Overall:If you want to sword and board like a noble knight, a scimitar is waiting for you in Un's tunnel in a secret room, but you may as well get a scimitar of smiting from William anyway. (Scimitars cut, not crush. Why smiting?) It's slightly more reliable. Once pollux on Emas avails Jordan's scimitar to you, your struggles with this discipline are all over. If you lift Edward's Ferocious Falchion on Morage you'll find it hits slightly harder and slightly less often. Between the two it's purely a matter of preference. One might be slightly better for your character's stats. If you choose another specialty, short blades are easy and natural to fall back on to raise your hp max at any point in the game, but more after you get either of the two superior short blades.

The good:
All thrown weapons (besides the silken spear) are one handed.

Thrown weapons can be very useful for dungeon crawling early game, since you can hit stuck enemies without dropping your light source.

Thrown weaponry offers superior ranged capacity without any ammo constraints.

The razor boomerang is decently reliable with investment in thrown, and is available mid game.

The bad:there are no especially good thrown weapons early game. The only reason it's ever viable at this point is that the monsters are weak enough that it doesn't matter much yet.

Resilient monsters are generally a waste of time and energy to kill with thrown weapons of any variety. More turns spent means more spawns to contend with.

The razor boomerang is fairly reliable, but still lackluster next to other weaponry, and it's the best (only) respectable thrown weapon available mid to late game.

Overall: if you want to hunt monsters like a hunter or fisherman, you'll want to buy a javelin from William's shop first thing. It's the best you'll get for a while by far. Once you reach Billsville you can switch to a slightly more reliable and more slightly less powerful feathered javelin. Don't assume the Silken spear will offer you an answer to your struggles. It will do closer to the opposite since its a joke weapon. (A spear woven from silk, not an actual silken spear.) Make looting the razor boomerang from Skora on Mcteague a priority. You'll never need to use anything else in this discipline once you get it. For casual levelling, the razor boomerang is still worth getting and keeping, and it's fair to invest very lightly in this discipline until you get it. Throwing things is the weakest overall discipline, and it's good points are highly situational.

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