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Default Talking Time Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

When Talking Time was first established, it was a cool place where cool people could kick back and talk about video games or whatever else struck their fancy. In the past few years, the popularity of our content has attracted many new members. We don’t want Talking Time to be like other gaming forums, and based on past discussions, neither do you. Therefore, we’ve drafted this code of conduct to outline the behavior that is expected from all members. By posting here you implicitly agree to these conditions.

We’ve tried to make these rules as unrestrictive as possible while still maintaining a baseline of comity. This isn't intended to be an exhaustive, hard and fast laundry list, and discretion is always a part of the process of managing any community. The golden rule applies as always.

This forum is made up of a number of different communities. Each of these communities is here for different reasons and has different ways of interacting. While these can be valid, in and of themselves, when they interact with each other, problems can arise. Don't assume the worst of each other or the best. Take a step back and consider your reactions. When knees jerk, noses can be broken.

Note: Activity outside this forum (Discord, Twitter, IRL conversations, etc.) is fair game to be considered when determining whether someone is operating in good faith and within the spirit of this code.

No Personal Attacks
As much as you may disagree with someone’s opinion on a video game, or style of expression, or political position, or ideology, that does not mean they are not a person deserving of respect, civility, and kindness. We want to encourage discussion and debate, so address the arguments, evidence, reasoning, whatever, but leave comments about their person out of it. Note that this not only includes outright attacks but accusatory tone and implied insults as well. Don't be a bully or a creeper. This applies to any interactions on the site (PMs included). If you are the subject of any of this kind of thing, bring it to a moderators attention. Posting of PMs as a retaliatory act or getting down in the mud in responses is no better than being the initiator.

No Hateful or Violent Language
This may seem obvious but intolerance can be subtle and insidious. We want all members to feel safe and comfortable on Talking Time. No sexist, racist, classist, ableist, intolerant, or any other harmful speech.

No Passive Aggression
This is hard to define, but is a problem that plagues the forum. This rule is a catch-all for behavior that attempts to dance along the edge of propriety or skirt the rules (honoring the letter, but not the spirit). Passive aggressive snark under the guise of innocence, trolling, spam, or any other post that only exists to antagonize others is the kind of thing that is covered here. Passive aggression is still aggression, so if you want to rile up others for fun, find another place to do it.

Failure to follow these policies will generally result first in a warning. This is exactly what it is: a warning that you are infringing on the code of conduct and an invitation to change your behavior. The offending post may be edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators. Repeat infractions will result in a temporary ban, and then a permanent one if the behavior persists. Particularly egregious violations may not follow all of these stages and repeat offenders will receive much less leniency.

If you feel like any of these rules have been violated, please PM any of the moderators. They are all listed on the various forums on the front page. We promise to review every report with seriousness and consideration to all parties involved. We want to have an “open-door” policy. If anything is bothering you, please let us know.

Likewise, if you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the moderators.

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