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Default Book Template

I like to make small, simple tools. Book Template is one of them. It's for big nerds: people who have a Unix environment and produce long-format text.

It's very simple: you clone this git repository. You write lots of little Markdown files - maybe one file per chapter or one file per scene, rather than a single fat document you've got to scroll around in - and you keep them in the repository. Then you type a one-word command, and it will compile all of that Markdown into a single, self-contained, portable document in one of many formats.

It is probably not something many of you will get much use out of, but hey.

It turns out that there's going to be a NaNoWriMo this year, and I'm of a mind to give it a try. But of all the writing tools I know of, none are really comfortable to me. I wanted to be able to just fart out a bunch of Markdown in my own personal favorite editor, with line breaks after every fullstop and sometimes after commas the way God intended, then shove it all into Pandoc to convert it into something for other people to read.

I realized that I could make this happen for myself, by using my programming skills. I also wanted to learn how to use Make. This whole thing is literally just a Makefile and some folders.

When I had finished my rough draft of the structure, I realized it was highly generalizable, so I cleaned it up and made a separate repo out of it, and released it. Here it is.

I added a word count feature and more flexible support for input files. Later, I'll look into the possibility of nesting the source directory.

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