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Originally Posted by Kishi View Post
I don't see anything since the announcement last August, but Discotek has never failed to deliver. Patience.
My worry was that I had too much patience and I missed my opportunity
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This season has not been the greatest, but it's been fairly top-heavy with a handful of extremely good shows so I can't complain. It's about all you can really hope for in a season.

I'm kinda floored though. In a season where we have such consistent excellence in Mob Psycho 100, JoJo Part 5, and Kaguya-sama Wants to be Confessed to, my mind kinda doesn't know how to handle the fact that the favorite thing I'm watching right now is Kemurikusa, and it's kinda not even close.

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netflix is apparently teasing the announcement of the release date of evangelion in case you're wondering how rectal-reflexive these hype announcements have become
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