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Default Understanding Comics: Talking Time's Top 50 in Visual Storytelling

It's finally time for the...

(image totally stolen off a book cover at Amazon; no hints as to winners contained within.)

Before we get started, here's some exciting statistics:
  • Number of entry lists: 34
  • Number of distinct titles/runs to be ranked: 343 (!!!)
  • Number of those titles receiving more than one vote: 112
  • Total individual votes (to give context to the below): 660
  • Approx # of votes for American superheroes: 185
  • Approx # of votes for manga: 120
  • Approx # of votes for webcomics: 50
  • Approx # of votes for newspaper comics: 46

Now moving on to....
. . . *record scratch*
. . . . . . . *Kirin realizes 30-some entries failed to copy correctly from the calculations tab to the results tab because of spreadsheet weirdness*
. . . . . . . . . . . . *goddammit*
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *fix fix fix*

Ahem, where was I. Right, anyway, glad I caught that before starting. Now then.

I ended up going with the compromise vote scoring system, where each vote is +5 points in addition to its rank points, i.e. items on your list are worth 30 points at the top down to 6 on the bottom. Honestly, though, for this list the counting system made vary little difference, mostly only shuffling things up or down by a place or two.

Finally, since many of you people love your superheroes but can't seem to agree on which of their arcs or authors are best, I'm going to start off with some honorable mentions for superhero books that didn't make the list but would have if they were all grouped together under their main character. Note that for spoiler-avoiding purposes, having a hero in the honorable mentions does not necessarily mean anything about whether one of their other books made the Top 50... maybe one did and we'll see it later, maybe not.


Honorable hero mentions:Runners-up:Top 51:

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