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My assumption on the Green Thing, and I may well be super wrong, is that colourists in the 60s has a much easier time using green than other colors, and since there tended to be more need to design new characters with villains, where you might have needed a new one once a month, Green got used a lot more often there than with heroes.

I’m not really basing that on anything but the old story that the reason Hulk and Iron Man were only grey for their debuts because colouring techniques made grey INCREDIBLY hard to use consistently. And, well, if you make one guy inexplicably green, might as well make everyone green.
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Originally Posted by Octopus Prime View Post
I assumed that was a typo, and it should have read “And they were terrible”.

Yes and yes.

And "You'll never get my gem" tag would also work in the Avengers: Infinity War and Steven Universe threads.
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Thanks for the explanations, guys.

Originally Posted by Johnny Unusual View Post
That's basically it. I'm not a colour guy, but I'm given to understand Red and Blue and Green and Purple are sort of color opposites? Or at least some sort of notable opposing contrast. In general, Green and Purple is a color pairing usually used by villains more than heroes. The Joker is another one and though he doesn't always dress this way, Lex Luthor has a few iconic Green/Purple costumes...

There are a few green/purple heroes (most notably the Hulk), but usually it's seen as a villain color.
And even that most notable green hero is usually treated like a super villain...
I guess that wise philosopher was right, and it's not easy being green.
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you'll never get my gem!

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