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One more question: one of my players wants to know more about the game backstory in order to help build his character. I went over some of the basic stuff, but I didn't want to bore them with details so we just jumped into play and I filled in stuff about ghosts or electricity barriers as it came up. Is there a resource for the players to find out more aside from just asking me or reading the book themselves? I'm hesitant to loan them the book because it gives away a lot of stuff about characters they haven't met yet. Or is that even something I should worry about?
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That's awesome! I'm so glad that you had a good time and it sounds like you did a really wonderful job of running the game - and that the players did a great job of playing it, which in Blades is almost more important than how good the GM is. You're right that Blades does an excellent job of making failing forward easy. Also, absolutely agreed about the quality of the handouts - you can tell John Harper's former career was in marketing graphic design.

As for setting info, I think the map of the city and the map of the Shattered Isles which are included in the player kit give about as much information as you need to know. For more detail, I would encourage you to let the players fill in some of that detail. For instance, if one of the players is from Skovlan and wants to know more about that island, you can turn the questions back on them and let them fill in the detail for themselves. Obviously, you have some back-and-forth there to make sure that everything fits together tonally and logistically with what you've already established, but that sort of self-creation helps give everybody a stronger sense of ownership over the setting. And the Blades setting is drawn in broad enough strokes that things can be added or removed without too much trouble.

In terms of having stuff spoiled for them if they read the book, I wouldn't worry too much about it: I personally find it fun to have a little bit of dramatic irony between the character's knowledge and the player's knowledge. If the player knows that two factions have a secret alliance, for example, you can still make them work to gain that knowledge in-character, but it gives the player some direction rather than needing to grope in the dark. It's a fine line and certain tables are more or less stringent about it, but I'm personally willing to trust players to make honest decisions about what their characters know.

EDIT: Speaking of playing indie RPGs, I'm gonna be playing Monsterhearts from the PC side of the table for the first time in a couple minutes. I'll report back!

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