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Default No Exit

Originally Posted by Yama View Post
Of course, if you didn't do his subquest, you'd still have the IR Helm.
Good point. Of course, Professional Glow could also conceivably be useful to someone who never found the IR Helm in the first place, but since I did find it, it's a moot point.

As for the LP proper, let's hope that this guy doesn't think it's strange that a heavily-armored woman wielding a razor-sharp boomerang just popped out of the wine cellar.

He does not.

name: "What's my game? Oh, no my name! Yes, my name, I have one all right. Howell. Pleased to welcome you to The Thirsty Smush."
job: "Are you calling me a fob? Oh, no, my job! Why, I run the tavern you stand in at this very moment, that's right I do. The Thirsty Smush. An amazing name, innit? Edwards himself stops in here ever so often, course he just does it cause he feels bad he made me deaf and kinda blinded me like, with that trap of his. Heh, but I forgive the stubborn guy."
edwards: "Ed Wood? I don't know the fellow... Oh, you're askin' me about Edwards, fine leader of Wain. Well, leader, sort of, proud defender really. Those filthy creatures outside, you know them? He keeps them outside. Where their kind beeeelong. What a nifty moat Edwards built, I fell in once don't you know. Edwards may seem a little stubborn to some, but I genuinely like the fellow. Lots of zest in his bones, lots of zest. Did I mention he set off a trap next to my ear once? Well, he did."
trap: "Who has clap? Wassat you say? Oh, trap! Yes, you must be referring to those traps of Edwards'. He has them all around the peeeerimeter of Wain. Help keep the monsters at bay, they do. But, what's funny is, not so much funny actually more like a tragedy, is he let one off next to my ear. Isn't that a kick in the pants. Well, not really in the pants, more like a breaking of my ears. Perhaps, you didn't notice, but I don't hear too well. And that's why. I'll tell you a secret, though, all those traps can be turned off: Edwards, the sly bugger, has a switch that'll do it. But don't tell him I told you so. Edwards only told me what 'cause he feels, like, right sorry for me. But, I forgive him. Ees a good guy."
wain: "Who the heck's John Wayne? Oh, Wain, you mean, like our town that you are now in. Yes, it is a good place, shame, real shame about the creatures outside though. Edwards'll kill them though, mark me he will. Then we can leave... not that any proper fellow would want to leave Wain, but there are benefits to being outside. What are they? Search me, but there have to be some."
monster: "Rather not discuss those nastinesses, if you don't mind sir."
smush: "I couldn't quite make out what you said, fellow, I think I'll tell you that this is indeed a fine establishment to do one's imbibing in. Narry a better in Wain. Narry any other, for that matter. Heh. Heh heh. Heh."

Looks like this town is actually doing something about the monsters, although it might not be such a good thing considering what happened to this guy. Speaking of him, you may have noticed his inconvenient position in the screenshot. The door I can reach is locked, so I'll have to pass time in the cellar until he moves.

Resting until the crack of dawn opens up the path, but the other door is also locked. Fortunately, the trunk contains a Smelly Key, which opens said door.

And we're out on the streets of Wain, the first normal-ish town since Elba and Niac, which I'll explore in a clockwise fashion starting from here. The main entrance to the Thirsty Smush is to the west...

...and to the north of that, we have signs. The house for sale is locked, but the other building isn't. Unfortunately, there's nothing inside.

North of those two buildings is a shop. This is a very good thing, since it means we won't have to backtrack all the way to Un if we want or need to buy something.

It's a weapon shop, without anything really worth buying. Still, nice to know that it exists.

North of the weapon shop is another locked building, across from which is the gatehouse. Let's see what this guy has to say.

I have a feeling I know who this is.

name: "My name is Edwards. I would say I was pleased to meet you, but it really doesn't make a difference to me. Just as long as you follow the rules."
job: "I've been running the security in Wain since I was old enough to carry a battle axe. I always seemed best suited to job. I understood the danger of the monster threat, and I realize we can never let up, or they'll kill us all. The guy who came before me - rest Keown's foolish soul - didn't understand, and it got him killed. When I saw him die before my eyes I knew what we were dealing with. So now I make sure the people in Wain are as safe as possible. Many of them are fool-hardy, they underestimate the tremendous threat the monsters pose. It is my job to protect the citizens at all costs. But still, sometimes the monsters get by me, I don't know how. Someday I hope to kill them all, and a little secret I have tucked away might just do the trick."
wain: "What's the history of Wain, the town I've dedicated my life to defending? Well, barely anybody remembers what went on before the monsters came and made us all prisoners in our own town. We're totally self-sufficient here, and the deadly traps I have lain, coupled with the moat around the town, make sure the monster's cannot get in. There's no need for us to ever leave, so we can hold out against the monsters as long as they force us to. I despise the monsters because of what, or rather who they stole from me: my precious Deborah. But with swords in our hands we become the stronger, and we must always remember that. They can't prevail over us as long as we are strong and prepared and unified. Not all of the citizens of Wain, though they are good people, see the situation as I do. It is my job to keep them alive, regardless of their stupidity."
island: "Where do you come from, that you don't even know about the island you are on? Morage is an oddly shaped land, but it is land few people have ever seen, since we are totally unable to ever leave Wain without risking slaughter by the monsters. Morage is sick with the infestation of the monsters, and someday I hope to cure it. Someday we will slaughter them, and I have something which just might do the trick..."
rules: "The rules are simple here - everyone must follow my orders, everyone must stay inside the town at all times, and all must be equipped with suitable weapons to defend themselves when the time comes that a monster sneaks into their house and tries to kidnap them. They are simple rules, and if everyone follows them maybe we'll live to see the day when the monsters are all exterminated. Maybe."
deborah: "Deborah... My Deborah. She was taken by them, by the monsters. They kidnapped her. She was my daughter by my wife - rest her soul - and one day, a couple of months ago, she just disappeared. The damage to her home wasn't so bad as some of the others I've seen when the monsters come to kill us or kidnap us. But I know she's not dead, she can't be. I know they're keeping her captive, doing who knows what terrible things. I just know she can't be dead. I can feel it. Until I have her back, I will never rest. I will never fall for the monsters' tricks. Oh Deborah, if only she knew how much I missed her."
secret: "I have a secret which I have kept from everyone - you seem more interested than the others around here. Many do not understand the gravity of our situation. I have found a note which tells of a cave in the mountains which, if used properly, will kill all the monsters on Morage. What a glorious victory that would be! But alas I can not leave Wain for even a second - it could never survive without me. And I can not trust anyone enough to let them out - the fools would only get themselves killed. I'm actually interested to hear your opinion. Would you care to look at the note?"

Why not?

The note in question is another of Rian's diary entries, reading as follows:

Originally Posted by Diary Entry
[This paper appears to be a page which has fallen out of a diary.]
Rian-093: My scouting has located a strange cave located in the mountains amongst the wooded section of Morage. Actually, I noticed it by following Red's oafish movements about the island. Why is it that mad overlords always choose nimwits for their right-hand-people? Returning to the subject, this cave contains a strange switch, which, when thrown, kills all of the monsters on Morage - isn't it convenient that Red talks to himself? In any event, it seems that the monsters are too much even for Red to handle, so N created this cave to help deal with them. Though there seems to be little humanity to any of the monsters found on the islands of the Archipelago, I still have difficulty with genocide... Red has not had to use the device yet, but if the people of Morage truly need it, perhaps I will use it some day. I believe I overheard Red mention something about different 'settings' for the cave, as though one could cause it to perform other functions. But I am certain is currently set on 'death'...
I had honestly not known about this particular diary entry until today, so that's pretty interesting. I wonder if there are other items like it that I might have missed? Anyway, on with the tour.

North of the gatehouse are three locked houses and a field with some Spamalopes.

And south and east of those is the general store.

As you can see, it's a very useful place, since it sells Healing Herbs and Herbs of Immenant Health, even if they are pretty expensive. By the way, why is he selling Industrial Strength Poison?

Across the street from Spif's Sprockets is a library containing copies of every useless book we've found so far, plus two new ones. The librarian is in, so let's see what he has to say about the situation here.

name: "I'm Russell, rhymes with tussle. Easy to remember that way, see?"
job: "I'm the librarian here in Wain, though with Edwards spouting off his mind all the time it's a wonder that anyone here reads at all anymore. But, I mustn't go slandering Edwards when I have no true basis. Working as a librarian here in Wain is quite frustrating because there simply are no old books... no one is sure what happened to them. There's no written record of life before the monsters were here. As a child I heard stories of a time before the creatures, but all of those people are long since dead. All that exists on record now are second or even third hand accounts, which just adds to the number of strange goings on on this island. Bertrand, my assistant, was making a project of investigating our past before he disappeared. Poor Bertrand."
wain: "Wain is a wonderful town. The people here... are so diverse. I mean, Edwards may upset many people with his extremist position, but he is a professional, who I think is only looking out for everyone's best interests. It's testament to the people of Wain that our library thrives as it does... which is not much, but the absence of old texts doesn't make it easy. Someday perhaps the citizens of Wain can wander free on the island of Morage once again. If only Bertrand could have been alive to see that day."
morage: "It has been a long time since any citizen has been outside of Wain to see the island of Morage. I remember once as a boy a friend and I snuck out but were quickly terrified by a monster we saw in the distance and ran back in. This was before the elaborate moat was set up by Edwards. No one leaves any more... except for maybe Emily the geographer. She might have a secret... But I don't want to risk it. Though, if Bertrand is out there, it might just be worth it to go and find him. But... I've given up hope on that."
monster: "The monsters... I do not know what to make of them. It seems so easy to just wish them all dead. And they have hurt us all so desperately. It is no longer safe to walk about the island... Well, actually I only know that because Edwards has told me so. No one has left Wain in quite some time - Edwards insists on it. But Emily the town geographer... she knows something, a way to get out perhaps. But she certainly isn't talking about it. But I wouldn't want to risk walking outside, though if I could find Bertrand... I'd give my life to know that he was safe. But the monsters have taken him, and I've given up hope."
edwards: "I confess I am often too hard on Edwards. He is faced with a difficult job - protecting our city from the monsters who exist outside on the island of Morage. It is no wonder he is driven to such disturbing extremes. Everyone must be armed, everyone must be prepared for when they invade, the only kind of good monster is a dead monster... But are they really monsters? It certainly seems as if they are, but no one knows for sure. Edwards has kept us mostly safe, but he could not save Bertrand or even his own Deborah. But... he is not an evil man, by any means."
book: "Maintaining a library without many books is not as easy as you might think. I may have mentioned to you that no books exist from the time before the monsters? It's very strange. But it is important that a library be maintained, anyway, I believe. Perhaps someday the monsters will be gone, but I think it of paramount importance that our children remember what happened - the time Wain went through, when all was not well. No, not well at all. Edwards often says he doesn't think the library is what citizens of Wain should worry about, that survival is most important. Well, as you might imagine, I disagree with him."
bertrand: "What a wonderful man Bertrand is - not very strong willed but one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But you never shall, now that he has disappeared. Bertrand used to be my assistant here at the library, but... Edwards would say he is one of the ones the monsters came and took - or even killed. But I'm not so sure. You see, I performed a thorough search of his home after he disappeared and it seems to have been torn apart... from the inside. It is very very strange indeed. Did he let the monster in to his house? Had he discovered something no one else knows? Was it even a monster who took him? Alas, I do not think we will ever know. I would give anything to see him again. If only you could take me to him... There's no hope of my seeing him, is there?"

I can't say for now, but you should never give up hope.

That being said, this seems like a good place to get rid of all those duplicate psionics, since I can't sell them. Speaking of selling, I also sold off a bunch of duplicate weapons and obsolete armor at the general store and bought four Healing Herbs and three Herbs of Immenant Health.

And now, back to the tour. The northern building is what appears to be a restaurant, and the southern one is a school. Kind of strange, seeing as we haven't seen any children since Alonzo back on Culn. Still, might as well check it out.

Unfortunately, there's no one here, so we'll just have to rest until morning, when the teacher shows up.

name: "Herman. My father's name, actually, he lacked the originality to give me a new one. I'm too old to have a son now, and I never managed to find the time to have one. But if I had, I would have named him something else, let me promise you."
job: "I like to say that I am a school teacher... and yet, there are no longer any students for my class. All are either too afraid of the monsters to even come to my classes, or even worse... Some of my best students were claimed by the creatures outside. Are they a plague sent down on us from above? Sometimes I wonder. Luckily Wain is blessed with a man who can defend our town, and keep those of us still alive safe. Edwards is quite a man."
wain: "Wain was a great town, on the wonderful island of Morage... until the monsters came along and made us all shut-ins. Perhaps Edwards will some day find a way to kill all of them, and then we can all get back to our lives. If you had told me fifty years ago that I would one day advocate genocide, I never would have believed you. But that was before I realized how necessary it is in situations such as ours."
morage: "Our island of Morage, so long since I have truly seen it. Thinking of it only makes me sad."
monster: "The monsters have changed Wain so much. No longer are we truly living, but merely just surviving, always hoping the savages outside won't break down the walls and kill us all. But Edwards does an admirable job of defending Wain. Without him, we would be lost."
edwards: "Edwards is in charge of defending our town, and he does a superb job. He engineered the construction of our moat, as well as placing traps all along the perimeter of the city. The state of affairs here in Wain would be much worse were it not for him. Yet, somehow, the creatures still sneak in, once in a while. No one knows how, and I know it makes Edwards feel that he is inadequate. But he is a good man, and is doing all that is humanly possible to keep us safe. Bless him."
school: "There is nothing more disturbing to one as old as I, than a school with no students to populate it. I still go and sit in the classroom, thinking of the days, so many years ago, when I had students. Alas..."

I'm not sure if it's deliberate or not, but for someone who so frequently mentions how old he is, Herman looks pretty youthful in his portrait.

South of the school are a bunch of small houses, and south of them is a farm, complete with farmer.

name: "My name's Donald."
job: "Why, I run the little farm we have here in Wain. It's a little one, to be sure, but enough to keep the people of Wain fed while we weather out our difficulties. And, nothing could grow out there what with those creatures running around. So, it's my job to make sure everybody'll have something to eat. It's not much to be proud of, I know, but I like it just the same."
wain: "That's where I call home. And proud of it."
morage: "I've never actually been outside of Wain, I'm sad to say. As long as I can remember the monsters just made it unsafe to leave town. Some day, though, I hope.... I mean, I've heard stories, and it's supposed to be beautiful. Someday, someday."
monster: "Yeah, those monsters sure are terrible. Are we being punished for something, I wonder? Who knows, right? I just concentrate on my work and leave worrying about the monsters to Edwards. I could never farm all that land, anyway, so I just don't worry about it. But it sure would be nice to go outside... some day."
edwards: "Edwards is our leader: he's really an inspirational guy. He's kept us alive through thick and thinner, and thinnest even. He's amazing. Dedicated, really knows what he's doing. Very professional. He's the only reason we're all still alive, as far as I can tell."
farm: "Why, the farm's on the south-side of town, you can't miss it. Like I said a thousand times to people who ask, it ain't much, but it gets the job done. And I enjoy working it, I really do."

I love the fact that he says the last one even when you're literally right on the farm yourself.

North of the farm is the last stop on the tour. As the sign outside says, this house belongs to Emily, who we've heard about from Russell. He mentioned that she might know a way outside, so let's see what she has to say.

name: "Emily, and nothing else."
job: "I call myself town geographer, though that's hardly an official title. My uncle left me a good deal of money - not a lot, but enough - so I don't have to hold a conventional job. But I do make some money, selling copies of maps to people. Though the market is hardly much since the overly-macho Edwards won't let anyone leave Wain to see the glory of Morage outside. For our own good he says... Well, maybe, but if I can survive outside there are lots of others who could too. I've mapped out nearly the whole island - every last corner, I like to think, even some pretty strange places - and someday I would like to see if there is anywhere beyond this island... but as long as the monsters persist, this civilization is stuck in the proverbial mud."
wain: "I suppose Wain is better off than it could be. I mean, the people around here aren't stupid, even if they are under Edwards' thumb. I mean, he doesn't have any direct power over them, but he has them worked into such a frenzy about those creatures outside. I say we haven't got so much to worry about."
morage: "Morage the island is a beautiful place - it's a shame no one in Wain can appreciate it any more, what with Edwards' exit-ban. Maybe it is for our own safety, but I'm dubious. I've managed to survive all my mapping runs well enough. I've seen most of this island - it's such a strange, but wonderful, shape. I hope you get to go outside and appreciate it some time, there are some pretty strange sights to see. Actually, you look fairly capable. You could handle yourself well out there. Would you like to go out there?"
monster: "The creatures outside... They've had such a profound impact on Wain, they've totally changed our society. And yet, I don't know if we're right about them. I don't even feel safe calling them monsters... I mean, that's condemning them right there. We don't understand them, what motivates them, why they act as they do... I've gone outside countless times since Edwards enacted the exit-ban those many years ago, on my mapping runs, and they've never even come close to attacking me. Once I did see two of them fighting fairly savagely... but they both walked away from the battle intact - it seemed like more of a 'male-thing' than any thing else. Of course, I can't bring up my reservations, Edwards would have me shut up quicker than you can think."
edwards: "Edwards is an anti-intellectual, macho jerk: I'll never understand him. He swears we're in terrible danger because of the monsters. But I don't believe that we are. I mean, from my experiences with them, during my mapping runs, I've never had any trouble with them. I mean, I try to stay out of sight, but once I turned a corner around a crag in the eastern mountains and there was a ferocious looking creature right in front of me. I froze still, but then just went on about my business. It didn't touch me. It looked like... it wanted to say something, but couldn't articulate it. I almost felt sorry for it. If it wasn't for Edwards, maybe we would understand those creatures, instead of just hating them."
geography: "Geography is my trade... I guess. I'm fascinated by the land, it's so much more impressive that we mere ants scurrying about on it. And by ants I mean both we citizens of Wain and those strange creatures outside. I wouldn't exactly call them monsters, I don't know enough about them to pass judgment on them like that pig-headed Edwards does. I've mapped out much of the island - found some pretty strange places too. Though Edwards would no doubt have me executed on the spot for sneaking outside... or maybe his macho code wouldn't allow it because I'm a woman. You know, I don't know where you came from, I haven't seen you around ever, and I've seen nearly everybody. Do you want to get out of Wain?"

Saying that yes, you do want to go out, yields this:

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