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Finished Lirial, which was both a much slower burn, and far less fun than Sabriel. The former book was a complete story that moved at a breakneck pace while also handling a lot of world building.

Two thirds of This one are about Sad Magical Teens with Sad Magical Problems (That are all clear metaphors for normal Sad Teen Things). Just sitting in their Magical Glacier-city/opulent castle being miserable for magical Reasons. And occasionally a skeleton will attack them.

The last third improves greatly because something happens to move the plot forward and the two Sad Teens meet one another and get over their individual miseries (abruptly) and mesh together fairly well as an Adventure Team alongside their Talking Dog and Talking Cat buddies.

I was planning on taking a break before starting the next book but the timing didn’t work out, so on to Abhorsen!
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