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I really hope that the Seven of Nine/Naomi Wildman relationship from Infinite Regress keeps getting attention.

NAOMI: Well, if I can learn to be perfect, too, then Captain Janeway will have to make me her Bridge Assistant.
SEVEN: No such rank exists aboard this vessel.
NAOMI: Not yet.
SEVEN: And you hope to achieve this goal by emulating me?
NAOMI: Are you mad?
SEVEN: No. There are many on this crew that would benefit from your example.
NAOMI: So you'll teach me?
SEVEN: Your objective is admirable. However, your neocortical development is incomplete. You would require several months of accelerated growth in a Borg maturation chamber.
They really got a great young actor to portray Naomi, and Seven has Worf quality deadpan in these interactions. I definitely laughed out loud at "No. There are many on this crew that would benefit from your example."
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