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Originally Posted by WisteriaHysteria View Post
the cosmic cost of their magic was perpetual violence in a parallel dimension, and then living the penance of being marooned there separated from their alchemy and loved ones
The idea that humans are only violent because some jackasses in a parallel universe figured out a faster way to build things fell extremely flat for me because

1. The idea that we would NOT be violent and stupid and warlike if it weren't for those dicks in magic land is one motherfucker of a pass to give the goddamn Nazis doing the goddamn holocaust.

2. Those dicks in magicland are ALSO perpetually violent! They're a fucking military state! Is some third universe siphoning their deaths mojo and causing them to murder eachother all the time or what the fuck.

I GUESS I could see the argument for it being an extremely tortured metaphor for how the conveniences of modern life (Cell phones, gasoline etc.) often lead to suffering in less prosperous nations but that's so much of a stretch that I doubt anyone would claim that was the intent.
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Originally Posted by WisteriaHysteria View Post
Nazi Germany with the iconography laundered out isn't particularly unique, especially in anime. But if you're looping the premise into it (alchemy in modern-ish times) then ya, it's nice.
Yes, it is a unique synthesis of elements. An... alchemy.
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