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Originally Posted by R.R. Bigman View Post
I can say from visiting my niece and nephew that shows like Paw Patrol sell lots of toys.

I wonder if maybe the reason Steven Universe doesnít have much merchandise for kids is that itís not very popular with the youngsters? It gets pretty heavy sometimes, and thereís not a lot of adventuring or monster fighting after the first season.
Even setting aside SU's massive adult fanbase, Paw Patrol is aimed at a much younger audience than SU is. I once read an interview with a toy designer about how quickly toys have to be renewed, because there's a huge difference in self-perception between a five year old and an eight year old. You don't want a kid to think "this looks like my babysitter's toy" even though their babysitter might be less than a decade older than them. I think the general trend right now is that the window for selling kids things that are distinctly toys and not electronics or collectibles has shrunk significantly on the upper end.

*kid who isn't Elijah Wood in BTTF Pt II voice* that's like a baby's toy
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