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Old 01-27-2018, 10:33 PM
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Here's what mine looked like before my failed debunk:

No, I'm not quite sure why I called the fern a flower, but I was too lazy to ever change it.

Letters represent who had a theory for that ingredient/alchemical. I'm not sure where my notes went wrong, but after the failed debunk, I reevaluated.

Just gonna copy and paste my thought process as vented to Kalir (and everyone else in BEAT's Discord server):

[6:19 PM] aturtledoesbite: okay, so
[6:19 PM] aturtledoesbite: if i go only by information i was directly given, either via test or via debunk, before this current round
[6:19 PM] aturtledoesbite: i have this
[6:19 PM] aturtledoesbite:
[6:20 PM] aturtledoesbite: from there, I can prove root is G- because that's the only alchemical it can be, and i can prove feather is R+, because that's the only ingredient it can be
[6:20 PM] aturtledoesbite: that puts me here:
[6:20 PM] aturtledoesbite: with that, i can prove the frog is Positive
[6:22 PM] aturtledoesbite: from there, i can fill in some of the potion board
[6:23 PM] Rebelfire: does the winner of this get to become a state alchemist
[6:33 PM] aturtledoesbite: okay, here we go
[6:34 PM] aturtledoesbite: i don't think i can fill in any more than this
[6:34 PM] aturtledoesbite:

Private information I knew was as follows:
  • Root + Mushroom = Insanity
  • Lotus + Root = Paralysis
  • Lotus + Toad = Wisdom

I was really hoping at the end that the Fern would be B- and the Mushroom would be Negative, just to spite JBear, but sadly, that was not the case.
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Old 01-27-2018, 11:21 PM
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I was lucky enough to learn very early on that Mushroom, Fern, Scorpion, and Flower were all poisonous (having tested Mushroom + Fern and Scorpion + Flower and getting poison both times), so I knew the red aspect of everything. I mostly stopped testing at that point, seeing everyone get red aspects wrong all over the place and figuring I could lean on the partial information from those publications.
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