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Default Postgame update 7: Fun with ResEdit

Thanks to WallyHackenslacker, I've learned how to use ResEdit to access previously inaccessible areas. Unfortunately, there isn't much in most of them, including the food distribution center on Culn and the bakery in Elba. However, I have found a couple of pretty cool things.

This is the upper level of the Culn tunnels, specifically where Perpetual used to be. As you can see, I'm walking on thin air, as are those Gremlins.

This is the northernmost of the islands off the east coast of Elba. There's a small grave here, which you wouldn't be able to find without using this trick.

Now for the meat of this update. I've figured out how to edit inventory items in ResEdit through a lot of trial and error. It starts at column 2 of row 6, and is listed in the same order as in-game, starting with weapons and psionics. However, it's not a good idea to replace an item with one from a different category, so here's a list of hex codes for items:

0BB9	War Axe
0BBA	Sixth Staff
0BBB	Flesh Render
0BBC	Glaive
0BBD	Eviscerator
0BBE	War Hammer
0BBF	Wicked Mace
0BC0	Midnight Star
0BC1	Spleen Slicer
0BC2	Horrific Halberd
0BC3	Scimitar
0BC4	Longer Sword
0BC5	Buck and a Quarterstaff
0BC6	Bastitch Sword
0BC7	Long Sword
0BC8	Dagger
0BC9	Two Handed Sword
0BCA	Trident
0BCB	Scimitar of Smiting
0BCC	Javelin
0BCD	Spear
0BCE	Silken Spear
0BCF	Throwing Axe
0BD0	Boomerang
0BD1	Bola
0BD2	Trowing Dagger
0BD3	Feathered Javelin
0BD4	Niacian Life Ender
0BD5	Spiked Sword
0BD6	Kick Axe
0BD7	Dagger of Doom
0BD8	Ferocious Falchion
0BD9	Mace of Malice
0BDA	Trident of Tribble
0BDB	Axe of Obfuscation
0BDC	Operatic Sword
0BDD	Shovel
0BDE	Pick Axe
0BDF	Woodsman's Axe
0BE0	Sledge Hammer
0BE1	Iron Poker
0BE2	Bread Knife
0BE3	Meat Cleaver
0BE4	Walking Stick
0BE5	Ice Pick
0BE6	Rusty Ice Pick
0BE7	Formidable Meat Cleaver
0BE8	Deadly Spatula
0BE9	Blood Stained Ruler
0BEA	Edwards' Trident
0BEB	Bare Hands
0BEC	Rock
0BED	Rock
0BEE	Rock
0BEF	Rock
0BF0	Rock
0BF1	Rock
0BF2	Rock
0BF3	Rock
0BF4	Pipsqeek's Dagger
0BF5	Black Rock
0BF6	E Combat Art
0BF7	N Combat Art
0BF8	Maxamillian's Fighting Style
0BF9	Bow
0BFA	Long Bow
0BFB	Crossbow
0BFC	Composite Bow
0BFD	One Handed Crossbow
0BFE	Green Bow
0BFF	The Beast
0C00	Razor Boomerang
0C01	Jordan's Scimitar

07D0	Touch of Frost
07D1	Ice Blast
07D3	Black Sleet
07D4	Mini Icicle
07D5	Flaming Fist
07D6	Flame Javelin
07D7	Pyromania
07D8	Thermal Field
07D9	Electro Grasp
07DA	Lightning Crashes
07DB	Ride the Lightning
07DC	Electric Habergeon
07DD	Spontaneous Combustion
07DE	Dehydrate
07DF	Acid Rain
07E0	Vicious Circle
07E1	Glow
07E2	Chart Master
07E3	The Warning
07E4	Invisibility
07E5	Hard Air
07E6	Megadeath
07E7	Vicious Air
07E8	Gas Annulus
07E9	Asudem Effect
07EA	Kinetic Barrier
07EB	Push
07EC	Slow
07ED	Push Deluxe
07EE	F Wall
07EF	Terrify
07F0	Befriend
07F1	Confuse
07F2	Zenoheal
07F3	Luck
07F4	Zelig Power
07F5	Extinguish
07F6	Infinite Dreams
07F7	Incant
07F8	Dig
07F9	Highly Profesional Glow
07FA	Morph
07FB	D Morph
07FC	Death Morph
07FD	Trap Spotting
07FE	White Heat Red Hot
07FF	Angel of Death
0800	Characterize
0801	The Collective
0802	Profesional Glow

03ED	Quartz Key
03EE	Obsidian Key
03EF	Metal Key
03F0	Shiny Metal Key
03F1	Copper Key
03F2	Eddible Key (opens doors in apartment building in Exin)
03F3	Granite Key
03F4	Small Key
03F5	Glass Key
03F6	Black Key (opens doors in Niacian military HQ)
03F7	Rhinestone Key
03F8	Glowing Map
03F9	Rusty Key
03FA	Charred Key
03FB	Smelly Key
03FE	Wrought Iron Key
03FF	Ruby Key
0400	Heavy Key
0408	Slick Key
0409	Smooth Key
0411	Red Key
0412	Blue Key
0413	Green Key
0414	No Agent Key
0415	Silver Key
0416	Glowing Key
0417	Brass Key

Usable objects:
03E9	Healing Herb
03EA	Herb of Immenant Health
03EB	Elban clothing
03EC	Niacian clothing
03FC	Rod of Firey Death
03FD	Industrial Strength Poison
0401	Red Clothing
0402	Blue Clothing
0403	Green Clothing
0404	Striped Clothing
0405	Red Dye
0406	Blue Dye
0407	Green Dye
040A	Scepter of Punishment
040B	Traveller's Journal
040C	Torch
040D	Lantern
040E	Sour Blue Potion
040F	Chameleon Staff
0410	Tuning Fork
0418	N Staff
0419	Staff
041A	Sweet Red Potion
041B	Moood Ring

General objects:
0001	Gilded Book
0002	Elban Medical Techniques
0003	Niac Military Tactics
0004	Very old, moldy book
0005	Diary
0006	Old Book
0007	Note (The Community)
0008	Manual
0009	Wooden Sphere
000A	Bone Sphere
000B	Glass Sphere
000C	Iron Sphere
000D	Marble Sphere
000E	Organic Sphere
000F	Diary Entry (Rian-322/Rian-323)
0010	Book: The Billsville Citizen (conformist)
0011	Small note
0012	Yellowed note
0013	Citizenship Certificate
0014	Hastily Written Note
0015	Book
0016	Diary Entry (Rian-263)
0017	Dusty Diary
0018	Book: The Billsville Citizen (non-conformist)
0019	Book: The Fredsville Citizen
001A	Book: The Joesville Citizen
001B	Glowing Rock
001C	Miniature Diary
001D	Diary Entry (Rian-409)
001E	Diary Entry (Rian-093)
001F	Large book
0020	Wooden Lizard
0021	Very Worn Note
0022	Handmade Book
0023	Red Notes
0024	Wet Note
0025	Vex the First Note
0026	Vex the Second Note
0027	Vex the Fourth Note
0028	Vex the Fifth Note
0029	Vex the Third Note
002A	Vex the Sixth Note
002B	Fable
002C	Fifth Sun Sphere
002D	First Sun Sphere
002E	Third Sun Sphere
002F	Fourth Sun Sphere
0030	Second Sun Sphere
0031	Nemesis Note
0032	Rian's Book
0033	Thick Notebook
0034	Bob Bushwacker's Weapon Guide
0035	The Armor Anthology
0036	Diary Entry (Rian-027)
0037	Note (Elba-Niac tunnel)
0038	Miffed: The Book of Greed
0039	Quest for a Clue
003A	Der Weg Zum Lesen
003B	Mensch and Supermensch
003C	Badge of Evil
003D	Tricks of the Odyssey Gurus
003E	Inside Granny Smith
003F	Congratulations Tome

Armor and shields:
0FA1	Leather Armor
0FA2	Padded Armor
0FA3	Studded Armor
0FA4	Ring Mail
0FA5	Scale Mail
0FA6	Chain Mail
0FA7	Bastitch Chain
0FA8	Stone Plate
0FA9	Beast Hide Armor
0FAA	Field Plate
0FAB	Moood Plate
0FAC	Tissue Paper Armor
0FAD	Pitor's Armor
1389	Buckler
138A	Wooden Shield
138B	Large Shield
138C	Moood Shield
138D	Moood Gauntlets
138E	Gauntlets
138F	Helm
1390	Glowing Helm
1391	Battle Boots
1392	IR Helm
1393	Moood Helm
1394	Work Gloves
1395	Boots
1396	Boots Made for Walking
1397	Warm Helm
1398	Warm Boots
1399	Warm Gloves
139A	Parchment Shield

1771	Gold
1772	Topaz
1773	Ruby
1774	Amethyst
1775	Diamond
1776	Opal
1777	Sapphire
1778	Jacinth
1779	Emerald
177A	Pearl
177B	Pitor's Jewels
For proof, here's the flavor text for the dummied items with unique descriptions, in the order that they would appear in the inventory if they existed.

I've also managed to find a way into Mario Brothers Land!, but that will have to wait for next time. For now, have a picture of Katrielle wielding the Spiked Sword and wearing the Tissue Paper Armor.

Last edited by Kahran042; 03-24-2019 at 09:08 AM. Reason: Too many "As you can see"s.
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