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Default Safety First

"Sorry, sir, but the doors are already closing!"

Bone-R rushes into the closing doors, but Veryaf-R-AID isn't ready and panics, tripping as Bone-R tries to pull him through after, landing across the threshold.

( sez: 2)

But don't worry; I have good news, everyone! Friend computer has anticipated these kinds of accidents, and as such, this elevator has been equipped with the latest in Alpha Complex safety protocols. The safety of all occupants has been ensured, as the door obstruction sensors have been enhanced to guard against hostile entry. They close securely, neatly bisecting Veryaf-R-AID. Dracula makes an effort to hold the doors open, but upon seeing what is happening...

( sez: 12)

...managed to pull his arms inside the closing doors just in time.
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friend computer is friend

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