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Old 01-24-2016, 06:52 PM
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Default Section 42, a new sci-fi webcomic by bobbywatson

I was going to wait before making some sort of announcement here (and I will make sure to update this post once the webcomic is available at its final URL), but since according to Google Analytics a scary number of people found their way to it (around 50, which is 49 more than I expected, though I still don't know how they managed to end up there), I figured I should open the floodgates slightly and maybe get some valuable feedback.

So, here it is, my webcomic: Section 42. Here's an extract from the 'About' page that I will post at some point this week:

Section 42 is a science-fiction comic. It takes place in a future where mankind has terraformed and colonized other star systems of the Milky Way. It focuses on the activities of the Fleet, a private company responsible for all space travel. The Fleet's Internal Investigation department, better known as Section 42, is responsible for keeping employees in check.
Pages 1 and 2 are up, and I'm in the middle of inking page 3. The plan is to post it next Saturday. I had the pencils and inks already done a few months ago, but when I scanned it into Manga Studio on Wednesday, I said out loud something along the lines of 'This looks like fucking garbage' and redid the whole thing.

I can't promise regular updates just yet, my schedule for the first half of this year is kind of insane, with a possible move and job change coming up, and some travel and vacation.

Also, as noted in the blog post from Friday, January 22nd, the look and feel of the comic will change. Hopefully everything will be more stable by the time I finish Episode 01 (which, according to my script and thumbnails, should have 22 pages total).

The comic is originally written in French, then translated to English. If you'd rather read it in its original form, change the 'en' in the URL for 'fr', or follow this link. Adding a link to switch language is on the website to-do list. If you notice any grammar or spelling mistake, please don't hesitate to PM me!

(And BEAT, in case you read this, navigation using arrow keys is not done, but is next on my to-do list for the website).

Fair warning: The website may be slow. It is hosted in my office, on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B. I expect to move it to an external host (with an actual domain that I already own) at some point around April or May.

Other warning: The comic does feature same-sex relationships. If this something that offends you, well, this is 2016 so, you know, grow up. You should probably also avoid the comic if you live in a horrible country where this sort of relationships is illegal. The comic will also feature at least one character of non-binary gender.

Speaking of non-binary gender folks, if you feel qualified to discuss this sort of topic (I know I am certainly not), please PM me if you would like to help, I need to make sure that I am treating these characters (and potential readers of non-binary gender) with respect.

Adult content warning: There will be brief (male) nudity on page 11. It will be completely gratuitous, and I only added it because I wanted to draw it. And episode 02 (which is in the planning stage at the moment) will feature some more as well.

In case anyone cares, I use a CMS called Grav, which has been working fairly well so far. I did have to rework the templates significantly to use it for a webcomic.

I think this about covers it for now. If you do check it out, let me know what you think!
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